Effects of Metals on the Nervous System of Humans and Animals

Several metals have toxic actions on nerve cells and neurobehavorial functioning. These toxic actions can be expressed either as developmental effects or as an increased risk of neurodegenerative diseases in old age. The major metals causing neurobehavioral effects after developmental exposure are lead and methylmercury. Lead exposure in young children results in a permanent loss of IQ of approximately 5 to 7 IQ points, and also results in a shortened attention span and expression of anti-social behaviors. There is a critical time period (<2 years of age) for development of these effects, after which the effects do not appear to be reversible even if blood lead levels are lowered with chelation. Methylmercury has also been found to have effects on cognition at low doses, and prenatal exposure at higher levels can disrupt brain development. Metals have also been implicated in neurodegenerative diseases, although it is unlikely that they are the sole cause for any of them. Elevated aluminum levels in blood, usually resulting from kidney dialysis at home with well water containing high aluminum, result in dementia that is similar to but probably different from that of Alzheimer’s disease. However, there is some epidemiological evidence for elevated risk of Alzheimer’s in areas where there is high concentration of aluminum in drinking water. Other metals, especially lead, mercury, manganese and copper, have been implicated in amvotrophic lateral sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

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    • I would check out the IABDM or IAOMT for a surgeon in your area… they may have some referrals for you. As for Rife, I don’t use it in our practice, but I do know other practitioners who use it and have had great success. The idea behind it is the frequencies will kill off the bacteria. But if the root canal is properly removed and all bacteria is removed from the infected area using the proper protocols, it shouldn’t be necessary. Also, killing the bacteria after the fact doesn’t remove it from the body… you just end up with dead bacteria in a hole in your bone. At this time, I don’t know much about lumen photon, so I’m not sure I can be of too much help there.

      Thanks for the well-informed comment… I hope my response helps a little.

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