Mercury Issues In San Diego Water

Amalgam Separator

Double check the water you’re drinking because it could be contaminated with mercury.

The source… amalgam (mercury fillings scrap) when removed from your mouth at the dentist goes into the water system.  That’s right.  Dentists currently do not have to have an “amalgam separator” installed in their offices.

An amalgam separator (as seen here)

Amalgam Separator

Amalgam Separator

is a device that links into the sewer system inside a dental office which collects scrap pieces of mercury fillings.


Here’s a newspaper article about it in the San Diego Union Tribune, click here.

What can you do?  Ask your dentist if they have one of these installed in their office.  It is safe for you, safe for your children, and safe for the environment.

We at the Center For Natural Dentistry, the office of San Diego Dentist, Dr. Marvin, do have one of these installed.


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