Mercury Toxicity – Poisoned by amalgam fillings: KJ’s Story

Many people still believe that dental amalgam fillings do not cause any harm, despite the indisputable fact that amalgam filling are comprised of over 50% mercury. Mercury is a known neuro-toxin that can cause considerable neuro damage.

This is the story of KJ. He became gravely ill just 3 days after having mercury fillings placed. Despite numerous doctors telling KJ’s mother that the illnesses were not caused by the fillings, she persisted until they finally conducted a forced urine test. The conclusion? Just watch the video…



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  2. Marie Duffy Says: May 15, 2014 at 1:11 pm

    My dentist put a crown on my right top rear tooth. It is now sensitive to chewing pressure. It was fine even with a filling before the crown. Now she wants me to see a dentist for a root canal.

    Also, she removed my amalgam fillings but not according to your video.

    Not sure what to do.


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