Exposing the truth about gum disease…

Episode 9 of Dangers in Dentistry, originally aired on KPRZ in San Diego.

Gum disease. Periodontal disease. Everyone has heard of it in some form or another (most have heard about Gingivitis). But most of the information you’ve heard is completely wrong!

Did you know that 3 of 4 adults have gum disease? Did you know gum disease can be easily prevented? Did you know surgery is rarely a requirement if you have gum disease?

Get the facts in this episode of Dangers in Dentistry, from America’s Holistic Dentist, Dr. Marvin.

Dr. Marvin
San Diego, Encinitas Holistic Dentist

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  1. Hi Doctor, recently I had gum infection and I took a antibatic’s which didnt help. My dentist asked me to use listerine. I started usinjg listerine and after about a month my tooth broke from half while eating food (rice and chicken) I went back to the Dentist and she extracted the tooth and left the root part about a centimetre long in the jaw. She said its in the bone and the tooth will not affect me. and the tooth is not contiminated. I never used listerine all my life apart from a month. Should I use listerine anymore or something else.

  2. Bill Gomolinski Says: November 1, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    I have listened to sevearl of your programs. If root canal therapy is not good for one’s health long term, and you also do not like titanium implants, then what do you do to replace a tooth after extraction??

    • Bill, thanks for listening to our programs. I’m happy to see there are people listening. (other than my children)

      After a tooth is extracted (properly), we can recommend the following:

      1) Do nothing. There is no set rule that every tooth has to be replaced. See all the wisdom teeth that are being pulled and not replaced.
      2) A fixed bridge. Yes… damage may need to happen to neighboring teeth but a lot of times, they also need restorations anyway.
      3) A removable metal free partial. Yes… you may need to remove it to clean it and it may bother your tongue, but sometimes, that’s the only option.

      So… prevention is always best. Avoid deep cavities, eat healthy, and care for your oral and overall health.

      Dr. Marvin

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