Cavitations — The Silent Killer

A cavitation is an infected hole in your jaw bone

You probably already know that having a root canal can be a traumatic experience, but did you realize that by having a root canal, you are automatically put into the category of people who could suffer long term, and none too pleasant effects from the procedure? The same holds true for people who have had tooth extractions, had their wisdom teeth taken out, or have suffered a variety of other abcesses, injuries to the teeth and jaw. This is not to say that everyone undergoing the above will ultimately develop health issues as a result, but evidence is mounting that a huge percentage of us are at risk.

The Culprit

A cavitation is an infected hole in your jaw bone

Ultimately the perpetrator is bacteria … bacteria that were not neutralized or adequately flushed out after an oral surgery or extraction. Once trapped inside the post-surgery cavity these bacteria can incubate for years, leaking toxic residue into the blood stream and causing a host of health issues, both local to the jaw and other areas of the body. In addition to bacteria, sometimes this area will host other harmful elements including viruses, fungi and parasites. In other words, when a root canal is performed on a tooth, bacteria from within that tooth may produce very strong chemicals that are highly neurotoxic. Research has shown these toxins can then combine with chemicals or heavy metals, such as mercury, and form even more potent toxins. These neurotoxins can over time be released into the bloodstream where they destroy many otherwise critically important enzymes within the body.

This scenario can happen under what dentists consider the “normal” extraction situation: the tooth is removed but the ligament that holds the tooth in place is left behind and the area isn’t properly cleaned, and consequently toxins remain within the ligament that slowly seep into the body, potentially creating chronic health issues and other symptoms most doctors can’t diagnose (such as fibromyalgia, heart issues, endocrine issues, neurological issues, among others).

Worst Case Scenario

You might think it’s bad enough to think about having neurotoxic bacteria, fungus and other unsavory creatures swimming in the open spaces between your teeth and gums, but there actually is one thing worse; cavitations (also called osteomyelitis, osteonecrosis, or a “hole in the bone”). Now, cavitations are exactly what they sound like they are; a hollowed out area or hole – and in this case, a cavern occurs when all too active bacteria has successfully departed the original post-surgical site and has somehow begun to impress itself into the actual jawbone. Every additional hole created by this process is filled with decaying bone and tissue that leaves behind an ever greater potential for bacteria (and their unsavory cohorts and associated neurotoxins) to flourish and grow. Eventually this caustic soup of poison leaks into the blood stream where it can cause or exaggerate other existing health issues in the body.

How do you know if you have a cavitation?

Although cavitations can go undetected for years in an otherwise healthy person, jaw pain sometimes occurs in patients suffering from bone lesions and sometimes jaw pain will manifest after a sinus infection, which can then also lead to the discovery of a cavitation. But it seems that the vast majority of people seeking to discover whether or not they have cavitations are those also suffering from other chronic health issues. It is the overriding health condition that has brought them back to the dentist seeking ways to cut down on potential toxins flowing into the bloodstream.

The first step in successfully diagnosing cavitations can be made using a variety of diagnostic tools which can include a unique ultrasound device developed specifically for this purpose called a Cavitat, CAT scans and MRI’s. The best method of detection is through a ConeBeam CT Scan (CBCT) and applied kineseology (AK) or muscle testing.


Once properly diagnosed, treatment for a cavitation commonly starts by surgically removing any dead bone, tissue and other debris. Additional treatment options include the use of lasers and ozone treatments as well as probiotics and other natural products/techniques. Once applied, these methods help to create a clean and sterile environment that promotes healing at the site, and ultimately throughout the body.




  1. Jason Klinger Says: October 3, 2019 at 5:53 pm

    This surgery is extremely dangerous and usually not necessary. Ive seen many people get suckered into doing this and then getting worse. a close friend has permanent nerve damage in her face after she got this treatment because her doctor told her she needed it. She is now in a huge lawsuit with the practice and its not looking good for them

    • People need to understand that this condition (jaw bone infections) is very common but not commonly diagnosed and treated. Why? Because it is not understood and not taught routinely in schools. But to say it isn’t a thing to be concerned with is being naive and ignorant. Any infection in the body can cause harm and ignoring it or blasting the people that try to treat it does not make the infections go away. Is the surgery dangerous? To some extent yes because it takes a lot of skill and experience to do it well. There are nerves that can be damaged and that is a part of the risks both patient and doctor make when deciding to proceed with the surgery. Just like doing an open heart surgery, there are risks that must be assumed. There is also the risks of the infection coming back. This may be because the infection wasn’t fully removed or the body does not know how to heal due to other extenuating circumstances. Medicine is not an exact science and patients are becoming more complex to treat. To assume that all treatments are effective is downright wrong.

  2. I have high levels of inflammation (CRP greater than 10). I’ve gotten many test and my NP sees no other reason for such high inflammation other than cavitation. I have numbing in my face and tingling that’s random throughout my body. If it is cavitation, and it does get fixed, do these symptoms go away?

  3. I can’t believe that this is not more main stream, but then again, I can 🙁 I really want the world to wake up to better dental practices and use the new CAVITAT (I don’t remember if that’s correct) scan to see what’s going on in a persons face!

    Amazing, I know first hand!

  4. I’m finding this to be more and more true as I help my clients.

    I know because I was one of those people had some serious lack of energy and just always feeling “not good”… I never got super sick but was just always kind of floating in a sickness like state.

    Although I could go on hikes (which made me feel better), I ended up taxing my liver and in the end it just.. well sucked everything decent from life.

    I highly recommend anyone who is feeling like crap and have not figured out why yet, go to a biodentist!

  5. Are there any dentists in Michigan who treat cavitations?

  6. good site

  7. Gee has anyone with cavatitions…Have symptoms of severe ANXIETY and Depression???With severe Insomnia????

    • Kathy tesoriero Says: March 17, 2018 at 1:37 pm


    • Hi, try The Linden Method by Charles Linden under anxiety and agoraphobia. The course has 10 pillars to completely heal u for many different types of phobias, OCD, PTSD, AND ANXIETY. I HAVE NO FEAR OR ANXIETY NOW. IF U DO WHAT HE RECOMMENDS called compliance, u will be healed. Truly amazing,
      I suffered for yrs and in just 3 wks all fear and anxiety are gone, and I have a happyife.

    • ldrancer Says: June 27, 2018 at 2:44 am
      watch my videos about my oral surgery history. doctors refuse to even treat me. ive got to teh point where my dentist tells me he wont touch the area where i have a problem. I went to the dentist and had a bad tooth toook out. it kept hurting. i complained to him and he said, the xray showed nothinb but he’d cut me open and take a look. he cut my gum back, then started drilling. he told me later it was on a high place, just trying to take care of any pain i was complaining about. he had once after the tooth was taken out, i went back and food had gotten up in the hole right after i had it pulled. my head was killing me. he cleaned it out and it felt a litle better. thoguht thatd fix it. but it came back. i went back and i had pointy bones sticking out. he pulled those out and a knife felt like it had been pulled out of my head. i felt a little better. but i started feeling bad again. so that ended up to me in his office and him taking the look. as he was drilling not at first, but after a little bit, it started feeling like he was drilling osme cavity out of my jawbone, just like a cavity in a tooth. he stopped soon after, and was getting up. i told him, it hurts right there wehre u were drilling, he said hed go write me an oral surgeon refereal. they sowed me up and 3 minutes later, i almost passed out. he told me he wouldnt touch me until an oral surgeon took care of it.

      now i go to oral surgeons and they tell me im cured. i went to a home doctor, she ordered an mri casue i told her that would show what is there or not so i can have it taken care of whatever it is however to fix it. she ordered it. shortly after ordering it she started acting funny to me. asking me what if the mri had nothing on it, what would I do. i just thought like why ask me im sure if somethigns there its going to show up. it came back, she said it says nothing on it, go home. i got home and i had told them to get me refered to a surgeon for him to look lke my dentist did, to verify. i was tired at the doctors, but i read the mri report. it said there was a subtle change on the part where i was talking about on the mri. i called her and she called me back acting weird becuase i had called on the pohone saying they where busy. i said for the referal. she hardly paid attention actually none at all.

      anyway. so now when i go to surgeons they try to tell me since my mri has been now almost 4 months ago, its cured. and go to someone else for an opinion. also just watch the videos on that channel, there are a lot of doctors and what im going through on it.
      im almost about ready to cut my own gum back and drill this out myself with my own dremel. it smells awful in my face. this is way bad and i need it took care of. i can literally almost smell it in my nose and i taste the worst taste in my mouth ever. i buy 50+$ of natural vitamins and stuff a month.

      • ldrancer Says: June 27, 2018 at 2:47 am

        and i hope everybody else i read about here, gets better, too. ive heard methyl =b vitamins and naicinamide help with the poisoning. i use vitamin c to build up my immune system. and lots of iodine and having to take antibiotics if i got them for the stinking in my head. it goes away with the antibiotics aand sometimes goes down with the other stuff. i use up to 100 drops of 50mcg per drop iodine a day. fda says 150mcg a day. ive read tests and some pacific islanders have 9000mcg in their urine from eating all the kelp and seaweed they do when tested.

        • Lisette Callis Says: June 28, 2019 at 2:06 pm

          im not speaking about your dental experience, becuase ive literally heard patient’s say “you worked on that tooth last time, when it was the opposite quadrant and lower instead of upper jaw.” the things pts say! However I take 150mg iodine..have taken 200mg and I know some take up to 1600mg daily. mg not mcg. %0mg would be a starting dose. get a proper 2- 5-10% lugol’s solution, not mcg. you will neded a bottle a day if you take mcg,and still get not enough! youre right about the bs and .. I take 5oomg b3 and b5 3x a day, a 100multi b, plus c up to 10000mg or more a day if I can.

      • Hey it sounds to me like a dental cavitation. General dentist n=know nothing about these so they can not properly treat it. you need a holistic dentist to treat cavitations. Look up Atlantic oral surgery in New Jersey. It may save your life.

    • Yes! I have all of those symptoms. I had a 3D scan and the dentist found that I have a pocket of infection where my wisdom teeth used t be and also around a root canal next to it. I am having the tooth pulled and wisdom tooth cavity cleaned out with ozone, tomorrow. Hopefully, this will solve my issues. Find a holistic dentist near you!

    • Watch ROOT CAUSE film .. has all the information on this.. the symptoms and the cause..

  8. My tooth got splitted 7 years ago. The doctor fixed it, but only half of it, and said the inside of the tooth has to be healed and can only make it complete tooth later, so it was left sticking half tooth in my mouth with “quick fix” substance over it.

    During that visit, he suggested another appoitment to fix all the other little holes in other tooths and suggested wisdom teeths to be removed.

    I visited the doctor many times and he fixed other teeths.

    During that time, I felt in the “half done tooth” had bump in the root side, and I asked the doctor can he fix it already, but he said “only after month or so”, so i had to wait.
    The “half done tooth” was left for 6-7 months like that in my mouth.
    (Now when I look back, he kept me in hook to let him fix all the other tooth, because only after he had fixed all the other tooths he completed the first half tooth)

    After the tooth was finalized and complete, after few months I got huge rash on my head sculp. Yellow kind rash that was liquid and my pillows got yellow at nights.
    I didnt know what that was, I thought it was strong allergy or some sort. I couldnt connect it to the tooth at all, I never could even think teeth could do that.

    Later it became chronic rash, but much more controlled, only having little spots, but still chronic new rash. Never had that type rash before.

    We had made plan for wisdom tooth removal to be made later and I had 3 removed.
    2 were pulled and 1 was surgically removed. This surgically removed tooth was bad idea.
    I didnt had any problem with wisdom tooths in my life, I was just blindly following the dentist recommendations and got them removed.

    After everything was done and year went by, I become more and more sick during that time. I had lost alot of weight, my face looked sucked in, I had joint pains sometimes, hip pains, finger joint pains specially, weird fart type smell coming from somewhere (I thought it comes from my stomach or lungs), left ear ringing, eyes feels smudgy, knee pain and chronic rash. Something was wrong I knew it and I couldnt relate it to the teeths at all.
    I thought it is my liver or something, or some Diabetes or something.

    Then things went even more worse in few years, I started to have head spinning, when i turn my head it feels like im spinning 360 sometimes. It was more than dizzy, its something like feeling completely drunk and starting to lose your balance.

    For the first time, I started to believe it is from either my surgically removed tooth or the tooth that was left sticking at the beginning. I started to believe because when one of the tooth started to hurt alot one time, the symptons went away and I felt clear for long time.

    I went to the doctor to get X-ray for the first tooth (that was left open for months at the beginning). It had root canal infection. I said to the dentist about all the symptoms I have and he said “it cant be tooth related, its something maybe in your system or in your ear canals”. He cleared the root canals and fixed the tooth in 3 different visits.

    After the root canal was fixed, Immediately in few days, my body started to have little rash spots and red stripe lines across some of my blood vessels. I thought it must be the root canal toxic substance just going to my blood stream and its my body reaction. I didnt knew it was actually mild blood poisoning (I later found out the red stripes are signs of that).

    After few months of that operation, my hands started to have really dry, old skin and wounds.
    My hands skin feels thick and I have weird wounds all over the hands, specially on the tip of the finger. Open wounds that dont bleed, just looks like skin is 5x more thicker, dry and cut open type wounds.

    Im so scared to even go any dentist now again, I dont know whats going to happen.

    I dont know what do. Ive been left to this condition for 6 months now after that last root canal operation. I cant go back. I know it can go even worse.

    My head starts to spin when I turn my head very fast. I feel dizzy and sleepy. I have “dream state” drunk type feeling very often, my hands are full of wounds, very very dry skin that goes off in blotches. Sometimes my blood vessels feels like they “stiffens” and blood circulation gets very bad and I feel cold all the time.

    So, here I am, my health is starting to fall aparat completely.

    At beginnin I was healthly, I had only 1 tooth that was split in half.
    My first intention was just fix that tooth and then go. Nothing more.

    I know its my tooths that causes my illness. When I read other comments Im very sure.
    But I dont want to get any worse. This has gone just worse and worse with every dentist visit. How I can even know who is professional enough to fix this?

    Let dentist open my mouth surgically and let him drill the jawhole, jawbones and everything? I know whats coming after that..

    Thanks for the dentist for killing me.

    • Just to clarify, my dentist was not this blog writer dentist or anybody related to this article. I just read this blog article and shared my experience

    • Dano, I’m so sorry about all your troubles. It’s terrible that those who are supposed to help us often make us worse. It has been this way for all of history, sadly.

      If you’re on Facebook, can I recommend that you join a group called “NICO,jawboneinfection,rootcanals,implants,cavitations”? Post your story there and I think you will get some good advice. Don’t give up! Even if you can’t be 100% back to where you started, I’m sure you can get better. There are other groups on Facebook that also may help you, but this one is very active and I’ve learned so much there.

      I pray that you will find help from God also. Please also pray about these things. He is there to hear you.

    • DAno, you need to find a maxillary surgeon who has a Cavitat or MRI. What you’ve described that your original dentist did, is, in my opinion, the cause of your problems, but they will not go away without surgery and the problems could turn deadly, I’m not exaggerating. Meanwhile, take very very large doses of vitamin C (at least 6000 mg per day, 2000 mg at each dose, and more if your body can tolerate it (you’ll just get diarrhea if you take too much, it can’t hurt you). Vitamin C will help your immune system fight off the infection and detoxify the toxins being produced by it, while you find a good dental surgeon.

    • Me too I have had tons of capitation surgeries an some had to be done again.. I just became more toxic and sick and I taste metal in my mouth and have no teeth left.. My fingers do the same as yours.. Then I became chemically and electrically sensitive and I’m toxic all the time

    • Sounds like you should have found another doctor after the half extraction.

    • Look for biological dentist in your area : remove the periodontal ligament ( breeding ground for deadly bacteria & 1 millimeter of bony socket. Also check Dr Mercola video

    • J. Flogor Says: July 15, 2019 at 2:43 pm

      That is exactly what he did and had audacity to charge you for it I say they are corrupt and ADA backs tjem.

  9. Looking for holistic dentist in Mid-Hudson Valley of NY. I live in Woodstock. So Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, even northern NJ or western CT.

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    • Debby willis Says: October 31, 2017 at 10:38 am

      What do i do? I have a failed root canal.iv just left it for a number of months now.i get niggling pain at times.
      If I don’t have it extracted what else can be done? Thanks

  11. Leslie Hunt Says: December 3, 2016 at 11:58 pm

    If you can find a dentist you trust, you’re very lucky, because even the holistic ones are not always trustworthy. My most recent dentist, Dr. Thomas Gent at Sola Dental, who talked me out of my root-canaled molars and botched the replacements. I ended up with massive gum and bone loss and now will likely lose most of the rest of my teeth! I am suing him and he is under investigation with the state dental board. Do not spend your money and threaten your health! I was just fine with root canals. My health really went downhill after all the surgeries, antibiotics, and corrective surgeries. It’s taken two years and I am always depressed. I was disfigured for 18 months. What I wouldn’t give to still have those root canaled teeth that caused me no problems!

    • I will tell you this story about how screwed up my life became .. I had been sick for couple years brain fog, dizziness, wheezing, a bump on the right temple , dry eye, malaise, felt like the tiredness was so intense I would have to drink coffee to get going which I never do I felt like I would literally from the tiredness I felt. I would just stay home and do research on what was making me so sick. I made my silly doctor rounds, I lost count of how many doctors after seeing 50 these guys. One day I went to naturopathic doctor and she said , stop all caffeine , dairy, gluten and sugar, get to bed by 9:30 , Take CALM magnesium , start doing oil puling three or four times daily I thought okay what the hell I’m down with that. I had organic virgin coconut oil and I would put a drop of wild oregano oil in it and I began oil pulling which is really detoxing . I was doing it about between oneto two hours a day when I watched T.V spitting out the oil directly into the drain where the garbage disposal side and pour some organic cleaner into the drain afterwards I would do oil pulling four or five times after 20 to 30 minutes of oil pulling and getting new oil and doing it again and again.Within the first week something seemed different a little tooth pain by week two I felt so much better then my sinus began to be in mega pain, and so I had a ENT open My tooth had hidden infection caused big problem in sinus cavity and it was effecting sinuses my brain no doubt. No scan found this get this the dentist I saw said, he finds scan are almost useless because of what he sees when opens up a cavitation sites! So, if your looking for a way to find a hidden problem oil pulling might help located it .. it helped me I was out of options so I just did and I thank God I did I hope it helps other

  12. Question for FAITH Says: November 27, 2016 at 3:34 pm

    Faith- I would love to talk to you as our situations are so similar. Please reach me @ 312-315-8701 or I would SO appreciate a call.

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  14. Hi Becky..same for me tooth 14 after ddental them removed..had problems ever year!

  15. Looking for dentist in Broward County Fl to check for cavitation.

  16. Kevin Brubaker Says: December 5, 2015 at 1:23 pm

    Hello Dr. Marvin,
    I have been in Dental heal since around 2000. I ‘m so tired of being ripped off by holistic dentists! I was told I have 7 cavitations! Some holistic dentists say no cavitations. I had ozone therapy in the three upper cavitations. No benefit. I have certain teeth that ache all the time. My mouth is warm also achey. I had some fillings replaced a few times after bcause of always aching and being told it’s the materials. Do you know anyone honest in Pennsylvania/Maryland area? Seems like all holistic dentists just care about money and not the care That I saw!!!
    Thank you,

    • Mystery illness symptoms for four years, were dizziness, nausea, weight loss, rash, fatigue , dry eyes, sinus issues, heart palpitations, major brain fog, day dreamy feeling, light sound sensitivity, teeth clenching stiff neck, and shoulder totally disabled. I had hundreds of tests, and procedures, IV’s. and antibiotics. The doctors job is to figure out the cause. I saw over 50 MD’S and two infectious disease doctors, all sort of high resolution CAT scan MRI, 3-D panoramic tons of other cray that different dentist wanted to do since they like their machine the best, even had stem cell treatment out side the country. Cost all of this was in the six digits, even with insurance. So much time, money and energy wasted. Went to recommended Expert cavitation dentist and he did a muscle test and that was most accurate than all the other tests so what does that tell us? Had five dental sites opened and bingo big jaw infections and gauze left behind from years earlier from wisdom tooth extraction. Here is what should of happened from the get go my doctor should of ordered an radioactive tracer bone scan in nuclear medicine is what this test shows where the white blood cells are gathered and this shows where the infection is. The reason I know that is my MD walked me over to nuclear medicine and we had a talk with the radiologist in nuclear medicine! This story illustrates that there is big blank space in communication the MD dont communicate with the dentist, and the radiologist don’t communicate with the dentist, I mean come on people! There is something really wrong when something as simple as this takes years to get diagnosed, destroys lives, and I can only imagine the people that are misdiagnosed with say something like, chronic fatigue and are sitting home hopeless, and depressed . And all they need is bone scan and a dental cavitiaton surgery and poof …they have a life again!I could just go on and on and on ….but I won’t.

      • Faith- Can you reach out to me. My story could be yours. I went to India for stem cells, and have shoulder issues.

      • Yep, I’ve been sitting at home with severe brain fog and other random auto immune type symptoms. I’ve been on wild goose chases over the years and spent the little savings I had. The rest of my time was spent chasing NHS appointmets which usually resulted in them saying I was depressed.

        Do you have any advice on the quickest path to get cavitations quickly and correctly diagnosed alongside getting a good dentist to clean it up? I’m in the UK by the way and the NHS have been evil to me.

        • If you can get to Mexico -Tijuana dental is cheap and good. Otherwise, Germany is good too. Look up German holistic dentists or search blogs and you will find things.

        • Cub, can you help me as I am at the beginning of my NHS road

      • About three months ago. So now I am trying to sort out is it every currents are a totally different issue or what? So I appreciate what you wrote as that will he Says: June 19, 2018 at 7:34 pm

        This is very similar to my story. I saw a holistic dentist about five years ago and he said I needed cavitation surgery but he was accompanied by someone that did a lot of testing from a machine from Germany. They gave me a in herbal regimen that I did for three months. All my symptoms went away for five years About three months ago. So now I am trying to sort out is it every currents are a totally different issue or what? So I appreciate what you wrote as that will help me navigate how are you sort this out.

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  18. What are the tell-tale signs of having a wisdom tooth cavitation? I had all 4 of mine out, due to them being impacted and them giving me headaches when I was 18(I am now 45). I have watched my health decline over the last 15 years and am wondering what to look out for. Do most people who have their wisdom teeth removed get these cavitations? Am I doomed, too?

    • You describe my situation in a nut shell and yes I had cavitations. You need to find a biological holistic dentist with a Cavitat xray and after cavitation surgery you will be brand new, I was. Good luck to you.

  19. I have a really old silver filling that is leaking. My dds says the tooth is cracked and needs a crown and possibly a root canal. I will tell him I do not want a root canal, but if he removes the old filling and sees that the tooth is majorly infected, what are my options? Just extraction?

    • I would highly recommend the amalgam be removed and replaced with a biocompatible restoration. If the tooth is in fact infected, I would not have root canal but rather tooth extraction with a complete clean out. The tooth can be replaced with a non metallic bridge.

  20. It all started after re-treatment done to my #14 tooth–located about 3/4 inch below to the left of my nose. After the procedure I started noticing a soreness and pain around that area even after it has been over three months since the re-treat. The most problematic about my situation is that I began having migraines, sinus pain, dark-green discharge from the left side of my nose only, and I could not concentrate reading. I went to see my primary care provider and complained about sinus issues, at the time. She recommended for me to use a netty pot to clean out my sinus, it did help for a little while but then my migraines was consistent and the soreness around the area never went away. It is affecting my performance at work and school so I decided to pursue seeking help even if I have to spend money. I will have my #14 extracted with the dental surgeon specialist’s recommendation. He has reasons to believe that the soreness, migraines, and sinus infection are cause by dental cavitation.

  21. I am having the same issues. It started when I had braces on, when I went to have them taken off three of my teeth had holes in them. The brackets were stuck to them and had to come out along wirh the teeth. I was so stressed from what the braces done to me I never went back. I waited two years to get some partials my jaw started hurting and when I saw a new dentist they urged me to get eight more teeth pulled because the roots were dead. I’m sure I took care my teeth but after researching about toothpastes and water fluoridation and how it cause bone lost over the years and including those braces how they put stress on the teeth I was really shocked. I stopped blaming myself its all these folks that want money by destroying your health. I lost more teeth down the road from bad root canals and dentists just drilling holes in my teeth lying about them having cavaties and other stuff. By me having a low income every top notch dentists wanted all the money up front. Its like playing catch the monkey with your health. We came into this world with no worries and sickness now we have been destroyed by these folks in the health area well dentistry field. Dentistry should of been stopped. The only ones should be in your mouth is oral surgeons in case of life threating issue the rest should be banned forever.

  22. I just had a root canal reversed and a cavitation .

  23. I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer a few years ago. After much research I was convinced that my root canal had something to do with my diagnosis. I had a thermal imaging done that did show hot spots from my left jawbone to my left breast. I went to see a dentist in Knoxville Tennessee and had my root canal reversed and a cavitation done on both sides of my mouth. The amazing thing is I have had a pain in my hip for a few years and my big toe within hours of having this procedure done my pain went away.

  24. my daughter had her wisdom tooth pulled two years ago and has had jaw pain and a feeling of ear pain/numbness couples with acne/red sores all over her jawline,scalp near her ear/jawline area and has been desperate to find out how to stop this. When she went back to the dentist they told her the surgery was fine and not to worry. We do not have insurance now and if this could potentially cause severe illness we need to find a stop to this NOW..

  25. Can you recommend someone to do cavitations who live in So. Calif? I am in Orange county, but willing to go further.

  26. You are a very intelligent individual!

  27. I believe infections can remain undetected for years. A good biological dentist is trained to detect cavitations.

    • I was sick for three years, disabled, shortness of breath, wheezing, heart issues, tremors, nausea, blurred vision, stiff neck weight loss, flu like feeling EVERY day…and I saw many doctor and dentists they were stumped lucky I read the Root Canal cover up book. I hired an expert dental cavitation doctor had all my root canals extract and wisdom teeth sites opened and had them look inside and the last site opened they found a bunch of gauze left there in my twenties and big infection that NO digital x-ray or MRI could see they also found jaw bone infections it was crazy I am very meticulous about flossing and brushing. Anyhow, I had low level sepsis… I could of died. MY ND said that when they see chronically ill people usually many times it is dental related

      • Who did you go to for the cavitation surgery? And was that the same person who did the imaging to diagnosis the cavitation? Thanks!!

      • Faith, Where did you go for Cavitation help? Your symptoms could be mine! I’m miserable and need help ASAP!! I’m in Charleston SC and can’t find a biologic dentist anywhere around here. I may need to travel:(

  28. Cavitations act as a breeding ground for bacteria and their toxins and they may be a source of low level or high level stress on the entire body. Specialists have recognized cavitations as a possible cause of chronic facial pain. Often this is the overlooked factor in trigeminal neuralgia, as well as other kinds of facial pain.

    • Gregory Smith Says: February 5, 2015 at 12:15 pm

      Hello. I live in Venice, Florida. I have suffered with facial pain for over seven years. Last year I had MVD surgery which took care of the stabbing, electric (type 1) pain. My more diffuse and continual pain is still present and unrelenting. My case in being managed by one of the top trigeminal neuralgia people in the world (Rhon Harmer). He feels that a cavitation is a possibility in my case and we are seeking out someone who can diagnose this. Are you someone who does this? Thanks.

      Linda Smith

      • Sure. I’ve done plenty of cavitational surgeries. Your symptoms seem related to a cavitation.

      • Greetings Linda Smith After reading your post on trigeminal neuralgia I felt like I should mention a book (what time Tuesday) the story about a man who had trigeminal neuralgia and found relief through upper cervical chiropractic. the C1,C2 atlas and axis are in the same meridian as the trigeminal nerve. Dr Burcon in Grand Rapids Mich. has had much success with treating this affliction. Blessings as you search out a solution.

    • Linda Smith Says: February 5, 2015 at 12:18 pm

      We are seeking someone who can evaluate me for a possible jaw bone cavitation. I have had chronic facial pain for the past seven years and my case manager thinks this is a possibility. We live in Venice, Florida.

      • I just got all my root canals pulled and I also had the cavitations. I noticed the pain in neck I’ve had for the last several years has completely vanished. I have so much energy and this surgery is only five days old!

  29. Dentist in Muskegon Says: June 25, 2012 at 7:59 am

    Right. Having a tooth abscess can be one of the most painful and dreaded situations for a person to endure. People with this affliction should not hesitate to seek out immediate dental care. Infected teeth generally are either chronic or acute.

  30. brenda specchiali Says: May 30, 2012 at 11:09 pm

    i have been ill for years , with chrinic fatigue, fibromyalgia, heart mur mur. and one time i was told I had early stages of gum disease. My father had severe gum disease which caused him to lose his teeth, he later died of a massive heart attack.
    My illness is getting worse I feel as thou something is effecting my joints bones and possibly in my blood stream. i have had several root canals and had one that went bad so the doctor recommended that I just have the whole tooth extracted since she said it was to the bone??? not sure what that meant. I am now having soreness above one of my root canals

    I am so over whelmed with my stiffness and joint swelling etc ect medically that I was advised to read the book the root of all diseases. I have been on so many different medications to still feel so so ill.. my immunologist recommended I look into this area and ordered a ct scan of my mouth. Could this be the answer to my years of chronic illness a bacteria in my roots canals attached to the ligaments? If so what should I start with doing, and where should I go?

    • Brenda I am in exactly the same place as you. Have you found any answers?? I’m experiencing so many health problems and have tried changing my diet, supplements etc and am only getting worse. I have had several root canals and am now getting pain below the root and I’m concerned about what to do next. I don’t want to have all these teeth pulled if I can avoid it but I believe some of my health issues are stemming from my root canals and possible cavitations. Please let me know if anyone can advise.

      • Kelly did you find any answers to your questions on root canals and cavitation?

      • So many doctors are not looking for the cause, they are looking for fast solution. Doctor misdiagnose 1 out of 5 times My doctor said, so many women die of heart disease because so many doctor diagnose them with anxiety, they are misdiagnosed .. well a part of it is because women are not taken seriously and are thought of as emotional I could tell she was getting mad just talking about it .I was so shocked and angry to hear this.Then she said if a doctor does not get to the cause of your illness fire them and she is right. Anyhow, chronic fatigue, and auto immune I believe have a cause I believe healthy people do not just one day wake up sick, something triggered it but what diet, stress infection, parasites, dental infections root canals, or wisdom teeth sites can be toxic, and of course environmental exposures, like mold, heavy metal, carbon monoxide, and food allergies of course the dreaded Lyme etc…do not give up keep looking for the cause

        Get cavitation surgery if you suspect something is going on get an MRI, digital cat scan or thermagraphy it is very telling

      • Beth Wienhoff Says: December 4, 2016 at 7:23 pm

        I just got all my root canals pulled and I also had the cavitations. I noticed the pain in neck I’ve had for the last several years has completely vanished. I have so much energy and this surgery is only five days old!

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