Win a FREE Safe Mercury Removal (and restoration!)

Win a Free, Safe Mercury Removal!

In celebration of Mercury-Free Awareness Week (September 4-10), we are giving away a FREE safe mercury removal EVERY DAY this week!

There are three ways to win:

  1. Leave a comment on this article telling us why we should give the free removal to you (what health concerns do you have? Unsolved dental issues? Anything that makes us want to give it to YOU).
  2. Visit our Facebook page ( and tell us why we should pick you
  3. Send us an email ( and tell us why we should pick you.

Each night we will look at all the entries and pick ONE person to receive a completely free mercry removal and a restoration (so that means if you have a large mercury filling, you could have that removed for free AND get a free CEREC crown along with it!).
You only need to enter once and we will pick the five best… so if you enter today, you could win today, tomorrow… any day this week.

Enter early to make sure you maximize your chance. This giveaway has at least a $500 value!



  1. david pollard Says: February 9, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    I was un aware of the horrible effects mercury has on the brain and body.
    I am going to get my mercury fillings out regardless so i am leaving this comment to take a chance and get them out for free. Im not sure why i am often fatigued and some days my brain is not as clear as other days and it only seems to be getting worse or staying the same. I have even changed my diet and everything i eat is mostly organic. If i would had this knowledge when i got them i would have rather had it pulled. But i was just a kid and going where my mom wanted me to go.

  2. Aw I just now saw this. I guess the contest been over. I have mercury 8, I wish you guys can removed them. Guess I was too late.

  3. NINE mercury fillings entered my mouth as a young child. I am now nearing the big 50. I have had two removed due to chipping and splitting of my natural teeth.
    I have recently completed a 30 challenge eating “Primal” which is mostly protein and leafy green vegetables, and NO grains. I had chronic shoulder pain which is now eliminated due to this anti-inflammatory way of eating. I feel better than I when I was much younger, I am much more fit and focused. As I have learned much from Dr. Mercola, Robb Wolf, Christopher Wiechert, and others this is a proven way to eliminate many other illnesses. I am looking to be free from the toxic mercury that could affect my health which I am working very hard on retaining.
    I am learning to listen to my body’s warning signs… my body is screaming get these toxic mercury fillings out!!!!!
    What a great reward it would be to win this prize!
    I have no dental insurance and would humbly ask for your assistance to make my health quest continue to move in the right direction.
    Please remove my mercury fillings.

  4. Oops, was so excited I just noticed the dates now. Anyways for those of you yet to have children consider going mercury free and detoxing before getting pregnant….couldn’t hurt & may help your future children more than you could know!!


  5. I would love a chance to start the journey to a mercury free mouth by winning a free removal and restoration of one of my fillings. As a teenager I had so many cavities I can not even remember how many I have had filled. A good portion of my molars in my teens were filled with mercury fillings.

    Fast forward about 20 years. I have had problems but not as many. While in the military most of my care was again given using mercury fillings. I have known for a long time I wanted to get rid of the mercury fillings and go through a detox. However I got out of the military to be a stay at home mom in 2009 when my oldest child (2 yrs at the time – 5 yrs old this week) was diagnosed with having autism. My goal for getting mercury free has been put on the back burner as our funds have been used for my son’s therapy and biomedical treatments. Now my husband is unemployed and any dental care for myself is definitely on hold.

    However since my son’s diagnosis (I think the underlying cause for his autism is the mercury I have in my system in addition to environmental factors on top of that) I have realized that my memory deteriorated from high school into college (was always in advanced classes in high school but unable to retain specific information very well by the time I hit college even while studying harder) and that I developed allergies at this time as well. I have truly realized the importance of going mercury free and it is the top of the list for what I want and feel I may need to do for myself so I am healthier and here longer to help my son & two younger children as we help my son to heal and all my children grow up happy healthy & with better habits and awareness than I ever had.

    I appreciate your consideration.

    -Karin I.

  6. I would like to be selected to have a a mercury filling removed because my mouth and breath are horrible! I came to the states as a refugee from Romania when I was 5. My family does not have great genetics for teeth! My father was put in jail for 1 year for trying to escape communism in Romania – he was not allowed to brush his teeth for the duration and subsequently lost some of his teeth! When we came to America my mom always made sure to take us to the dentist and for whatever reason I didn’t realize that after they fell out and came back that was the final one! I have 4 mercury fillings on the bottom and 4 on the top – it looks horrible 🙁 We didn’t have money to pay for ceramic. Since I am responsible for my own dental health and hygiene the last teeth cleaning I received I went and got 3 separate consultations with the x-rays I was given and to my dismay they all told me different things!! One said I had cavities on some teeth and another said I had cavities on other teeth! The last one said I didn’t have problems. I just want them out so bad! I feel like the mercury is in my teeth and in my mouth and I’m embarrassed to open my mouth. My teeth are nice and straight but inside it’s bad. I hope I can get just one of them out – Thank you

  7. Brandon Cornett Says: September 10, 2011 at 10:15 am

    Forgot to leave my phone number, in case you need it:

  8. Brandon Cornett Says: September 10, 2011 at 10:14 am

    My family and I recently moved to Carlsbad, and I’ve been looking for a dentist to remove my silver / mercury fillings. I stumbled across your free removal offer, while researching local dentists. Here’s why I think you should give me the free removal.

    I have 8 silver / mercury fillings in my mouth. One of them seems to have leaked through the entire tooth. I’ve also been having a range of mysterious health issues over the last couple of years (rashes, digestive problems, mood changes, etc.). Based on all of the research I’ve done, I believe there is a connection between the larger amount of mercury in my mouth and the sudden onset of health issues.

    I think I would make an excellent case study in mercury removal and detoxification. After I have my fillings removed, I plan to do a detox program. I’m excited and nervous about the process at the same time. The prospect of better health is what drives me at this point. I just want to be my old, healthy self again, and I feel this is a necessary first step.

    Oh, and as self-employed entrepreneur, I do not have dental insurance. 🙂

    Thanks for considering me.


  9. Karen Bernardy Says: September 7, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    One mercury filling I have has been bothering on and off for the last year or more. Not painful, but uncomfortable and noticeable. One dentist thought that it maybe “leaking”. I have chronic fatigue – no matter how much sleep I get, how healthy I eat or the supplements I take, I am always tired. I was wondering if my mercury fillings could be contributing to this.

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