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Beauty AND Health Through Dentistry

Ceramic Dental Implants

Strength, Beauty, and Health… with Ceramic Dental Implants, You Don’t Have to Compromise. That’s Why We Place Z-Systems Zirconia Dental Implants.

Safe Mercury Removal

SafeMercury Removal Shouldn’t Be An Option… It Should Be the Standard of Care. And At The Center for Natural Dentistry, It Is.

No More Root Canals

Root Canals Have Been Linked to a Myriad of Health Problems — It’s Embalming and Leaving a Dead Tooth in Your Mouth. That’s Why We Do Not Perform Root Canals.

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New Ceramic Two Piece Tooth Restoration



New Ceramic Two Piece Tooth Restoration

by admin in Articles, Dental Implants, Dental Implants, Dr. Marvin's Blog, Holistic Dentistry, Hot Topics, News, Press Releases

Dental patients are more educated than ever before, savvy and able to do research on their own about new scientific breakthroughs in dentistry and medicine in general.  This, in part, has helped create a demand for a higher standard of care and has been a catalyst in revolutionizing some of the most critical procedures that dentist perform. In terms of tooth replacement and restoration this…

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  • Proper Removal Technique for Old Mercury Silver Dental Fillings

    Oral Detoxification Plan

    As awareness of the dangers of mercury amalgam dental fillings increases, so does the number of dentists who perform mercury removal procedures. Unfortunately, this comes with risks. Many dentists, in their haste to help people, don’t learn the proper and safe method for removing mercury silver fillings. Why does it matter? Because by not following the proper safety protocols, you could actually be in more…

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  • Just Say ‘NO': States Stepping Up to Stop Mercury

    There’s a great article in the Associated Press this morning about the government’s attempts to find a site to deposit excess mercury. So far the list has been narrowed to seven states: Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Missouri and South Carolina. Why were these chosen? Partly because 6 are already nuclear or federal defense sites, so the government probably expected less opposition than they may…

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  • An Interesting Article On How To Save Money

    DIY (Do it yourself Dentistry).
    One funny article about ways to save money listed dentistry as a disgusting way to save money.

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  • Lumineers/Veneers

    Lumineers & Porcelain Veneers Lumineer Veneers by CERINATE® We offer Lumineer Veneers by CERINATE®. No pain, no drill, no shots! Do you have discolored or crooked teeth, teeth with spaces between them or teeth stained by fillings? You can change the shape, color and length of your teeth using veneers. Veneers are thin, durable shells designed to cover the front of the tooth. They are…

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  • Weak Teeth Can Be A Sticky Situation

    When we crack or chip our teeth, we often blame it on eating the wrong foods, such as sticky candy or popcorn. But in fact, the food may not be entirely responsible for the fracture. Sticky candy may accelerate the crack, but the tooth may have fractured because of its weakened condition. For example, a tooth with a large existing restoration in it — such…

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  • Neck Pain, Back Pain, Tooth Pain.


    Click the player below to listen to this episode of Let’s Talk Dentistry with San Diego holistic dentist, Dr. Marvin. In this episode Holistic Dentist Dr. Marvin is talking specifically about addressing the root cause, specifically how your bite alignment can be affecting your neck pain, back pain, tooth pain. Teeth hurt because of the bite and we can address that. Listen in and find…

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  • Root Canal Fails Again

    Infected Root Canals 003

    This patient came into the office complaining of sensitivity and only a small amount of pain due to the fact that the tooth’s nerve had been removed and was no longer registering pain. This case clearly highlights the fact that root canal treated teeth are dead, embalmed teeth that can lead to serious jaw bone infections. As you will see on the X-ray and by…

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  • Comparison of the Interaction of Methyl Mercury and Mercuric Chloride with Murine Macrophages

    The toxicity of organic methyl mercury was studied on murine macrophages in cell culture and compared to that of inorganic mercuric chloride. Long-term treatment of macrophage cultures with methyl mercury resulted in decreased cell viability in a concentration-dependent fashion. Experiments showed that 20 microM methyl mercury was highly toxic, causing cell death within a few days, while cultures exposed to lower levels were less severely…

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  • The Root Cause: Going Up Stream For Health

    Dr. Marvin's Holistic Dentist Podcast

    Click the player below to listen to this episode of Let’s Talk Dentistry with San Diego holistic dentist, Dr. Marvin. In this episode, Dr. Marvin talks about getting involved with your health, what it means to truly put your health first. By figuring out and addressing the root causes for your symptoms and the effect it can have. Its not too late to prioritize your…

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  • The best age to start brushing a child’s teeth and how to do it

    Discover the best age to start brushing a child’s teeth… and the best children’s toothbrush.

    For more free videos from San Diego dentist, Dr. Marvin, please visit

  • Metal Exposure from Amalgam Alters the Distribution of Trace Elements in Blood Cells and Plasma

    Twenty-seven consecutive patients with health problems associated with dental amalgam were recruited. In spite of thorough medical examinations, there were no diagnoses available. The patient group was dominated by women. A healthy age- and sex-matched control group with dental amalgams without symptoms was also recruited. Metal level monitoring in plasma and nuclear microscopy of isolated individual blood cells were carried out. Significant increases of copper,…

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  • What are the alternatives to root canals?

    Episode 7 of Dangers in Dentistry, originally aired on KPRZ in San Diego. You know the dangers inherent in root canals, but what are the alternatives? And what can you do if you’ve already had a root canal? Dr. Marvin — America’s Holistic Dentist — discusses these topics and more in this episode of Dangers in Dentistry. Enjoy! Dr. Marvin San Diego, Encinitas Holistic Dentist…

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