The Alternatives to Root Canals

The Alternatives to Root Canals

Root Canal TherapyWe talk a lot about the alternatives to root canals typically the only alternative mentioned is extraction of the tooth. But is that really the only alternative? Surely there must be other options, right? This was the question posed by Sean after listening to recent podcasts (Root Canals, Infections, Formaldehyde, Oh My!).

The truth is, there are other alternatives depending on the situation. We’ll try to explain it all in detail, here.

First off, if you really need a root canal, then that means the damage has gone too far and you are having serious symptoms (toothache or swelling). At that point, the healthiest option is to extract the tooth and replace it.

Root canals, however, are often recommended for the wrong reasons (such as when a dentist has exhausted or ruled out other sources or causes for tooth pain). A common incident is when the bite is off and the problem tooth is sore and causing pain. Another common example is when the gums have receded and the tooth is painful because of exposed dentin. Of course, taking out the nerve will cut sensation or feeling to the tooth, but it by no means is the source of the problem is cured.

The reason root canals are so often recommended is because many dentists don’t spend enough time diagnosing the root cause of the problem. Diagnosis is time-consuming and inefficient. For every minute a dentist spends diagnosing the source of your dental pain, he or she loses money (because that time could have been spent seeing more patients). While many dentists will dedicate the time to properly diagnose problems, far too many take the easy route and make assumptions in order to quickly provide a solution. Root canals will most often remove the cause of the pain (again, because you’ve removed the nerve), therefore, root canal therapy is often recommended.

Now, if the dentist has properly diagnosed the cause of your problems and if you really have a true need for a root canal (infection or deep cavity), then the damage is too great to reverse. The healthiest alternative to a root canal is simply to take out the infection by removing the tooth.

Does this sound barbaric when you can “save” the tooth with root canal therapy? Probably at first. But what dentists are unaware of are the links between leaving an infected tooth in the body and other systemic illnesses (such as breast cancer). It’s called the focal infection theory. A better question would be, “Would you jeopardize your health to ‘save’ a tooth?”

If you have an infection or severe decay that has caused a deep cavity and a root canal is recommended, your only two options are extraction or root canal therapy. That’s why knowledge and prevention is of utmost importance: learn how to prevent decay and the spread of tooth decay and you’ll never have to deal with a root canal.

If a root canal is recommended to you, you should definitely get a second or third opinion to confirm the true need for the procedure. Unfortunately, too many dentists do root canals for the wrong reasons and you may have other, less “barbaric” solutions if you were misdiagnosed and don’t need to undergo the procedure.

If you already have a root canal and are wondering if there’s a link with that tooth and the rest of the body, view a tooth meridian chart (we have an interactive meridian chart here: Tooth Meridian Chart) or visit a natural or holistic dentist. A lot of times, extracting the problem tooth can help alleviate or eliminate problems (not always, so again, get a second or third opinion before taking action).

The short answer to the alternatives to a root canal question is… If you really, truly need a root canal, you have only two options: root canal therapy or extraction. However, there is always the chance that you have been misdiagnosed and have many, safer, more appealing options available to you.



  1. Hello,
    I was told that I need a root canal even though my tooth does not hurt. It did hurt for almost a year after having a deep filling, but that stopped last year and it no longer hurts. I was told that one of the roots is dead on upper tooth #4 and I need a root canal. The dentist put something cold on teeth near this tooth and then on this tooth and this one took longer to get cold, but did get cold. Should I have this tooth pulled?
    Thank you very much,

  2. There’s a lot of discussion about the problems with root canals and implants, but extracting a tooth without an implant can cause problems too (shifting teeth, weakened bone, etc). Of course individual situations vary, but in general if we are left with three bad choices, what is the lesser of three evils?

  3. Patrickgroms Says: April 28, 2019 at 2:28 pm
  4. Great article and great site ….thanks

  5. Interesting dialogue here about root canals….however despite what it says here, millions are performed each year and this argument was based on Price’s argument which was argued to be shoddy.

    • martina hagues Says: March 25, 2019 at 8:22 pm

      i had a root canal in bali, indonesia about 13 years or so ago. i was on a long surfing holiday and living on a remote island and bit into a nut (apparently) and it broke my root. i had the canal checked by a specialist when i returned to australia. nothing was wrong with the job. however, now i am experiencing mass problems including skin peeling off around my head and ears, insomnia, nervousness, easily stressed, hair falling out, muscles on the right side of my body not good (i do astanga yoga on an almost daily basis so that just aint right!) etc etc.

      despite my 63 years i surf one of the world’s most dangerous waves. i eat only organic food mainly from my own garden and use no chemicals or drugs on the property. mainly my diet is raw plant-based. i use charcoal as my main medicine for both myself and my animals both rescued and pets with great effect. i have for the past 15 years had hair tissue mineral analyses (htma). after studying diagnostic orthomolecular medicine over the last 5 years i realized that something was wrong when my aluminium levels started to rise and i started to get sick. i’ve never been sick (apart from hayfever which i no longer suffer badly due to changes in my diet and 2 bouts of malaria and rabies – which i cured myself with fasting and charcoal – i LOVE charcoal!). this illness i am now experiencing is worrying.

      the more i started reading about dentists and their inability to advise toxic substances they use and applications (eg root canal and crowns) the more i realized my problem was coming from my teeth. i used a meridian chart and, hey presto, the root canal tooth was spot on.

      root canals do not only have a toxic filling it is the festering of the tooth that is the worry. the 3mile long dentinal tubules at the base of each tooth will get infected and this is past on to the body creating symptoms. the only solution is to remove the tooth. a delicate affair as the root is now brittle and can break.

      would u save a tooth for your health? not me! it’s coming out next week in bali!!

      my solution is to research everything in life if you want a strong healthy body well into your 100s. after all the hunzas live up to 180 years and die with a full set of teeth.

      maybe you’re too young to understand age is not illness. there’s not many women around of 63 years old of 5 feet 52kg stature that do what i do. 17 year old surfing boys come into an astanga class and after the first 5 minutes want to leave! haha. good luck with your generic brand of dentistry. weston price PROVED root canals were not safe when the broken roots of a heart attack victim were placed under the bunnies skins. they all died of heart attack within 3 days. this is now proven by DNA. any questions please fire away! my previous life was economics, japanese languages (et al) and business law. i’m in the top 5% of creative beings in australia (probably not a difficult task here!) and i am extremely practical and analytical as my parents didn’t help me do anything in my life as a child (not functional but it worked out when i got older!).

      • Flora Hearst Says: July 9, 2019 at 11:23 pm

        What about the new type cleanings they can do with root canals, like GentleWave and PIPS technology. These do supposedly truly clean out the infection. And the claim is that these make root canals a more functional choice. Do you think that these type root canals would still cause potential heart attacks?
        Also what did you do after extraction? Did you get an implant? A bridge? Leave a hole? I have heard of issues with all of these options and really like to know how you fared and what you did for yourself.
        I am an astanga yogi too, for decades, and also eat all organic and very natural and health conscious. My tooth issues are because I was drilled and filled there with mercury fillings as a child and it has caused repeated problems in those (two molars, one on each side!) teeth.

  6. Karen Vivian Says: January 15, 2019 at 2:31 am

    I have a dead root in the tooth that is holding a bridge on. My options are do a root canal through the crown or remove bridge and get 2 dental implants. Any suggestions when dealing with a dead tooth thats holding a bridge in place?

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  8. Hi Dr. Marvin, I was told that I needed urgent root canal surgery by three dentists. One said that although she thinks that a root canal is possible, there may be cracks that they cannot see until they get in there. The infection has spread to the bone they said, and may even spread to the next tooth. There is swelling and pain in the gum. It hurts.

    The problem is, I can’t afford one. I don’t even have the money for the 1st installment. And I cannot afford a replacement tooth if I pull it. Is there nothing I can do to potentially stop this infection?

    Thank you for any advice.

    • I had lower jaw infection 7 years ago, all came from my teeth. I found holistic dentist that pulled out all my teeth because of that infection and cleaned everything nicely. I was wearing denture until few months later when I did 4 mini implants and new denture. I still have it and happy with it. Now it’s the time to take out my bridge from upper jaw. Dentist told me that tooth #5 (and the last one)on the right side needs root canal because it’s infected. It would be essential to have it to hold the new bridge as it is the last one on that side, but no! I am pulling it out!
      I had a lot of problems with my teeth whole my life, did a lot of root canals and now wondering what would happen if I didn’t do them then… maybe I wouldn’t have all these problems now.

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  10. Buncha privileged idiots…. must be nice to be able to afford these removals and all the healing crystals that you need to Blame this for you cancers . Shaking my head …my kid came and read this and it triggered her so badly that she won’t go to dentist. Get a grip, many people w tooth work live a long time… many people who ignore tooth work don’t

    • Happy for your kid. Nobody wants their teeth extracted. And it is far cheaper than root canal. We are privileged because we are open minded and informed. You can be privileged by taking a lesson from your daughter. get a grip youre speaking of the privileged lol crystals ? ?

    • You are obviously a troll, probably a non-holistic DDS.

    • And many others suffer for years from painful and botched root canals, and the lingering effects and infections even if done well. I agree, many doctors quickly push a root canal because they don’t take the time to properly diagnose the problem. Another reason the article should have brought out is that it’s fast and easy money. Speaking of which, why should an hour or so of work and few dollars in materials cost $1000 to $2000?? Yeah, they’ve gone to dental school, but to me, that’s still highway robbery. I just got back from the dentist about a broken tooth (about a quarter of it came off) that doesn’t even hurt. Right away the doc tried to tell me I _need_ a root canal, without even discussing other possibilities (including extraction and implant, or just leaving the space (it’s the last molar in the back). SO I’m going to get a second and maybe third opinion.

  11. In July of this year I reported to my dentist during a routing cleaning that I was experiencing intermittent pain when chewing in tooth #15. He stated that it appeared that a small part of a filling had fallen out and the dentin was exposed. During the next appointment, prior to refilling the tooth, my dentist drilled into the tooth. The pain nearly sent me to the ceiling. He said he needed to make sure there wasn’t any bacteria in the hole. Following this procedure I experienced intense pain in this tooth. The pain did calm down somewhat however, the pain when chewing got worse. My dentist thought putting a sealant on it would fix it. It did not help. He referred me to an endodontist. Due to my sensitivities I decided to seek out an intergrative dentist. He took x-rays and didn’t see any infection. He believed there was a crack in my tooth and that a new larger filling might be able to correct the problem. Unfortunately, it didn’t. At my next appointment he advised me that a crown would most likely fix the problem. I was scared and hesitant to proceed however, I didn’t know what else to do. I am 45 years old and have never had a single cavity. Tooth number 15 had a filling placed in it years ago when an allergy flare-up that caused some inflammation caused pain in that tooth. Reluctantly, I gave him the go to fit my tooth for a crown. It was an emotional experience for me. I am worried I made the wrong decision and wonder if I should have had a third opinion before allowing this procedure to be done. So here I sit with a temporary crown on tooth #15 and I still can’t chew with that tooth without excruciating pain. Even thought he is an intergrative dentist he still performs root canals. I know this will be his next suggestion. What are my options? There is no cavity or abscess in the tooth. I am feeling very lost and I am need of some guidance.

  12. Very apprising article discussions going on here. Proper assessment by a dental professional is really necessary in order to know if root canal solution is still beneficial to the case. The approach of natural dentistry is holistic and very helpful for said assessment.

  13. sanantonian Says: June 29, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    i had 6 unnecessary root canals all in the front regretfully, now my other teeth are being affected by it with pain,soreness,small dark patches on the other live teeth, there was a lawsuit, but no where near enough money can replace my original natural teeth, and the lawyer took half of the small sum, leaving me with almost nothing, i live with anger at how the system runs, im in pain as of right now, my gums hurt. Im glad i can read about everybodys experience.

  14. I have 9 root canals in my mouth covered with crowns that have metal inside. I have been doing some reading and discovered how root canals can be detrimental to health. I have been experiencing horrible headaches, pain in my arms and knees, sweating and bleeding gums. I decided to get rid of my root canals. I spoke to my dentist and she refused to admit the connection between root canals and my health problems. She performed X-ray and diagnosed one root canal with infection, she refereed me to an oral surgeon. The oral surgeon suggested to remove the infection without removing the tooth and I insisted on getting the tooth extracted. I asked him to remove the other root canals and he refused. He suggested to go to someone else to get them removed. I went to another oral surgeon and he looked at the x-ray and said that another root canal is infected and agreed to extract that second root canal but refused to extract the others. He said that they looked fine to him.

    My advice to ever is asked to have a root canal. If your root canals create health problems (and they will), Doctors will refuse to remove them. So, don’t get them in the first place.

  15. Non-specific Information About this outcome

  16. Elizabeth Says: June 30, 2016 at 12:37 pm

    How important is it to do a cavitation therapy when a tooth is extracted? Do you use the FRP to help the cavitation heal?

  17. I didn’t realize that the healthiest option for an infected tooth is to remove it and replace it entirely. It is really interesting how root canals are often recommended due to a misdiagnosis. I would prefer to have a dental implant, because they seem like a healthier option. Thanks for all the great information about it.

    • Leslie Hunt Says: December 1, 2016 at 5:21 pm

      That’s nonsense. It’s not better. I had a dentist, Dr. Thomas Gent at Sola Dental, who talked me out of my root-canaled molars and botched the replacements. I ended up with massive gum and bone loss and now will likely lose most of the rest of my teeth! I am suing him and he is under investigation with the state dental board. Do not spend your money and threaten your health! I was just fine with root canals. My health really went downhill after all the surgeries, antibiotics, and corrective surgeries. It’s taken two years and I am always depressed. I was disfigured for 18 months.

      • Elizabeth McGreevy Says: March 22, 2017 at 6:47 am

        Sorry, but it just sounds like you got someone really bad. I’ve known a number of people that have opted to do what you did, but their results were great. I would recommend tooth removal over a canal, but, based on your experience, only use someone that comes highly recommended.

        • I have had both root canal & implants and would recommend to always go with the root canal. There only now seeing the bad longterm effects of implants and it’s not good news . Look how long I took to confirm cigarettes caused cancer. Do your DD or pay the price .

          • Extraction without implant. Not an easy decision as our teeth are functionally very important but at least we are stopping the damage. I’m 38 have had 5 extractions since early twenties and now have near perfect oral health, free from metals and other foreign, poisonous materials. Takes an extra minute to chew but I am healthy as I’ve ever been pain free after years of major oral problems. Go natural.

    • Be careful about the the info on this site. The use a lot of scary language, but provide little or no controllled test data analysis to support the claims.

  18. Kathy Martin Says: February 24, 2016 at 6:29 am

    Dr. Marvin,

    I have three very old root canals (40 years old) in my bottom front teeth. Now the dentist says they have gone bad (abscess at the root). In addition, A have receding gums in that area. My question is: can zirconium implants be placed in the bottom front area? I have heard they are too large to place there, so would have to go with titanium. Is that true? I don’t have peace about having titanium placed. I hope you read this and take a few minutes to answer my question. Thank you.

  19. Alex Williams Says: January 29, 2016 at 1:09 am

    I live in Newfoundland, Canada. I can’t find a biological dentist

    • Alex,
      I’m so sorry you are having trouble finding a biological dentist in your area. My suggestion is to visit the IABDM website to find one closer to your area. Of course not all biological dentist believe the same things; however, I have found that this organization has the most credible biological dentists around.

      Dr. Marvin

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  22. Hi,
    Very interesting article. I had a tooth (46) with a very deep filling which gave me a lot of pain so was replaced with a crown a couple of years ago. It has always been a bit sensitive and every so often it gives me a lot of pain. Not throbbing, just constant nagging. Usually lasts for a couple of days and is usually a couple of days before my period.
    I was at the dentist today for a checkup. He took an x-ray and said there was infection at the bottom (as there was a dark bit!) and needs a root canal. They were pressurising me to book in to have it done, but I said I wanted to do some reading as I’m into natural health and have heard bad things about root canal. I asked why it would only be sore a couple of days a month – as I’m thinking there might be a hormonal element – maybe just inflammation those 2 days.
    From your article I’m thinking my next step should be a second opinion with a natural therapy dentist.
    I’d appreciate any feedback,
    Kind regards

    • Pam, you are very wise!
      My “Holistic” dentist would NEVER recommend a root canal.

    • HI Pam, I work in dentistry, and often times after having a large amalgam filling replaced with a crown, it can takes months for the nerve to calm down. Especially if it was close to the nerve of the tooth. The other problem, is that the bite of the crown needs to be checked. More often than not, it is the bite of the tooth that needs adjusting. I’m hoping you were able to get your tooth well, and didn’t need the root canal.

  23. I have had one root canal in my life, which the dentist did because of an infection. I don’t remember anything else about it, however, my current dentist wants to drill it as it clearly has a cavity and put a crown on it. They said you should never just do a root canal and fill the tooth, it should have been capped/covered.

    Also, this same dentist drilled another tooth about 6 months ago. Because it was a deep filling, that tooth is quite sensitive to cold now, and even pressure somewhat. She suggested root canal and took an xray which showed nothing. They referred me to an endodontist who also took an xray (I asked if they couldn’t reuse the one my dentist took, but apparently they couldn’t), couldn’t find anything wrong on the xray other than that it showed the filling was very close to the nerve. That and my subjective reports of sensitivity. He wanted to touch it with ice, but then sprayed air on it, when I balked at the ice. Because this caused pain, he said I need a root canal.

    Between this report and the deep filling he says ‘it’s too far gone.’ I thought it was rather a drastic measure for tooth sensitivity and nothing else wrong. I mean, can’t I do something to help heal the nerve?

  24. I went to visit Dr. Marvin and recomend me to removed two dental implants and two old root Canals . I belived him and procede to surgeries . Took me about 2 month get Fairly healed ., all i can say is that my leg and muscle pain are gone , i am recovering THE strenght and power of my Neck , THE numness of my head is gone and i sleep very peacefully . Regarless my toothless situation , i truly believe that i did THE best i could to bring longevity and Health to THE rest of my Life . Marta

    • Marta did you get new implants? How did you recover your bite after all those extractions?

      Sitting in a dentist chair now – she just said i might need a root canal.

  25. I’m really at awe at all the ridiculous comments, there is no science that disproves that root canals and other improperly done dentistry harm your health. No one wants to know, that would start a whole can on worms on a growing industry, dentists have always been the necessary evil, patients rarely ask questions because they wait too late to go then are stuck making emergency decisions with no time to research or get a second opinion. Cosmetic dentistry is one of the highest grossing fields in terms of income. Dentist rarely recommend endodontists unless there’s a nerve nearby and they’re scared. If you’re fine with your dental work or you perform great root canals, not sure why you’re on this site. The people who have been harmed by dental work and need assistance are the ones who should be here getting information rather than going thru inane comments from you. I know for a fact the root canal’s failure caused my health issues. That’s science and proof enough for me.

    • Gill, you’re right! Every woman I know who has had a root canal has been diagnosed with breast cancer on the same side that the root canal was done on. Are dentist even aware that teeth and breast run on the same meridian. People had better do their research when it comes to their health and stop relaying solely on Dr.’s and dentist to give you information.

      • Gill and Char,

        Thanks for the comments. It’s good to know that there are people out there that are open minded and have passion for health.

        Dr. Marvin

        • ‘there is no science that disproves that root canals and other improperly done dentistry harm your health.’

          I mean, that pretty much sums it all up right there. I’m ready to trust my health to this line of thinking already.

    • Elizabeth Says: February 5, 2016 at 9:37 am

      Really I believe they do..i have had a root canal 8 years ago and have health problems since and 2 years ago I had to have it recemented so 8 month later I’m a type 1 I’m looking how or what to do to replace it..want it out and gone and its my front tooth so having a hard time figuring out what to do and going to look for a natural dentist and c Wat to do

  26. I have had root canals and implants. No way can I afford to undo or redo this work right now. I will also admit that I am not inclined to redo the implants, in particular. The implants seem pretty well integrated to the flows of my body. Is it not possible that they actually ARE, indeed, well integrated?

    • Integration does not mean compatibility. We’re not asking people to get rid of their titanium implants. We just want people to get checked prior to getting implants, or anything else for that matter, permanently placed in someone’s mouth.

  27. I have had dentistry done to me for the past 59 years and I have seen it all, the good the bad and the ugly. I have always had good health but 3 years ago I had a root canal done filled the side under the gum with amalgam and did not smooth it down so for these past years it had irritated the gum. I actually took a diamond emery board and filed the filling myself and the gum has finally settled down. I am going to have it pulled if it starts causing problems. My real question is that I am having a couple of small cavities done at a local dental school and after the tooth has had such extensive work done that the dentist xrays they say I need a root canal on my front tooth, which has no cavity. swelling or pain. I am going to try using pulling and some of the European treatments first thanks to your posts.

  28. Stephanie Says: November 4, 2014 at 7:45 am

    My left front tooth was knocked out (well, half of it) when I was 8 in a playground accident and I have had a root canal soon after. Don’t haunt me on that aspect but now I am 33 and all of a sudden, that tooth kinda hurts (it is covered with a tooth colored material after having the partial filling fall off a few times)… I have never had to tamper with it for well over 15 years. Some dentists have told me I need to replace it but a dentist has said I need to remove the remaining tooth (I really don’t want to) and another dentist has said I don’t need to remove the remaining tooth. Since I need to be aware and equipped with knowledge so I can make the best decision. I really prefer to take care of it once and all and then continue to take care of my teeth naturally (holistically).

    Please advise as quickly as possible.

    Much Gratitude!

  29. I have my doubts that you will reply, but I will try anyway. I very much dislike going to the dentist mostly stemming from lots childhood cavities. I only go to the dentist every two years, so needless to say every time I go I always need lots of dental work even though I am obsessed with brushing, flossing and using mouth wash. I recently went to the dentist and she says I need 4 root canals and she is my second opinion and a dental surgeon. I really dont want anymore root canals I already have 3 and one has constant irritation surrounding it in my gums. None of my teeth that need root canals hurt in anyway, Im one of those people that just don’t get pain in my mouth at all. But what should I do, I feel like I have no options but to get the root canals?! Should I just capped them or pull them? Im young, healthy and have lots of teeth, they told me I would need to pull 4 to even consider braces, but since my teeth are hardly out of alignment Ive never felt it was necessary.

    • please please do not get the root canals. I have been in the dental field for over 25 years and it makes me sick to know that we have made thousand upon thousands of people sick, maybe even have caused the cancer. In laymens terms, once a tooth has had a root canal there is no more blood supply going to the tooth, so it is dead. What other part of your body can die and they leave it attached. They cut off legs, arms, take out appendix the reason being it because they then become a source for harboring toxins. It don’t make any sense to leave a dead infected tooth in your body. We take root canals out of people. 98% of women with breast cancer have had a root canal usually in tooth #14-15 or 2-3 that sets on the same meridian as the breast. Nor do we suggest implants. I would have the teeth pulled and either do bridges or a flexible partial. I hope this helps.

  30. I live near Merida Mexico and am looking for a Biological or Holistic Dentist in the area. Do you have any information or could you recommend one for me to address an old crown (25 years old ) needing attention. I suspect the tooth may need to be pulled since there is severe sensitivity. I am 50 years old and would appreciate your assistance.

  31. I live near Merida Mexico and am looking for a Biological or Holistic Dentist in the area. Do you have any information or could you recommend one for me to to address an old crown (25 years old ) needing attention. I suspect the tooth may need to be pulled since there is severe sensitivity. I am 50 years old and would appreciate your assistance.

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  33. Raquel Gonzales Says: July 21, 2014 at 11:52 pm

    I had a toothache that started off with headaches. So I went in to my dentist office he said it’s was a filling. I took antibiotics for a few days and went back my dentist was not in so the other dentist recommended a root canal. I went to a Endodontics office he imedditly said it was an extract. So I got it pulled. But I feel misled it went from a filling to a root canal then an extract. Hope the Endodontics dr did not lie to me

  34. I’ve read several excellent stuff here. Definitely price bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how a lot effort you put to make this kind of excellent informative site.

  35. please help….. i am told i need to fix a root canal. it is infected, and i am a little nervous. i just want it out. if i have it pulled, will it mess up my teeth alignment? do you believe that titanium implants are safe? i hope you see this tonight.

    • Hi,

      I’ve had a root canal/crown and now am being told that I need a second. I choose the crown option because with a void the alignment of your teeth will change over time. However, getting an implant or a bridge can prevent this. I’m not sure about the titanium implant, it seems like there would be a long term effect to having that in your mouth forever, but I’m no dentist just a fellow patient. Good luck with everything!

  36. Robert W Says: June 23, 2014 at 4:26 pm

    A number of years back I spoke to a European naturopath dentist who claimed that she could heal infected teeth by opening up the pulp chamber, putting in a variety of natural herbs and antibiotics and seal it up again. She claims to have clients from all over the world. Is that just crazy talk? Could something like that possibly work?

    • Hi Robert. If you have any other info on this European naturopath dentist, please share. I apparently have an infection next to my front top tooth and need a root canal in order to save it. I’m only 23 and my dream is to be an actor. Please help if you know anything else on this topic. Thank you so much

    • Tyler David Says: August 7, 2014 at 3:23 pm

      Hi Robert, I recently found out that I have an infection in my tooth right next to my two front teeth. If you have any more info on this euopean naturopath dentist, please share. It’s horrible because all my teeth were perfect and I’m only 23 and my dream is to be an actor. I recently started “oil pulling” if you have any info on this please reply or email me at Thank you

      • Hi Tyler there., I had the exact same problem and it also included the tooth on the right hand side of my front tooth. My dentist told me that I would have to have a tooth implant and on both.I had an infection in both teeth. I made an appointment with the endodontist for a week later. I got us some websites from England since I do use Homeopathy there.the first thing I did was to slice thin layers of garlic let it sit for 15 minutes and laid it on the infection.I kept it on there for 2 days refreshing it every 3 or 4 hours and the swelling went down. I then took COQ10, astazanthin, astragulis, juiced vegetables, multivitamin with minerals, purified water, I took garlic orally., vit.c. Eat very healthy . The endodontist was freaked out. He said why would the dentist send you to me? when I went back to the dentist he took an xray and said he’d never seen this before the roots were actually growing back onto the bone.I also took olive leaf biocide and grapefruit seed extract also know as GSE.I truly hope this helps you.

        • Thank you for the heplful information regarding Homeopathy rememdies for your two infected teeth. I am in a similar situation and wish to try Homeopathy remedies first. I am new to Homeopathy remedies and need your help with the recommended daily amounts of the CoQ10, astazanthin, astragulis, olive leaf biocide, grapefruit seed extract you had taken. Also, what combination of vegetables did you use to juice and how often? Did your juicing include fruit? If there is anymore information that you can include, it would be very appreciated. Thank you

          • Good grief, I can’t believe that some people still actually believe in Homeopathy. It does not even make sense (diluting something till there is none left), and the idea of molecular memory is woo-woo nonsense without a shred of scientific evidence. If water had a memory, why does it only remember the tiny amounts that homeopaths want it to and nothing else? I’m sorry, but H advocates are either self-deluded or play on people’s ignorance. People assume if you do something and feel better, it must be because of what you did. You could have worn a green dress and started to feel better. Do you assume the green dress did it? Correlation does not equal causation. Causation has never been proved with homeopathy and all good controlled studies show that H treatments have no effects beyond placebos.

        • Donna Hanna Says: November 2, 2016 at 12:25 pm

          Thanks for this message

      • Hi Tyler there., I had the exact same problem and it also included the tooth on the right hand side of my front tooth. My dentist told me that I would have to have a tooth implant and on both.I had an infection in both teeth. I made an appointment with the endodontist for a week later. I got us some websites from England since I do use Homeopathy there.the first thing I did was to slice thin layers of garlic let it sit for 15 minutes and laid it on the infection.I kept it on there for 2 days refreshing it every 3 or 4 hours and the swelling went down. I then took COQ10, astazanthin, astragulis, juiced vegetables, multivitamin with minerals, purified water, I took garlic orally., vit.c. Eat very healthy . The endodontist was freaked out. He said why would the dentist send you to me? when I went back to the dentist he took an xray and said he’d never seen this before the roots were actually growing back onto the bone.I also took olive leaf biocide and grapefruit seed extract also know as GSE.I truly hope this helps you.

  37. Hi Dr Marvin, I just had a root canal done today. I guess it was a little too late. Had I read about your article sooner I might have saved myself some money. They did an inlay as well and a crown (temporary) in 2 weeks they will put a permanent crown. I have no problem extracting them since I only got 26 teeth left. My question is should I not have it permanently crowned and have it extracted instead? Thank you

  38. my son has had a root canal for 10 years, how can he removeit, and what is the alternative?

  39. so i just had a huge (and by huge i mean my entire cheek up to my eye so my eye could only open half way…) abscess that needed to be drained and now the endodontist started a root canal… insurance doesnt cover implants (implants arewhat you meant by “replacing the toot” right?) so i was happy they could still “save” the tooth but now im reading this and that it could cause cancer and other stuff and am not so happy with the root canal anymore…
    i guess ill just get it done now since its already been started and i cant afford an implant and cant just take it out and out nothing there since its one of the front teeth, but if the root canal ever goes bad id rather get an implant…
    do you know of any insurances that would cover implants???

    also i have a bunch of cavities on my other teeth and have heard that naturally healing cavities by eating certain things is possible…do you think that’s true?

  40. This article was not very helpful to me at all.

    It did not address any other real alternatives to root canals or extraction. I am in a position where I have a lot of deep cavities and the dentist will probably recommend a lot of root canals. I cannot go back in time to prevent my cavities. So my only other options are to get half of my teeth removed? I was hoping that this article would provide alternatives besides extraction (plural in the title; “alternatives”) but it does not.

    • I am wondering what your teeth situation is now. I feel like I may be in the same boat you were in last year.

  41. I have been told by 3 dentist that I need a root canal on my front top tooth and it’s true, I do…. there is an unsightly hole in it and I don’t want to smile! The reason I have done nothing for a year or longer is…. I don’t have $1500 bucks and I’m scared to death to go to a learning school where I still need to come up w/ $600 at least for this procedure I really don’t want, but I don’t want it pulled either, it’s my front tooth and I don’t want to look like a hill billy!!

    I don’t know what to do. It hurts on an off basically I have pain meds because of sciatic nerve that has covered up the tooth pain and so I keep buying time for free here and it just can’t keep going on…. basically because I am humiliated by the looks of it and scared what it is doing to me internally!

    Any suggestions as to what I can do???
    Thank you

    • Just wondering, all of these months later, if you have done anything about your tooth? Where I live now and where I used to live (two different counties in PA) there were clinics that would use one’s income to determine cost. I am supposed to get a root canal as soon. I have to wait for my insurance to deny it, then we can proceed. I will only have to pay 20% of the cost and I will find out how much that is after the insurance denies the claim. Silly system, but at least I will be able to afford the procedure. After reading about the problems with root canals here and on other sites, I’d rather pull the tooth, but it’s on the bottom front. I already have so many health problems. What to do???

  42. Aramis Ortiz Says: November 24, 2012 at 11:01 am

    It really comes down to common sense. A tooth has a nerve and arteries – so by definition when you get a root canal now you have a death limb on your body dumping infectious bacteria all over your body. Now lets hope your inmmune system is not compromised, so you may live with very little symptoms. Wishful thinking, since as we grow older these symptoms will become even more so. Root canals are just another fiasco like Amalgams (Mercury fillings). The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Its really hard to tell someone who has built a career of helping others (with passion and love) that they have done the complete opposite. It takes character and honesty to oneself to rebuild, to unlearn, and to really accept the truth (including its economic consequences). We are not arguing among ourselves here. We are coming to terms with what really works and what doesn’t. There are studies showing an increidible correlation between root canals and cancer patients. But forget the studies. When you are dying you try anything and everything (it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not). At the end you believe in what does work. Which is why I say with a huge smile….”take it from me – I am a heavy metals toxicity and root canal survivor.”
    By they way, I had an endodontics in the Navy re-do my root canal after a general dentist did it first. Then again the VA hospital worked on it again. And then again by an orthodontics/endodontics private practice, funny how the Doctor scold me for not flossing well a few months later when the root canal looked swollen and dark. I say funny because the one tooth next to it was crispy clean. Too bad i didn’t know then what I know now, that ROOT CANALS are NEVER a solution. Wanna bet: I bet you never will keep a dead limb attached to your body.

  43. I agree, root canals do not work if they are not cleaned and sealed, like the cases you tried, because you are not qualified to do the job!
    You are hilarious; you copy the AAE brochure to go against the specialty?
    You have not been training in endodontics and that is why you experienced lots of failure in the cases you tried just because you don’t know how to do the job properly!
    Again, have you worked with microscope?
    Have you found a forth canal in an upper molar, do you know they are always there and people like you are always missing it, leaving it behind might cause the problem.
    Refer to an endodontist and let a qualified specialist take care of the job, root canals are bad when treated by people like you!

    • As I stated in my last comment (which you apparently didn’t read, since you keep asking the same question): “To answer your question about microscopes, I’ve owned and used them extensively.”

      Look, I agree that endodontists are MUCH better at root canals than general dentists. No argument from me there. But what you are saying doesn’t make any sense. As you stated yourself, “I am an endodontist and 50 % of my treatment pool is to RETREAT bad root canals.” So you say that 50% of the work you do is fixing FAILED root canals, but then you say root canals don’t fail. You can’t have it both ways. The fact is, general dentists do root canals. If you want to blame them for every failed root canal, go for it, but don’t say that they don’t fail… they do, as you stated yourself.

      I have a suggestion for you: rather than make asinine comments on a private practice dental website (a private practice that doesn’t do root canals, by the way), why don’t you take your passion to your specialty board and try to ban general dentists from doing root canals? I would assume that would be a better use of your time than arguing with a general dentist about why root canals fail.

      I remember what it was like when I was fresh out of residency and thought I knew everything. I applaud your passion. But if you’re spending your whole day debating another dentist on HIS website about why root canals fail, it seems like your passion is a bit mis-guided.

      I wish you luck, but you’re barking up the wrong tree here. You’re trying to argue about why general dentists shouldn’t do root canals with someone who doesn’t think general dentists should do root canals. You tell me that “root canals are bad when treated by people like you!”… well, that’s a nice sentiment, but “people like me” don’t do root canals, so I guess we agree.

      Use your passion more wisely and argue with a general dentist who actually DOES root canals… although if you succeed in stopping general dentists from doing root canals, you would lose 50% of your business, so maybe that’s why it’s easier to debate on my website, right?

      • Dr. Marvin, I found your page to be very helpful and insightful. I also particularly liked the way you explained things. So I was surprised reading the reply you made to Paulo’s comment. You clearly know more about what you are doing than Paulo does. He is clearly misguided as to what you do in your practice, so there’s no need to allow him to get you so seemingly upset about it. I respect and appreciate your passion for what you do… just know that the length and tone of your reply to him was unnecessary to make readers believe in your credibility.

      • I didn’t see him say that root canals never fail. What he is saying is that they need to be done by someone who knows what they are doing. That way the chance of success if much higher. I don’t think you ever find 100% success rates in any field of medicine. Until valid scientific research can be pointed to which clearly demonstrates a causal link between root canals and systemic disease, I’m with Paulo on this.

      • Yes, What Dr. M said!!

    • Oh Paulo, I am sure you would suggest that a person put mercury filling in their mouths also. Just because you were taught something in dental school, does not make it the truth. If dentist were not so afraid of the ADA putting a target on their back you would see a lot more biological dentist that don’t kill people like endodontist do. ROOT CANALS in every way are BAD for your health. READ the book root canal cover up. I am sure you are an educated endodontist and go by what you were taught. But think outside of the box open upo you eyes. You have been lied to and you will continue to lie to people telling them they are completely safe to make a few $$$$. Makes me sick. And i have been in the field for over 25 years….

    • fair2share Says: June 27, 2016 at 9:00 pm

      I would not entrust my health with someone who claims superiority and expertise who could not get his grammar straight and his spelling correct.

    • So does this mean I should not do my own root canal with dremel and seal it with superglue and homemade tooth from bone

  44. Jean Bennett Says: November 4, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    I know from personal experience that when I had a 30 year old root canal extracted the improvement in my energy levels jumped 10 times. I felt as though I was given a second chance at life. I have one more # 18 with a root canal and I’ scared to keep it and scared to loose it. A natural dentist told me over 10 years ago it was affecting my liver. So right now I’m sitting on the fence.

    I also had a friend that had several root canal’s and after the last one her skin started falling off and no one had any answers. Ozone injections into the lesions under the roots stopped the skin from falling off but only for a short time. When she finally had all the effected teeth extracted did she finally feel better

    No more root canals for me

  45. paulo nogueira Says: November 4, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    Your believes not only are out of sense but also have no evidence base or scientific support.
    Root canals, when proper treated can have a high rate of success, and not only save the tooth but also keep it healthy, without infection, however the studies showed that about 70 % of root canals in US are treated by general dentist, and unfortunately these dentists have no adequate training and tools to do the job right, any dentist can try to do root canals although only the endodontist are the one specially trained to do it.
    I am an endodontist and 50 % of my treatment pool is to RETREAT bad root canals, the retreatment can really defeat the infection since it can remove the etiology, microorganism, and seal the canal properly in order to avoid recontamination and promote the healing process that follow the elimination of the infection cause.
    I work with dental operatory microscope from the access to the temporary seal; have at least an orifice barrier over to the canal entrance.
    Have you seen a pulp chamber through a microscope?
    I believe not, you are a falsifier and I am sorry about all the people you are trapping with your false and weak opinion

    • Paulo, I agree with you — general dentists shouldn’t be doing root canals. But you still haven’t answered the question: what is your scientific evidence that root canals work? And what is your definition of “success”? If you define success the way the “studies” do — which is the termination of symptoms — than you’re right. They work. I define success in terms of health. And based on that definition, root canals routinely fail.

      To answer your question about microscopes, I’ve owned and used them extensively. However, I have yet to see a microscope that allows you to see the infection on the OUTSIDE of the tooth. Do you have one that does that?

      I understand that you went to school to perform root canal therapy. If people like me convince enough patients that root canals are bad, you will be out of business. You have a definite vested interest in the idea that root canals are good. Open your mind and your eyes, though. Don’t be afraid of what you’ll find. If you study BOTH sides of the story (as I have done — I used to do root canals) and you still believe in root canals, the worst that will happen is that you will be able to better articulate your arguments and stick up for your profession.

      It’s admirable the way you defend your specialty — I admire your passion. I hope that one day you have that same passion for the health of your patients as you do your job.

      • I’m not a dentist but isn’t it the case that a treatment would be considered valid so long as no compromising safety issues are proven? My dentist – who does not perform root canals himself – said that there is no valid scientific evidence which convincingly demonstrates a causal link between root canals and diseases. What are the valid scientific studies that demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that root canals are unsafe and associated with systemic disease? Price’s studies have long been discredited. Moreover, you all have vested interests. No good just slapping Paulo down for having a vested interest. You also run a business which seeks to gain more patients on the basis of discrediting (validly or not) mainstream dentistry. So that’s unfair. Extraction is also problematic.

        • Philip, I agree that extractions are “problematic” too unless filled with an implant, but then people are talking about problems with implants too. So how do we judge among three options (root canal, extraction alone, and implants) all of which have possible serious downsides. I know individual situations vary, but in general if we are left with three bad choices, what is the lesser of three evils?

  46. paulo nogueira Says: November 3, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    mr, not Dr, marvin,
    your conclusion is not based in cientific evidence, you should be more caution with your words, endodontics when correct performed prevents and treats perirradicular infection.

    • Paulo, what is your “cientific” evidence that endo works?

      Endodontics do a great job of removing the symptom: pain. But how do they solve the underlying cause? How do they improve the health of the patient? All the studies done simply show their effectiveness in removing pain. Of course they remove pain: no nerve, no pain.

      Studies don’t show how the health is affected positively or negatively. I believe that we should be treating the problem, not the symptom. Dentistry is in the field of HEALTH care. As a dentist, I want to ensure that my patients have a doctor who is looking out for their overall health, not just covering up a problem.

      Common sense comes into play also: the infection outside the tooth is not fully resolved by doing root canals or pulpectomies, which treat the inside of the tooth.

      An infection in the bone surrounding the tooth can cause numerous problems that may not result in any immediate reactions. Chronic illnesses, which many people have, have unknown causes. Untreated infections could be one of them.

  47. I was just told to get root canals on 2 incisors with large cavities. I have been seriously ill since my last root canal and afraid to get another. Any suggestions?

  48. januarygreen Says: October 17, 2012 at 4:23 am

    My front tooth had a cavity and had been worked on several times. the last visit to the dentist they said there was still a cavity so they drilled but this time right through to the pulp.they put calcium and lime on the area and filled it and said if I get pain come back and get a root canal.

    I was so up set I felt fine before i went to the dentist. but after this i experienced slight pain. Now I have a very bad sinus infection and the front tooth is throbbing I just started with antibiotics. I hate the thought of getting a root canal should I wait until the sinus infection heals to see if the pain subsides, do I have any alternatives? Please tell me what you think, Thank you

  49. I have a cavity in one of my top back teeth and part of the tooth has broken off. It has been like this for about two years now. It doesn’t really bother me. I went to the dentist for the first time in years today and was told that I need a root canal done on it. They put a temporary filling in it. If thet can put a temporary filling in it why would I go and have a root canal done. Is it neccesary?

    • Shelley…Hi did you finally have a root canal? I am in a similar situation and waiting to find a good Biomimetic dentist who uses ozone and air abrasion techniques

  50. Hi Marvin.

    I’ve had an on-and-off toothache on my right lateral incisor and left central incisor at different times. I’ve been to a lot of dentists who have only suggested a root canal treatment for both the teeth. I am extremely anxious about undergoing the RCT as they’re my front teeth and I’m just a teenager. The pain that I experience heals with antibiotics and lasts only for about 7-10days. It doesn’t happen frequently, it happens once in a year or so. Do I really need to get a RCT done to save my teeth? Are there any other ways out of this? Can any medications heal it?

    Please help, Thanks.

    • Sounds to me like your bite is out of alignment. Do you have a good biological dentist near you who can adjust your bite properly? That’s where I would start as it’s the least invasive and based on what you’re telling me, seems like it could be a possible fix.

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