Mercury (Silver) Fillings: A Very Serious Danger

Amalgam Fillings Can Lead to Long Term Systemic Health Issues

Episode 19 of Dangers in Dentistry originally aired on KPRZ in San Diego.

Amalgam Fillings Can Lead to Long Term Systemic Health Issues

Is your health on the line? Do you have any of these serious illnesses: paralysis, Parkinson’s, hyperthyroidism, Lupus, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes? How about impotency or mood swings? Do you suffer from more common conditions like fatigue, skin discoloration (red cheeks, nose, fingers or toes) or headaches? Each of these conditions may be linked to the presence of mercury in your body. Did you know that according to the World Health Organization, the number one source of mercury exposure comes from mercury dental amalgam fillings?

Mercury-amalgam fillings, more commonly known as silver fillings, have been shown to release mercury into your body the entire time they’re in your mouth. Mercury is a dangerous neuro-toxin that can endanger your well-being and your health, which is why mercury has already been banned from thermometers and classrooms in the United States and why mercury amalgam fillings have been banned from use in several European countries. Are your fillings putting you at risk?

In this episode of Dangers in Dentistry, Dr. Marvin discusses the very real consequences of mercury poisoning, as well as the safe and proper steps you can take in order to lessen your exposure to this toxic metal. Learn the information your should know in order to protect yourself in this week’s episode of Dangers in Dentistry, with America’s Holistic Dentist, Dr. Marvin.

Dr. Marvin
San Diego, Encinitas Holistic and Natural Dentist

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  1. awesome podcast with Dr. Marvin
    this is great info for us and our clients
    Ralph Havens
    San Diego

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