Cure For Low Thyroid Caused by Fluoride

Do you have a low thyroid? If you drink tap water, then you are part of the 70% of the population who do. Only the 30% of the population who drink only bottled water do not. But they also cook in it, put it in their ice cube trays, and avoid sodas.

Fluoride is used to turn down a high thyroid. So if your thyroid is normal, and you drink water out of the tap, your thyroid will lower. So what can we do?

Kelp is a cheep supplement that is a natural form of iodine that will turn it back up! Supplements need to be combined with solid food to make them work. You take more at first to turn your thyroid back up.

You will lose weight and be in a far better mood. What a low thyroid will do to you:
1. You gain weight.
2. You’re irritable.
3. You have memory loss.
4. You’re sad or depressed.
5. You’re tired all the time.
6. You’re constipated.
7. Your hair is course and dry and may fall out.
8. Your skin is dry and pale.
9. Your menstrual cycle is irregular.

Sea kelp is full of vitamins, and minerals. It also has proteins, enzymes, plant sterols, flavoniods, RNA/DNA acids, omega 3 and 6, antioxidants, sea lipids, and fiber mixed with trocopherols.It does far more. Kelp contains Fucoidan, a proven cancer inhibitor. Kelp balances your PH levels. It makes your body less acidic.

Cancer cells will spread to acidic body cells. Less acid in your body might also mean that your ulcers, and acid reflux bothers you less. Get it for under four dollars. You’ll be thinner, happier, and your hair and skin will be healthier.



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  4. Lina Vanderwal Says: July 6, 2013 at 3:35 am

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  7. hi i was reading your comments on thyroid,ive been taking synthroid for about 8mnths,and recently stopped. I would love to try taking KELP,where would i buy this in OHIO. i would love to take something natural,i have had a real hard time knowing im putting something in my body that doesnt belong

    • Hi Sheila. Kelp is believed to help some thyroid problems because it has iodine, and a lack of iodine can cause thyroid problems. But before you take any supplements, you should seek out an holistic doctor who may be able to determine if low iodine is causing your thyroid problems. In fact, “even many prominent alternative doctors such as Andrew Weil and Stephen Langer advise against taking iodine or kelp supplements for people with autoimmune problems.” (

      If you decide kelp would be a good alternative for you, most natural food and organic stores will sell kelp supplements (Whole Foods, for instance) or a quick Google search should turn up dozens of results.

      I hope that helps. Good luck!
      Dr. Marvin

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