How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration

How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration

I came across this great video this morning from the University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine and Advanced Media for Learning.

The video is just over four minutes long and goes into great detail on the scientific proof of how mercury causes brain degeneration.

Mercury is a potent neuro-toxic substance that can cause adverse affects to the brain in even low doses — doses such as those created from mercury amalgam fillings.

Check out this video for all the gritty details and a great look into the human brain and the affects of mercury.



  1. Bruce S Says: July 11, 2013 at 6:35 am

    All Dentist i talk to are in denial about the effects of mercury. They say You get more mercury from eating fish than from a mercury filling.
    Of Course They have been taught to only go by what the Dental Association says. They feel they are legally protected and dare not stray from this.

    • Bruce,

      You are right. Dentists are lemmings that follow the ADA. They don’t know that the ADA does not protect them nor the consumer. It is a private organization that supports its membership. For them to tout that mercury is bad will subject its membership to lawsuits left and right. It is better for the ADA to play dumb and stay the course.

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