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Beauty AND Health Through Dentistry

Ceramic Dental Implants

Strength, Beauty, and Health… with Ceramic Dental Implants, You Don’t Have to Compromise. That’s Why We Place Z-Systems Zirconia Dental Implants.

Safe Mercury Removal

SafeMercury Removal Shouldn’t Be An Option… It Should Be the Standard of Care. And At The Center for Natural Dentistry, It Is.

No More Root Canals

Root Canals Have Been Linked to a Myriad of Health Problems — It’s Embalming and Leaving a Dead Tooth in Your Mouth. That’s Why We Do Not Perform Root Canals.

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Lillian at the Seattle Zoo on a Day Pass out of the Hospital



Lillian’s Liver Failure

by admin in Articles, Dr. Marvin's Blog

Many of you know Jared, our office manager. He’s been with us since Day 1 of The Center for Natural Dentistry and over the years has developed great friendships with many of our patients. He isn’t in the office much any more, but works behind the scenes from his home in Oregon and travels to help out in the practice on occasion. Recently, his work has…

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  • Chocolate Toothpaste… The Natural Alternative to Fluoride?

    Cocoa toothpaste a natural alternative to fluoride

    If you were told you could brush your teeth with chocolate, would you do it? What if you were told that it was a natural alternative to fluoride? Well, we are not quite to that point yet, but we’re getting close: a new toothpaste purports to strengthen tooth enamel naturally by using — what else? — an extract from cocoa. Theodent™ toothpaste claims to increase…

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  • Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy

    Every year children of all ages get dressed up, grab their basket, and run from door to door asking the neighbors for sweet, chewy, sugary, candy. And with all the loot that’s handed out, it’s a wonder that tooth decay and childhood obesity are more rampant than they already are. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative this year to hand out on Halloween night,…

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  • Is Your Health Negotiable? Washington State Thinks So….

    In an interesting health move, Washington State has suspended the safety levels of mercury in vaccines for a 6-month period in order to ensure more people have access to the H1N1 vaccine. The decision allows pregnant women and children under the age of 3 to receive versions of the H1N1 vaccine that would otherwise have been deemed dangerous due to the amounts of thimerosal and…

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  • Amalgam Removal Success Story

    Just surfin the net as usual when I came across a very good post. click here It was enlightening to see this woman point out that most dentists are not the same.  Just “getting a filling replaced” requires more work than most dentists are willing to do.  They simply don’t know or they simply don’t care. 33.054539 -117.26068299999997 Related posts: Mercury Toxicity – Poisoned by…

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  • A Whole Body Approach: Detoxification and Your Bite.

    Dr. Marvin's Holistic Dentist Podcast

    Click the player below to listen to this episode of Let’s Talk Dentistry with San Diego holistic dentist, Dr. Marvin. In this episode, Dr. Marvin talks about your bite and detoxification. Every podcast not only is targeted specifically to your dental needs but also to what it means to your body so that you can see a holistic approach to dentistry and specifically your health…

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  • Identifying The True Cause: Toxicity


    Click the player below to listen to this episode of Let’s Talk Dentistry or scroll down for a transcript of todays show! In this episode Dr. Marvin is looking at the world, and the fact that more and more people are getting sick each and every day, and everyone is pointing in different directions for the cause, but ultimately it comes down to one thing,…

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  • Composite Fillings Made From Human Bile?

    Would you allow cadaver’s bile acid to placed in your mouth? In the trending toward natural medical alternatives, fillings made from human bile might be only the beginning.

  • Free Resource for Natural, Holistic Dental Information

    It used to be that a search for holistic dental information would only turn up one or two resources on the entire Web. Today there are thousands of resources. Unfortunately only a handful of truly great resources exist. At most sites you have to wade through tons of information that you’re not looking for just to answer the one or two questions you want to…

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  • Mercury Detox – Cleansing Your Body From Amalgam Fillings

    Episode 3 of Danger in Dentistry aired last week on KPRZ in San Diego. This 30-minute episode discusses detoxifying your body from the affects of mercury (amalgam) fillings and goes more in depth on some of the symptoms of mercury toxicity and what you should look for if you have amalgam fillings. Enjoy! Dr. Marvin San Diego, Encinitas Holistic Dentist 33.054539 -117.26068299999997 Related posts: How…

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  • Terrible Infection That Originated From Mouth Affects Woman For Over 20 Years

    A woman who has visited doctors over 1000 times in the past 20 years is found to have an infection from bugs that are found in the mouth. Check out this article. If you were ever wondering how important it is to keep your mouth healthy, read this article on how this woman suffered for years until one doctor determined it to be Actinomycosis. Near…

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  • Finding The Right Treatment For You

    Dr. Marvin Pantangco, Holistic Dentist

    Click the player below to listen to this episode of Let’s Talk Dentistry with San Diego holistic dentist, Dr. Marvin. In this episode Holistic Dentist Dr. Marvin is joined by our office manager Jared Young. Answering all the important questions concerning your health, in this episode we had a caller ask about the crackling and popping in her jaw joint. Today’s discussion also includes receding…

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  • Community Forums Are Now Live!

    Natural Dentistry Community Forums

    Holistic Dental Forums — Free Registration! As of this writing, our website — — has more than 600 comments. That’s a lot of comments for a dental practice website. In addition to all the comments, we also get more than 50 questions submitted through the website contact forms every week and about that many phone calls every DAY. What does it all mean? It…

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