Evidence That Mercury from Dental Amalgam May Cause Hearing Loss in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

The leaching of toxic mercury from amalgam fillings has been implicated in hearing loss. Mercury toxicity has also been linked to multiple sclerosis (MS). It is believed that the toxic effects of mercury cause damage to the blood brain barrier, demyelination (damage to the nerves’ myelin sheaths) and slowing of the nerve conduction velocity. This experiment involved seven women aged 32-46 years who had been diagnosed with MS. The women underwent a standard hearing test in a sound booth and then had all their amalgam fillings replaced with composites. Six to eight months later they were again given the hearing test. Six of the seven patients had significantly improved hearing in the right ear and five of the seven showed improvement in the left ear. Overall, hearing improved an average of eight decibels. The conclusion is that amalgam fillings may be a significant factor in hearing loss experienced by MS patients and could be a factor in hearing loss in other people as well.


Siblerud RL, Kienholz E. Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. 1997. Vol. 12. 240-44.


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