Mercury Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

Research conducted at the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine has demonstrated that trace amounts of mercury can cause the type of damage to nerves that is characteristic of the damage found in Alzheimer’s Disease. The level of mercury exposure is consistent with those levels found in humans with mercury/silver amalgam dental fillings. The exposure to mercury caused the formation of “neurofibrillar tangles,” which are one of the two diagnostic markers for Alzheimer’s Disease. The scientists found that other metals, including aluminum, did not cause the damage. Previous research has shown that mercury can cause the formation of the other Alzheimer’s Disease diagnostic marker, “amyloid plaques.” In 2000, researchers at the Neurobiology Laboratory, Psychiatric University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland using neuroblastoma cells exposed to mercury demonstrated an increase in production of amyloid protein that makes up the amyloid plaques as well as significantly increasing the phosphorylation of Tau protein.

Leong CW, Syed NI, Lorscheider  FL. University of Calgary Medical School. 26-Mar-2001.



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