Can Root Canals Cause Breast Cancer?

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For over 100 years, dentists have been performing root canal therapy: the practice of drilling out the canals of a dead tooth to remove bacteria and “save” the tooth.

But by attempting to save a dead tooth, have dentists been causing breast cancer?

Click to Download the complete report!

Click to Download the complete report!

Some scientific research says yes.

“Dr. Thomas Rau, who runs the Paracelsus Clinic (cancer clinic since 1958) in Switzerland recently checked the records of the last 150 breast cancer patients treated in his clinic. He found that 147 of them (98%) had one or more root canal teeth on the same meridian as the original breast cancer tumor. His clinic has a biological dentist section where all cancer patients, on reporting in, have their mouth cleaned up first — especially all root canal teeth removed.?There are about 24 million root canals done in the U.S. alone every year. They were proven deadly disease agents in 1925 in a study by Dr. Weston Price and 60 prominent researchers. That study has been suppressed ever since by the ADA and the American Association of Endodontists (AAE).”

(The Independent Cancer Research Foundation,

100% of the breast cancer patients involved in the study had root canals, or other infections, on the same acupuncture meridian. (Click Here to Discover the Meridian Tooth Chart.)

When a root canal is performed, the dentist attempts to remove all bacteria and fill the canal with foreign substance to stop bacteria from re-entering the tooth. However, due to the shape of your tooth canal, it is 100% impossible to remove all bacteria and completely fill the canal. What you end up with is a partially filled tooth canal that is actively growing and hiding bacteria.
Root canals are a safe haven for microbes and bacteria. When the canal is filled, it eliminates blood flow to the tooth, prohibiting your immune system from killing off the microbes and bacteria that remain in the tooth canal.

These microbes originate in the same biological locations that cancer cells form.

Microbes, bacteria, and other toxins from inside the tooth can leak from inside the tooth and into your body, causing infections and other health problems, including cancer.

Despite the fact that root canals have been directly linked to cancer through multiple research studies, the results have never been published by the ADA.

For more information about the dangers of Root Canals and the link between root canal therapy and breast cancer, please download our breast cancer and root canal information flier: Breast Cancer and Root Canals.



  1. Hello Dr, I have a tooth filled before 15 yrs. When I went for a regular visit, a dentist told me to fill it. After 4 months I went for filling. Now another dentist was available and he told to do root canal. I dont have pain now. I am 30 years old. Can I leave it as such and go for tooth removal when I get severe pain? Please suggest how to avoid getting pain at least for few more years. Plee let me kmow your opinion.

  2. hello me pl m worried after reading a article regarding root canal cause cancer…because i had aroot canal on my front teeth befire a couple of weeks.. and due to pain and bleeding my dict did not filled canals.. temporery dresding use but now iam geting worried about breast cancel plz tell me if i remived that teeth so .that will not cause to bectoria that lead cancel …plz tell me if i extracted that teeth during root canal process it will safe ?

  3. I actually disagree that one causes the other. I believe (strongly) that they are both symptoms of the same cause – environmental toxins, such as mould. When I lived in my mould (and natural gas) contaminated house everything in my body went to hell. I even started drinking red wine regularly – this, too has been connected with breast cancer. However someone (environmental business owner) has done a study now getting peer reviewed that connects mould with breast cancer. They can now prove it – they test the DNA of the mould at the premises and then the DNA of the breast tissue sample – a match = cause. Anyhow, I digress. At my old house I began testing for breast cancer, my gums went to hell and started attacking my teeth – causing a fissure in one tooth. I was told to have root canal but opted for extraction instead. I also began auto-immune disease testing (commencing with testing for MS). I detoxed on zeolite and of course moved out. I eat less junk. Naturally, after these changes, I don’t crave the red wine anymore (it used to be the only thing that would get rid of all the white gunk on top of my tongue). My boobs at one point had been as hard as rocks. Now normal (btw I never continued testing – was told to come back after breastfeeding but got preggers while still breastfeeding and then at some point after that next lot of breastfeeding the specialist died of pancreatic cancer). The dentist remarks on how brilliant my gums and teeth are and said “See what happens when you take care of your teeth?” only to be shocked when I said I hadn’t changed a thing.

  4. I just had a root canal done today. I was doing research and found your article. I feel like I want to remove it now. Can I do so and would that clean all the area and reverse the root canal syrgary?

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  6. Dr. Marvin,

    I had a root canal four years ago and months later lost the tooth. I just found out yesterday that I have a breast tumor on the same side as the root canal. I am very concerned and would like to know if there is anything I can have done now to prevent problems in the future even though I have already had a root canal. Can the root canal be reversed or filled with something else or completely cleaned?

    Thank you, els

  7. Dr. Marvin,

    I had a root canal four years ago and months later lost the tooth. I just found out yesterday that I have a breast tumor on the same side as the root canal. I began researching and discovered the connection between root canals and breast cancer and other diseases. I am very concerned and would like to know if there is anything I can have done now to prevent problems in the future even though I have already had a root canal. Can the root canal be reversed or filled with something else or completely cleaned?

    Thank you, els

  8. Hi Dr Marvin,

    Can you give references to the studies linking cancer to root canals? Thanks



  9. Hi Dr

    if there is a carries that expose the tooth to canal on initial stage ,as nerve is felt with needle and not with tooth pick is it safe to filling with glass ionomer .many denfist fear for swelling to not do this but it is safe if tooth is strong not painfull or mobile ,

    thanks for expert suggestion

  10. if there is a carries that expose the truth to canal on initial stage ,as nerve is felt with needle and not with tooth pick is it safe to filling with glass ionomer .many denfist fear for swelling to not do this but it is safe if tooth is strong not painfull or mobile ,

    thanks for expert suggestion ..regards

  11. Wonderful site. Lots of useful information here. I am sending it
    to a few friends ans also sharing in delicious. And
    naturally, thank you to your effort!

  12. Dr Marvin,

    I had a root canal done about a year ago eventhough I had no pain or anything in the tooth. After the tooth was cleaned I experience acne which I never had before. It just kept growing in the same cheek and moved to the other. A few weeks later, I started loosing considerable amount of weight, digestive issues, shortness of breath and dizziness, metal taste in mouth, numbess and tingly sensation on the same cheek, head and lip. I was very weak. I still didn’t think here was a correlation between teeth and acne.

    I have made an appt with a holistic dentist but how do I check if he is the right choice? Can I link you to his website?

    Please advise

  13. Hi Dr. Marvin,

    I recently was diagnosed with breast cancer, and had three surgeries to make sure that my margins were clear. On top of this health issue, I also had a chipped tooth, that required a root canal. I am in between the phases of the root canal, and something kept telling me to do research on the issues surrounding oral health, and chemotherapy. My treatment plan orginally was jsut going to be radiation; however, once the pathology reports came back, my doctors detected the rate at which the cancer I have was growing. My cancer tumor was state 2, and at this moment all my margins are zero.

    I was doing research and came across this website, natural dentistry and began reading, and became so thankful that you put all this information on line. I have some serious concerns after reading so much about root canals, and breast cancer. I had the procedure for the first part of the root canal this past Friday, and scheduled to have the rest completed on May 2nd. The question I have for you is should I go ahead and keep the took, and wait until after my chemotherapy, or should I just have the tooth pulled now at this point? The other situation is that this is a front too and is gonna change my facial appearance, and right now there is no time for me to take a whole lot of time to think about all of this. SO for me knowing what would be the best route to take would be very beneficial. I am trying not to become paranoid, matter of fact throughout my whole ordeal with cancer I’ve kept a positive attitude and sense of humor about it all. Wish I had the time to look into all the other options before I had the root canal, it would have saved from alot of unnecessary anguish.

    Thanks for taking the time to read.


    • Salena, I can’t really help you without first seeing you as a patient — any advice I could provide would just be a guess based on your circumstances. I highly recommend you find a good biological dentist in your area that you can trust and schedule yourself for an exam.

      Good luck!
      Dr. Marvin

  14. I’m a 24 year-old male. I had a root canal on tooth #25 about 12 years ago. Just today, i found out that this root canaled tooth is ‘leaking’ bacteria into my mouth and body. It is no coincidence that for over a year, I have been on and off sick, with severely swollen and throbbing lymph nodes. The Dr.s think I should try to ‘save’ the tooth, but after reading what’s here-I think the logical option would be to completely remove it.

    PLEASE someone offer me advice!!! I have no doubt this tooth has been making me ill!!

    • Based on what you’ve said I would think extraction is a good option. Try to schedule an appointment with a good holistic dentist and get his or her opinion. Doctors always want to “save the tooth” because that’s what they were taught in school — save the tooth at all costs. But what cost is worth it to you? I’d prefer not to sacrifice my health to save my tooth.

  15. Hi Dr. Marvin,

    Great info that needs to get out. I will be doing my part. Have you checked out Ionized Alkaline water (Kangen water)? My wife uses the mild acidic water topically to relieve pain, whitens her teeth (4 shades in a few weeks), and for jaw relief for her TMJ. Adding this to some peoples’ protocols may help as well. Cancer patients are all acidic, and drinking alkaline water has helped many beat cancer and diseases, my wife being one.

  16. Catherine Says: January 11, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    I have an appointment for root canal removal for my upper incisor in about half a month, and this article got me really worried,

    Are you able to tell how many percent increase of risk of cancer?

    I don’t really wanna lose my incisor so I feel like there is no option but to go for root canal. Is there anything else I can do after root canal to neutralise the risk?


  17. Tamika Jackson Says: December 30, 2011 at 8:04 pm

    I had a root canal done and part of the teeth is broke off after the root canal…could you please refer me to a dentist that do root canal removals…And are there any risk to getting them remove?…Also if you have partials in your mouth that has metal on them does that cause a problems also?

    • They need to be removed properly so as not to cause another infection after the extraction and to ensure removal of any and all infection that currently (may) exist. As far as a recommendation, you can certainly call and schedule with our office. If you are not in the area or would prefer another doctor, I would recommend you find a biological or holistic dentist in your area and ask them about their extraction protocol.

  18. I had a male breast cancer turmor occur in the same spot in a 7 year time period in the same meridian as a broken root canal. needless to say I had the root canal extracted and some mercury fillings removed….I feel great. If someone disbeleives Dr. Rau’s research about root canals and breast cancer start talking to people who have had breast cancer, I have talked to two ladies who had breast cancer and a root canal in the same meridian , like mine! Joel

    • Thanks for sharing this Joel. I’m actually going to hear Dr. Rau in a seminar this month and Jared, our office manager, will be visiting his clinic in Switzerland this April.

  19. I found out about Dr. Rau’s research and didn’t do anything about it, until a second tumor came in the same place on the right side(male breast cancer), the tumors were seven years apart and they were within an inch of the same spot. I found a biological dentist who removed the broken root canal and had a partial masectomy. there was no metastisis, the lymph nodes were clear……I have met two different ladies who had breast cancer and root canals in the same meridian, like mine on the right side….thank you for posting this, Joel D. Elrod

  20. Very interesting. I just found out I have thyroid cancer. It’s a large nodule and my doctor thinks I’ve had it for a couple years now. I had a root canal 3 1/2 years ago when I was pregnant. It was a tooth on my bottom left side. The cancer is on the left side of my thyroid.

  21. Hi Dr.Marvin,

    I want to thank you for your efforts in speaking truth according to the knowledge and convictions you have. I respect that and I know it is not easy to go against such a powerful flow.
    I was doing a search on cancer and root canals and found your article. Just as you said not everyone with a root canal done will get cancer but I agree it would most certainly increase the total toxic load on the body, hence would increase one’s chance at having cancer.
    I had an incredible experience with the removal of one root canaled tooth and one severely infected tooth. My depression of 10 plus years practically disappeared over night. It was one of many miracles holistic health has brought me.
    I still have one root canal to go and I am so excited to see the futher improvement in my health and wellbeing with the detoxifying of heavy metals and pathogens from my mouth.
    I am a holistic practitioner and consider it my duty to ask each of my patients about their dental health. When sinus trouble won’t clear or cancer occurs or re-occurs I always encourage them to clean up their mouth of all the junk dentistry that was done to them.
    It is not easy to find an ethical, intelligent, holistic practitioner.
    Mahalo for your work!

  22. CAROLINE PILAR LACSAMANA Says: November 12, 2010 at 5:04 am



    • Well, I don’t have anything posted about it because there isn’t a blanket answer that can be applied… each case is different. I don’t like pulling teeth just to pull teeth. That being said, if they are impacted, causing gum disease, getting infected, have decay, etc. then they should probably come out. As you get older, it becomes more difficult to remove them, so if it’s something you decide to do, sooner is better than later from that standpoint. I would get a second and/or third opinion to find out if they really need to be removed.

  23. Well after reading this I am pretty worried now. I had a root canal done about 11 years ago on the bottom right side of my mouth. I still have some throbbing pain in that tooth that has come and gone over the years. About 2 years ago, I noticed a lump in my right breast but since I was young and breast cancer doesn’t run in my family, I never did have it checked out. I have noticed it has gotten a little bigger so I think I may go have it checked out now. After reading this article, makes me wonder if my root canal is to blame now.

  24. Well I had a root canal a few years ago. Ever so often my gums around it bleed and I can also feel a large hard lump in the area above it, while on the corresponding side the lump is very small in comparison. But the serious thing is that I am experiencing problems with my breast on the same side. Actually i am due for a test in about 2 weeks since the mammogram did not see anything but the ultrasound picked up a number of cysts. I was fine with that until my Dr felt an enlarged lymph node. So here I am reading up stuff in an effort to help my body.

  25. skeptic in cleveland Says: June 21, 2010 at 10:10 am

    While I agree with you on this point: “When a root canal is performed, the dentist attempts to remove all bacteria and fill the canal with foreign substance to stop bacteria from re-entering the tooth. However, due to the shape of your tooth canal, it is 100% impossible to remove all bacteria and completely fill the canal. What you end up with is a partially filled tooth canal that is actively growing and hiding bacteria.”

    You still haven’t convinced me that an endodontically treated tooth (root canal) can cause cancer. Your evidence is anecdotal at best, and outright misleading at worst. Where are your double-blind studies? How many other conditions (if any) did the 150 patients share? Did they all live in the same city? (environmental factors) Did they all drive vehicles? (pollutant factors) Did they all smoke? (a known carcinogen) Did they all eat red meat? (another known carcinogen) Did they all have children? (hormonal correlations)

    How was the overall dental hygiene of the 150 patients? There is a known correlation between gingivitis and cancer, and yet 98% of the general public has some form of gingivitis. Coincidence that 98% had root canals and 98% have gingivitis?

    Is it possible that the cancer cells had metastasized to a tooth, and therefore led to the need for endodontia? Is it not possible that the root canal was the result of the cancer, and not the other way around?

    Again, I agree that “Root canals” are far from perfect, but you have shown no true evidence that they cause cancer, and to state that they do is in direct violation of multiple medical ethical and legal guidelines. I find it hard to trust a doctor who would act in so callous a manner.

    • “Is it possible that the cancer cells had metastasized to a tooth, and therefore led to the need for endodontia? Is it not possible that the root canal was the result of the cancer, and not the other way around?”

      Yes, it is possible. Many things are possible. It’s also possible for correlations to work both ways. You are also right about the lack of a double-blind study. And unfortunately, it’s not possible to conduct such a study. That’s on problem with our medical system: we rely on studies that are impossible or nearly impossible to complete. For instance, you accept as fact that gingivitis can cause cancer. Why? What perfect studies convinced you? We understand that many things can cause cancer and we aren’t saying that all patients with root canals will get cancer, merely that root canals have been shown to have a correlation to cancer. We want to create awareness of the link, as the studies that have been done over the years shown a strong enough relationship that patients deserve to have that information.

      It’s similar to any other “cancer-causing” substance: anecdotal evidence suggests a strong link between a substance and cancer. Public awareness is raised because when it comes to cancer, most of us would rather know that items have the potential to be harmful (and that tests performed show that potential) BEFORE we use it. Think BPA: it was in every water bottle and baby bottle on the market. A test was run in Canada that showed a potential correlation between BPA and cancer. Rather than wait for perfect tests to be run, BPA was removed from such bottles based on the evidence at hand. Remember the asbestos scare? For years there wasn’t a perfect enough test to justify the removal of asbestos from public places. They waited rather than acting on the tests that had been done. Turns out acting on those initial tests would have been beneficial to a great deal of the population.

      What we are doing is far from unethical: we present all the options to our patients. Is it ethical to tell a patient that a treatment is “perfectly safe” when there is research — however imperfect — that shows otherwise? I would call that practice “in direct violation of multiple medical ethical and legal guidelines,” yet that’s what the majority of people are doing. We are providing the information that is available to patients who can’t get the full story elsewhere. Do we insist all patients have root canals removed? Absolutely not. That is the decision of the patient. Do we have patients that see an endodontist after they see us? Yes. However, rather than accept the doctor’s word on blind faith, they are able to make an informed decision based on the body of evidence.

      We both agree that root canals are not perfectly safe. Unfortunately, no medical or dental procedures are “completely safe”… errors and problems could always arise. I think we also agree that information and education are paramount to making an informed decision. Will every root canal patient get cancer? Of course not! Just like not everyone who smokes cigarettes will get cancer. Does that possibility exist? The evidence suggests it does. If you wish to ignore that evidence and only believe perfect double-blind studies that fit your criteria, then by all means, that is your choice. At least you till had the choice to ignore the other evidence… most people are never made aware that such evidence even exists.

    • Two quick follow-up questions:

      Anonymous: I am serious about the "HUNDREDS of studies done since then that PROVE its not true" that you mention. If you have some, would you please send them to me? You can either post them here for everyone to read of send them using the contact link on our website. I would like to look them over and will gladly write a post about them or add them to this post. I do believe that information is powerful and have no problem posting both sides of the argument.

      Skeptic in Cleveland: I just re-read your comment. You say that you still aren't convinced "that an endodontically treated tooth (root canal) can cause cancer." That's fair enough. You can choose to believe whatever you'd like. But are you arguing that it's impossible for a root canal to cause cancer? That's a very strong statement. If that is the case, do you have the studies you asked of me to back up your claim (double-blind studies taking into account environmental factors, other carcinogens, hormonal correlations, etc.)? If you do, can you please send them to us so I can read them and post them on our site for everyone to read? They would be tremendously helpful.

      I don't claim that root canals always cause cancer. They MAY cause cancer based on studies done that show the correlation (and I mention the particular studies throughout our website). Just as many other carcinogens MAY cause cancer... but we accept such information as fact on a routine basis, despite the lack of the perfect studies you mention. It's difficult to prove absolutes in medicine. It's a science with theories based on anecdotal evidence that is studied over time to discover correlations and then adjusted as new information becomes available. To say anything always or never, can or can't cause something is a bold, difficult to prove, proposition.

  26. [quote]When the canal is filled, it eliminates blood flow to the tooth, prohibiting your immune system from killing off the microbes and bacteria that remain in the tooth canal.[/quote]

    If there is no blood supply, then there is no ‘food’ source for the bacteria, and they would die. How can you justify this? You are basing the entire argument on ONE study done in 1958, and ignoring the HUNDREDS of studies done since then that PROVE its not true. Stop spreading lies and do your homework.

    Root canals do NOT cause cancer. Its the other way around. The things that cause CANCER CAUSES ROOT CANAL therapy to be needed! The cancer comes first, the root canal problem comes second.

    • I appreciate your comment, especially since you are attempting to confirm the correlation between Root Canals and Cancer (albeit a reverse correlation). Unfortunately, your argument has some holes in it that I would like to shore up. For one, you argue that I am only quoting one study that was done in 1958. In fact, what I said was that Dr. Rau’s world renowned cancer clinic (the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland) has been open since 1958. Dr. Rau followed up on (and confirmed the findings of) studies first done by Dr. Weston Price and Dr. George Meinig pertaining to the relationship between root canals and cancers. Several studies have been done, as a quick Google search would show. On the other hand, you mention hundreds of studies proving that Root Canals are completely safe, yet mention none of those studies. If you have a study or two that disprove the relationship between cancer and root canals, please let me know so I can check it out.

      Second, while it is true that bacteria can live on blood, it is not necessary for all bacteria. A nutrient source is all that is needed for bacteria to survive, and the dentinal tubules (which are not all sealed during a root canal), often provide more than enough nutrients. Anaerobic bacteria can survive without air. Bacteria can change forms. Some environments are better for some bacteria, while others thrive in a completely different environment. The fact remains that Endodontists confirm that it is impossible to completely disinfect 100% of the tooth before filling it for the root canal, which means that bacteria (and nutrients) remain in the tooth after it has been sealed up.

      We consider all options for our patients, but the fact remains that a dead tooth should not be left in the mouth. If your finger became badly infected and died, you wouldn’t fill the finger with plastic and leave it on your hand. The finger would be amputated. However, people routinely do exactly that when they treat a tooth with a root canal. These aren’t lies, these are plain facts. Just because a procedure has been done for hundreds of years doesn’t mean it’s a safe procedure. Will every root canaled tooth cause cancer? Certainly not. Just like everyone who uses a tanning bed won’t get Melanoma. But there are risks associated and people have a right to know that there are risks involved with any medical procedure and what those risks are. By not informing people of the risks, dentists and doctors aren’t allowing patients to make educated decisions for themselves. There are alternatives to root canals that are safer options. People may still elect to have root canals, and that is their choice. Unfortunately, most patients are never told of the risks associated with any dental procedures, let alone root canals. Yes, a root canal will allow you to keep a dead tooth in your mouth. If that benefit outweighs the risks, then go for it. But suppressing information about the risks of medical procedures is unethical. Information and education allow us to make decisions that are the best for us in the short and long term.

  27. I would like to know where can i get metal-free dental implants around GA?? I know now the danger of root canal treatment, however, I have a lots of troubled teeth and it is hurt breaking to even think about getting all my bad teeth pulled out and wear denture at age of 30… 🙁 If anybody know a dentist who can perform metal free implants, please help me!!

  28. […] are the links between leaving an infected tooth in the body and other systemic illnesses (such as breast cancer). It’s called the focal infection theory. A better question would be, “Would you […]

  29. My dentist told me I need 3 root canals but after I read about root canal can cause breast cancer it really worry me, I just want to ask if I don’t do root canal what can I do ?? Thanks a lot


    • Sharon, breast cancer is just one of many health problems that have been linked to root canals. While having a root canal is certainly not a guarantee you’ll get breast cancer, scientists have discovered that the bacteria that can form in the root of a tooth that has been treated by root canal therapy could lead to breast cancer. As for your question, the safest alternative to a root canal is to have the dead teeth extracted and replaced with a bridge or other alternative. I would recommend you speak with a natural or holistic dentist in your area (you can search the IAOMT website ( for a local dentist to suit your needs) who can provide specific alternatives based on your particular case.

      Good luck!
      Dr. Marvin

  30. Samantha Says: July 9, 2009 at 7:49 pm

    Also I live in the Phoenix AZ area or else I would come to the Encinitas office right away.

  31. Samantha Says: July 9, 2009 at 7:38 pm

    I found out last night about the root canal/breast cancer connection and I am very concerned! I am 21 and was told I NEEDED to have three root canals done when I was around 15. I had two done but got so sick of the time and pain it took that I never got the third root canal. After reading about all the evidence it sickens me that dentists still practice this method. Money above life? How dare they! If you could please refer me to a dentist that will remove my root canals and other metals in my mouth, I am too scared to call a regular dentist just so that he can tell me I am being paranoid. Thank you for posting this page!


  32. Hi, Have just listened to your video on root canals. Very interesting. I am 55 and for the past 30 years i have been feeling very unwell, but nobody including physciatrists new what was wrong. To cut a long story short i am working with a chinese and holistic practioner. I have had all mercury removed, but still have a metal crown in mid lower left jaw. Next to this crown is a tooth which is always inflammed and so is the gum. Dont know if this is the metal crown that i am allergic too. I know i have a few more root canals, one in particular is upper right jaw 5th back. Had the mercury and metal crown removed only a few months ago. Seemed fine until a few weeks ago and has started hurting me. I know i have a root canal under this. I am currently being treated for lymphatic blockage and practioner has said that he queries all the toxins from my teeth blocking my system. I no sooner go for treatment and then it blocks up again. My holistic practioner has said that it will be my root canals that are causing the problem. i contracted an underactive thyroid by her after many years of being undiagonosed. I am not metabolising the thyroid tablets. Could this also be due to the root canals.

    I would appreciate your views on this. Keep up the good work. I know there are many people suffering unnecesarily we are not told about any hazards inthe mouth. It is frightening.

    Many thanks

    Laurianne Peake

    • Laurianne,

      I understand how you feel. Many people have had the same or similar reactions to dentistry. Unfortunately, holistic dentistry is not a sure thing. What we do is educate our patients on removing all toxins in the mouth, including all metals and root canals. If those issues are resolved, then you MAY be on your way toward solving the other issues as they MAY be related. Our bodies are too complex to show definite “A causes B” relationships.

      My recommendation is to remove ALL toxins from your mouth. If things get better, then great. If not, then at least you removed more toxins from your body. Be careful with dentistry… it is important but dentistry is very traditional. It IS frightening.

      Thanks for the question.
      Dr. Marvin

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