Why Do Dentists Still Place Amalgam Fillings?

If mercury amalgam fillings cause so much harm to individuals, then why are 90,000 of these fillings placed everyday here in America?

If mercury is banned completely from large countries in Europe such as Norway and Sweden, then why is it still available here in the States?

If the EPA and state authorities need to be called in because of mercury exposure, then why don’t they confiscate mercury in dental offices?

If the World Health Organization reports that no amount of mercury is safe, then why does the American Dental Association admit that mercury fillings do leak mercury vapors and still advocate its use?

These questions are puzzling… especially to the public. Sometimes the obvious answers are the most difficult to understand.

At the Center For Natural Dentistry, we understand that there is confusion. That’s why we have this website as a source for real information about mercury and holistic dentistry.

Please understand that most dental office are clueless of the dangers of mercury fillings and mercury toxicity. If you walk into most dental offices, you are in fact entering a cloud of mercury… because you can’t see, smell, or taste mercury vapors. Millions of mercury fillings are being drilled out improperly, thereby contaminating the floor, air, work surfaces – the whole dental office.

Fortunately, if you were to visit our San Diego dental office, you won’t find any mercury in the air.


Because our office has never been a dental office AND our office has used extreme measures to minimize mercury vapor. We have developed our own mercury removal procedures that go beyond the IAOMT procedures.

If you think you need your mercury fillings removed, call our holistic dentistry office for a complimentary preview visit and tour.



  1. Pinching Abe Says: April 7, 2009 at 7:41 pm

    I think dentists still place amalgam fillings because the insurance companies cover them so well. Good dentists are aware of what fillings cost their patients. If a patient were to come in after years of not seeing a dentist and had a ton of cavities, and had dental insurance that would max out at $1,200 worth of coverage, would you fill all with silver or just fill a few teeth with composite material? Composites can be mighty expensive. That being said, my child has some fillings, all composites, because we made that choice. It was painfully expensive too. Until composites come down in price or insurance companies gladly reimburse at a higher rate, dentists will still steer toward the cheaper alternative in some patients.

    • You are right about that. Because insurance pay for them, dentist do them and patients accept them. If I owned an insurance company, I’d cover the cheapest option. However, if the cheaper option is a poison, then wouldn’t the long term affects of treating the toxin cost more for the insurance companies in the long run?

      That’s the problem. Weigh in on the long term health care costs vs the short term costs of composites. Composite fillings aren’t that expensive when compared to doing nothing, getting a toothache, and pulling a tooth. Then everyone complains that dentistry is so expensive because it is hard work. How about learning what to do to prevent decay, gum problems etc.

      It’s pretty easy… people know what to do… just they are too lazy to do it. Need a hint? Exercise, nutrition, diet, and oral hygiene. (floss please)

      Get rid of dental insurance all together. The pain from the toothache should teach people to care for their teeth on a regular basis.

      Learn how to prevent problems. Do what is right… prevent problems then things won’t be so painfully expensive.

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