Toxic Mercury Vapors Affect Us Too

Proper Amalgam/Mercury Filling Removal

Mercury vapors are constantly being released in a person’s mouth.  And it is most hazardous when these toxic fillings are placed or when they are removed (aka new fillings placed).

But for us to educate someone on the consequence of mercury toxicity without first taking precautions on our end (the dental staff and dentists doing the procedures) seems hypocritical.  That’s why I recommend all dental offices use a special mask designed to filter mercury vapors from the air.

Here’s a link for one such mask.

MSA Advantage® Mersorb® (P100) Chlorine with a Mercury Vapor Cartridge

Don’t be alarmed when you see one of us with those on.

Studies have show that dental personnel have higher than normal levels of mercury in their systems.

Hopefully one of these days, we won’t be doing many mercury filling removals.  That day however is not in the near future.

Here’s a picture of “taking mercury seriously.”

Proper Amalgam/Mercury Filling Removal
Proper Amalgam/Mercury Filling Removal

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