Mercury and Nickel Allergy: Risk Factors in Fatigue and Autoimmunity

This study examined the presence of hypersensitivity to dental and environmental metals in patients with clinical disorders complicated with chronic fatigue syndrome. Three groups of patients were examined through medical history, dental examination, and by using a modified test of blast transformation for metals-MELISA(R). The three groups consisted of the following: 22 patients with autoimmune thyroiditis with or without polyglandular autoimmune activation; 28 fatigued patients free from endocrinopathy; and 22 fatigued professionals without evidence of autoimmunity. As controls, a population sample or 13 healthy subjects without any evidence of metal sensitivity was included. Healthy controls did not complain of marked fatigue and their laboratory tests did not show signs of autoimmunity and endocrinopathy. We have found that fatigue, regardless of the underlying disease, is primarily associated with hypersensitivity to inorganic mercury and nickel. The lymphocyte stimulation by other metals was similar in fatigued and control groups. To evaluate clinical relevance of positive in vitro findings, the replacement of amalgam with metal-free restorations was performed in some of the patients. At a six-month follow-up, patients reported considerably alleviated fatigue and disappearance of many symptoms previously encountered; in parallel, lymphocyte responses to metals decreased as well. We suggest that metal-driven inflammation may affect the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis) and indirectly trigger psychosomatic multisymptoms characterizing chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and other diseases of unknown etiology.

Sterzl I, Prochazkova J, Hrda P, Bartova J, Matucha P, Stejskal VD. Neuroendocrinol Lett. 1999; 20(3-4):221-228. 11462117 PubMed.



  1. Jan Bennett Says: June 22, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    I have had CFIDS for almost 16 years. I recently went through some orthodontia. When I was done (about 4 months) my dentist put in 2 fixed retainers. Not long after that I felt horrible, like I had a relapse. Medications I had been taking started having adverse side effects and I had bad reactions to other products. It suddenly occurred to me that this was not a relapse but an allergy to something in the wires. I taped a nickel to my arm for 24 hours. Its has been off for 5 and I already see some contact dermatitis. Could this be causing my symptoms? Its gonna cost a lot of money to replace these and I want to make sure this is the retainers. (had all amalgams removed still have a gold crown so wonder about galvanic effect. Wish I had thought about it.

  2. Hi My name is Terri and here I thought I was being so good about getting all the mercury out of the mouth and going to a good dentist; Well 5 years ago a dentist ordered a marlyn bridge and put it in my mouth unknown to me that it had nickel on the flippers to attach to the other teeth on both side;
    One day it feel out and a different dentist said, I’m surprized you have this in your mouth, this nickel, knowing that I did not like implants nor mercury ect. From then on I was bugged by it, but had it glued back in for another 2 years and then when it feel out, recently I had it redone and had a new tooth made with a new material with no metal-on the flippers, they said it should last around 5 years; Found it expensive;
    Here is why I’m writing you; I have had sciatica on one side of my body [leg] and when it first came in was after a dental appointment, I can’t remember if that tooth was that day it was put in, but I think so, the dentist also played with an implant he had put in that day; [it has been out for several years now]; Have you heard of anyone getting sciatica after having nickel in the mouth? I felt a release on my leg happen when the tooth feel out and was out just 5 days; I’m hoping it will to go; Now I have had the other symptoms mentioned fatiqued and and more arthritus pain since then, I remember taking note when I drove home from the dentist that day, my leg went numb on the left side and the numbness got better with yoga, but not the total release; I recently went on the skiode-bio-feedback machine a lady has and she said that my pituitary and adrenals were shot, not this was a concern since I work in natural medicine some, at least the metal part and body work part of it; Do you think I should detox with some product like edta to get metal out of the body now? Are you able to say? Hope I did not write to much, please do not post; Terri

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