Case Study: Health Problems Caused by Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings?

A few days ago I received an email from a friend who had read our article on Orange Juice (Orange Juice — The Silent Tooth Killer?). The letter is a poignant reminder of how our diet affects our dental health.

Mike had been drinking orange juice his entire life, and has considerable erosion because of the acid in the juice. More to the point, he was very concerned with the effects of the acid on his amalgam fillings. For the past few years his overall health has been declining and he’s concerned that the old amalgam fillings he has may be the root cause.

While there’s no evidence we’ve seen that would indicate the acid in the juice could release higher levels of mercury from the fillings, the temperature of the juice CAN release more mercury vapor (temperature fluctuations can stimulate the mercury in the filling and release higher quantities of vapor).

Check out Mike’s email and my response, below. It’s a good reminder of how what goes into our mouths affects our overall well-being.

Hi DR Marvin, Thanks for your email and website.

I already sadly know the perils of drinking to much orange juice. From a kid I never ever had tea or coffee. I hated the taste of both, so from there on I have been drinking fresh juices for nearly 37 years. My teeth are eroded quite badly now. My concern though is what’s this done to my amalgam filling over the years? Have they also been effected by the juice like my teeth, are the fillings eroding away to? I have hardly had an illness in my life until the last few years. Over the last few years my immune system has been getting weaker and weaker. Any sign of a cold or illness would bring me down. I have been experiencing extreme tiredness events lasting a few weeks at a time, my vision has been effected also during these events. Been getting chest pains, brain fog, not able to concentrate and now CFS for past year or so. I have had all the blood tests done and all came back OK. Heart has been checked on ECG treadmill test here in the UK, nothing found other than the heart will beat to fast. Over 100 bpm resting is the norm for me. Endoscope camera down the throat found nothing either. Reading your website I discovered the amalgam fillings information which I believe could be my problem. I am going to have them removed and see if this makes any difference. I only have 6 amalgams, some of them small, but I guess that’s enough to cause issues.

Once again thanks for your website and for informing others.

My response to Mike:

Hi Mike,

Even small mercury fillings can cause problems.  Low level chronic mercury exposure is dangerous and could certainly cause many of the problems you’ve been experiencing. I’d highly recommend you have your mercury levels tested before and after you have the fillings removed to see if there was a link in your particular case. We can do testing here (just give us a call) or you can find many mail-in tests online. In fact, Green Peace is offering a $25 testing kit by mail ( It’s not quite as extensive and conclusive as what we can do here, but it would certainly give you a good idea of how your mercury levels have changed after removal of your fillings.

Good luck when you have your fillings removed. If you have any questions about what to look for in a doctor or what questions to ask, just let us know.

If you’ve had problems similar to Mike’s, I recommend the same thing I told him: have your mercury levels tested before and after you have the fillings removed. Not long after the fillings are removed your mercury levels should drop substantially.

As always, we welcome your questions and we always do everything we can to provide a complete answer, so if there’s anything you need, just let us know.

Dr. Marvin

PS: Thanks to Mike for allowing us to reprint his email. We wish you the best of luck with your health Mike… stay in touch and let us know how it goes!



  1. Getting mercury tested is something that is very important even though some people don’t even think about it. This is a great piece on how even the smallest amounts of mercury can harm us. I personally think the dentist office is one of the best places to get tested since the fillings they use for our teeth are made out of mercury. One company that is a specialist on providing these kinds of test are Applied Speciation,

  2. I also am experiencing some strange things with my health. I am beginning to think that a large amount of health problems are from my teeth.
    In the upper part of my mouth, I have all Porcelain Crowns. However, the backs of the crowns and inside are all metal. I just recently saved enough money to get to the dentist. He noticed that my upper gums, (all crowns) are not the same color as my lower gums. The uppers are a bluish red, rather than the healthy color they should be. The gums bleed very easily.
    My dentist mentioned to me, perhaps I might be allergic to the metal.

    I am beginning to think he is very right. I am having them all removed, along with some filled cavities in lower jaw.

    I am very concerned, as the fatigue some of the people who wrote in about, I also have been dealing with, along with when I get sick, I get really sick. This has all deteriorated over a period of time, as I have had these crowns for about 25 years.

    I eat very healthy, mostly organic. I try to take very good care of myself and also use natural antibiotics most of the time, such as Oregano Oil, Garlic, etc…

    My health has become so bad, that I cannot seem to fight anything off anymore. I get unexplained rashes over my body at times; unexplained things as my hair falling out, then finally growing back in a year later. Very strange things and every single doctor I have gone to explains it away as, “Allergic Dermatitis.” How can this be when I am doing almost everything organic and natural? I have never had this challenge before in my life, and I just keep getting worse.

    I think this is from my teeth…Do you possibly have any feedback for me on this?

  3. Carol Quinn Says: October 6, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    I have been dealing with chronic fatigue for approx. 8 years. I’ve had all the tests run and am otherwise healthy with one exception…adrenal fatigue. It seems my adrenal gland isn’t working properly and I’ve been put on a cortisol steroid to help. It helps the symptoms and I feel less tired. But then I have those generic symptoms like a long time rash on my upper abdominal area and there’s been the swollen glands on my neck for the last 18+ years that the doctor says don’t worry about. And when I get a cold…I can never seem to get rid of it. It lasts a month and I get really sick. The ringing in my ears is really no bother compared to the tiredness and brain fog. Did I mention I had 4 twenty-five plus year old amalgam fillings, 3 of them just above the swollen glands. I have had a irregular heart beat but the cardiologist said it was nothing serious…that some people have it. I took a urine test for mercury last week (provoked, 2nd collection) and it turned out normal. I’ve heard of false negative urine tests…so what do I do now. I just had the last of my 4 filling removed yesterday. The swollen glands on my neck are already subsiding greatly for the first time in 18 years. I believe my issue is mercury poisoning. What test can I do to confirm this? Please advise!!!

    Tired of being Tired.

    • Carol,

      You definitely have something serious going on that the allopathic doctors are not catching. It sounds as if it is a toxicity issue that is affecting the the adrenals.

      If you lived around here, I know the perfect group of integrative doctors. They would work on a whole body approach utilizing tests that work (such as EAV). One particular MD works with chronic fatigue and is quite successful.

      If I were you, I’d do my best to ween off the steroids and find the true cause of your symptoms.

      Let me know if you need the referral to that group practice. I have full confidence in them.

      Dr. Marvin

  4. Hi Marvin

    While reading this ariticle, i thought to myself, “this is the exact same thing that is happening to me”. I have been feeling tired also for the past year and even more for the past two month. My heart races ever so often. I am also havig chest pains. I did an ECG test that says that I am ok.I have been to doctors that cannot really explain what is happening to me. Yesterday while speaking to my husband,he notice that i have one of my tooth filling with the amalgan filling. I have had it for the past 7 years or so. Then he told me that those filling are not good. “I had no idea about that”. So i decided to do some research, and i found your website with Mike experience, and i thought maybe that is the root of my problem. So i will be doing the mercury test on monday and see what it says. And the I will have them removed.

    I will update you on the findings. Its important for people to know the dangers associated with the amalgan filligs.

    Thank you so much for informing the public, it really helps!


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