Help Stop the Use of Mercury in a Major California City

Click to Download the Memo from the City of Long Beach

On September 20, 2011 at 5:00 PM, the city of Long Beach will hold a city council meeting that has the potential to radically alter the way Californians are affected by mercury amalgam… and they could use your help.

At the urging of Californians for Green Dentistry, the city council in Long Beach will discuss the idea of requiring all dentists to install amalgam separators to help protect our environment and to voluntarily cease use of Dental Amalgam, implement Best Management Practices and install
dental amalgam separators to catch spilled mercury.

This is a potential watershed case for the fight against mercury amalgam, and they are asking for YOUR help.

The following message is an abbreviated version of the email sent straight from Californians for Green Dentistry. Below that is a link to download the memo issued by the City of Long Beach.

Due to the resistance that will becoming from the Harbor Dental Society, it is imperative that we show a strong diversified group of people – what we need – Scientists, Doctors, Mercury Free Dentists, Victims, Environmentalists – and activists.

We will be allowed 3 minutes each to speak with no ability to yeild time to another speaker.  Therefore we must be well prepared and on our “A” Game!

We need to address why this is important for Long Beach.  The city is a dominant maritime <>  center of the United States and was recently named “Aquatic Capital of the Nation.” It wields substantial influence critical to the global economy <> . The Port of Long Beach <>  is the United States’ second busiest container port and one of the world’s largest shipping ports.

Broc the Chief of Staff for VM Lowenthal suggested that we fill the room and have at least 7 speakers to go up- from there we listen to the opposition and then continue to refute whatever they say – and keep the most dynamic speakers for the end…to strategically let council here us last…there is no need to sign in so we just go up to the podium when the issue comes up…

If there was ever a time when we NEED ALL HANDS ON DECK- THIS IS IT…With the FDA hearing 2 days later, we can report on the action of Long Beach…I hope that you will all call – or email me with your confirmation to attend – THIS CAN TURN THE TIDE ON THE ENTIRE ISSUE….


With much gratitude,

Anita, Kristy, & Marisa – Californians for Green Dentistry


Dr. Marvin

Click to Download the Memo from the City of Long Beach

Mercury Amalgam Fillings in Long Beach


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