Root Canals: Everything Your Dentist “Forgot” to Tell You

Episode 5 of Dangers in Dentistry, originally aired on KPRZ in San Diego.

Discover the hidden secrets behind root canals: the systemic link, the practice that has changed little in over 300 years, the dangers you were never told by your dentist, the alternatives, and what you can do if you’ve already had a root canal. Discover it all in this episode of Dangers in Dentistry.

Dr. Marvin
San Diego, Encinitas Holistic Dentist

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  1. I have to say after all my research on removal of infected roots,I will not be getting Mine removed, because Iam very familiar with earaches that accompany head colds, why would I allow this silent monster to come alive and let someone put chemicals into my blood stream to sterilize, just to have it all reoccur again, no thank you. I thank you ALL for your testimonies, to spare some of us poor souls! And thank you Dr.Marvin for true honesty with us! I will continue to take my Garlic everyday to fight what I can,and use my Hydrogen peroxide mouth wash to kill what I can. Im hoping things get better and we find a Cure to the infection Root canal problem Soon!

    • I am leaning towards what Ellie states because I just found out that I have an infection in the beginning stages. I don’t want a root canal and I don’t want to lose the tooth. I have been given antibiotics and a mouth rinse to prepare for the $2000 root canal procedure. I have had only 1 cavity (root canal) in my life. I am 55 years old blessed with a youthful healthy body that has always had the ability to fight off anything. Also, I cannot afford the procedure without going in to real debt. Any suggestions from this forum would be greatly appreciated.

  2. David Urban Says: January 18, 2014 at 9:17 am

    I have several root canaled teeth that have been there for over 35 years. Do you have any references to American or Canadian journal articles that suggest properly done endodonticly treated teeth are harmful to systemic health?

  3. I have 2 root canal on top right with an extracted tooth in between.
    My dentist has placed the two crowns with a bridge connecting them in my mouth. At first it was painful and now after 2 years I am having funny feeling in my cheek and sometimes my eye feels weird. Like ut doesn’t want to open and us dry. I also have ..nit pain..but a dull ache if I eat hard things like nuts. Most uncomfortable. I have constant sinus infection.
    Woukd you suggest removal?

  4. Questioning a root canal that I have in my mouth. Hearing lots of controversy. Thinking about pulling it out and getting a bridge. What about the procedure called “apicoectomy”, would this help rid my body of the ill effects that a root canal could cause. Thank you. Vicki

    • Great questions Vicki. An apicoectomy is basically the removal of the abscess under the tooth, followed by the “hope” that your body will heal itself. Unfortunately, it rarely (if ever) resolves the root cause of the problem and that abscess will most likely return. The best course of action is to determine why the abscess is there in the first place, and attach the cause, rather than the symptom.

  5. Some might be skeptical of the root canal dangers but it all chimes true with my own experiences.

    I had an abscess, root canal and endodontic retreatment. Three years on I never felt fully recovered fromt eh episode. Fatigue, my psorasis went haywire, mild muscle and joint pain (the latter for the first time in my life). When very stressed, or suffering a slight cold, a radiating discomfort appears in the root canal area – sometimes this appears at random and is really annoying.
    The tooth in often slightly tender to touch, unlike all my other teeth, which are fine. I’d been ‘monitoring’ the tooth with a holistic dentist here in the UK but have now decided to grasp the nettle and get it pulled (with the recommended bone cleaning protocol).
    ALl logic suggests that keeping dead material in your mouth is at the very least deeply unhygenic but I suppose the ‘root canal danger’ idea is not as widely known as the dangers of mercury fillings (which is getting increasingly mainstream, with whole nations banning the practice).
    Good luck with getting this stuff better known.

    • David, thanks for sharing your story. We recently had a patient who was very reticent to have a root canal tooth extracted. After we showed her 3D Cone Beam images of the infected area below the tooth, she decided to proceed with that one, but not the other two root canal treated teeth she has. She called us yesterday to say that her chronic headaches subsided almost immediately after the tooth was pulled and that she feels healthier in general (more energy, less fatigue, sleeping better, etc.). Now she wants to proceed with the other two teeth.

      Of course, not all cases have such results, but we’re seeing about 80% of extracted root canals have substantial infections (check out a few pictures of infected root canals here: Infections are nasty, no matter what the obvious symptoms are. If your arm became infected, you wouldn’t just let it be… but that’s exactly what happens in the mouth. It’s a classic “out of sight, out of mind” scenario.

      Thanks again for sharing your story. The moral should be “take care of your teeth and avoid needless procedures like root canals, etc.”!

  6. Deb Breckenridge Says: June 26, 2009 at 5:04 pm

    Very interesting topic. It is actually a bit scarry to think that taking care of your teeth as recommended by your Doctor could actually be harming you in other ways later in life.

    • Thanks Deb. The medical world is always changing and making new discoveries. What seemed safe and reliable 50 or even 5 years ago may not be any longer once it’s been tested with new technologies and with greater medical knowledge. Dentists certainly don’t use amalgam fillings with the intent to cause harm, they just aren’t fully aware of the potential long-term affects.

  7. Hello – do you have a chapter in South Africa?

    • Sorry Anton, we don’t have a chapter in South Africa, but you should be able to find a good holistic dentist by doing a quick Google search for holistic dentists in your area.

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