Choosing a Mercury-Free Dentist

If you are looking for a mercury free dentistry, there are several serious tidbits you need to know.

Number 1:  A lot of dentists advertise that they are mercury free.  To them, it means that the dentists don’t place mercury fillings.  That for the most part is really not extraordinary… since many dentists don’t or haven’t placed it in years because amalgam mercury fillings are unsightly.

There are 4 major reasons why a dentist still uses mercury fillings.

1)  Mercury fillings are easy to do for a dentist.  It is not as technique sensitive than say a composite or plastic filling.

2)  Mercury fillings are covered by most insurances.

3)  Customers or patients will pay for these fillings because they are cheaper.

4)  Mercury fillings last a long time without any physical symptoms.

But despite these reasons why mercury fillings are being placed in peoples mouths, the negative effects of mercury are still substantial and devastating.

If a dentist claims that they are mercury free, it could mean that they don’t place mercury fillings.  This is a good feature of a dental office but it is not enough.  Mercury can be found in the air, on the surfaces, in the water, and on the equipment.

Because mercury is tasteless, can’t be smelled, and can’t be seen when in vapor form, it is difficult to know if it is present.

What’s important is for the dentist to take extreme precautions to minimize the amount of mercury in the entire office… not just refrain from placing it in people’s mouths.

What we do at The Center For Natural Dentistry is take mercury seriously by taking extra efforts to minimize the amount of mercury especially during mercury extractions (removing mercury from peoples mouths).  That’s where we excel.

We use a protocol called Patient Protection Procedures which minimizes the patients AND the offices exposure to mercury vapors.  Studies have shown that mercury vapors released when mercury is being extracted can linger in the air of a dental operatory for more than 30 minutes.  How would you like to get your teeth filled in a room where the patient before you had several mercury fillings removed?  You are inhaling and toxifying your body because you just wanted a filling or a cleaning at your general dentist office.

Be aware that because a dentist advertises that they are mercury free, that does not mean that the office is free of mercury.

We are proud to say that The Center For Natural Dentistry has never extracted a mercury filling without a mercury ionizer, an IQAIR air filtration system  with mercury filters, or a mercury removal protocol like the IAOMT protocol.



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