How Holistic Dentistry and Energy Meridians Work Together

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If you are lucky enough to have a holistic dentist, you have undoubtedly heard about meridians, and at one time or another you’ve probably seen a meridian tooth chart. But exactly what are meridians and how do they relate to your teeth, and most importantly; your health? Having some understanding of how vital life force energy passes through the body and how that process relates to your teeth, requires some knowledge of energy medicine in general.

Energy Medicine 101

Basically, life giving energy flows through the physical body in a specific pattern. This pattern was mapped more than 5,000 years ago by the Chinese and is described today in diagrams called meridian charts. Meridians pass through the body along 14 tangible channels carrying energy into and affecting every organ and every physiological system, including the immune, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, skeletal (including teeth), muscular, and lymphatic systems.. These channels branch out like a tree connecting hundreds of tiny, electromagnetically distinct points along the surface of the skin known as acupuncture points. Since these sensitive spots have less electrical resistance than other areas of the skin they can be stimulated with acupuncture needles or simple fingertip pressure, to release or revive energy along the pathway.

Energy meridians are important to a person’s overall health as they conduct life force energy in the same way as arteries transfer blood to vital organs and throughout the body. Similarly, a meridian transports energy carrying the life force, adjusting metabolism and removing blockages. This system also determines the rate and structure of cellular change within the body. Healthy flow of energy along the meridian pathways is as critical to life as is the flow of blood, as we all realize that if there is no energy there is no life. If a meridian’s energy is obstructed or if the flow gets interrupted by disease, infection or trauma, the system it feeds is jeopardized.

Meridians and Teeth

In holistic dentistry we understand that every part of the human body is directly linked to a specific tooth or area of the mouth through the body’s meridians. This connection is so strong that it is actually possible to accurately determine a person’s dental history simply by reviewing the physical symptoms and correlating the flow of energy as it moves though the meridians. Our interactive meridian tooth chart will help to illustration these connections.

As it relates to dentistry, blocks or disturbances to the flow of energy can be created by procedures such as root canals, the use of metal fillings and tooth decay and tooth, sinus or jaw infections. These events short-circuit the energy as it naturally flows through the pathways between the affected tooth and the organs. This disturbance in the flow of energy can eventually lead to the breakdown of healthy organ function, jeopardizing the health of the patient. For instance, where a physical weakness already exists in an organ and a root canal is performed on the associated meridian, disease in the related organ will more than likely manifest immediately or over time, depending on the person’s overall immune health.

How Unblocking Energy Meridians in the Teeth Leads to Greater Healthfulness

More and more holistic practitioners are reporting the dramatic disappearance of symptomatic diseases immediately following a restorative dental treatment. Improvements in health are also seen following the extraction of a diseased tooth that is interfering with the healthy flow of energy through the body’s meridian system. These cases provide growing evidence that disease in a particular tooth or a cavitation in the jaw can have a negative impact on a related organ by obstructing the flow of energy as it circulates throughout the body.

Using our interactive meridian tooth chart it is possible to see that the upper first and second molars or the lower first and second bicuspids are related to the esophagus, stomach, spleen, mammary gland and maxillary sinus. In view of these connections, any dissimilar fillings or traumatic dental procedures may produce a chronic stimulus which in turn may change the electromagnetic energy and cause a variety of diseases to manifest in the related organs.

Our Goal with Energy Medicine

Our goal as holistic dentists is always to help our patients improve their overall healthfulness and long term well-being through the mindful practice of dentistry. This goal is only enhanced by a well-rounded understanding of how life force energy moves through the human body via meridians in the teeth.

More About Meridian Charts

You can use our Interactive Tooth Meridian chart on our website at

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  1. Sandy Schott Says: April 8, 2016 at 5:11 pm

    My name is Sandy. I am currently a student in Colombia. I cracked my number 17 molar. The dentist here says it’s either a root canal, implant, or extraction. I’ve waited to see if it would heal on its own. It has not. Please, I would like:
    #1. Your opinion on a zirconium implant.
    #2. How might that negatively effect my health?
    #3. How could I minimize any negative effects?
    Thank you for any thoughts you can share with me.
    Have a beautiful day!
    Sandy 🙂

  2. So every parts of our body is affected by a Qi pathways. This is the first time I heard about the meridian effect to the teeth. This is a good source to find out more about body meridian

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  4. Jason Shiflett D.O. Says: November 8, 2014 at 10:06 am

    I love your website and need to figure out someway to see you as a patient but I live in Md. My question is regarding the teeth organ relationship. I find it interesting that our country has an epidemic of heart disease and ironically mainsteam dentistry is famous for stealing our wisdom teeth. I am a victim of that but even worse, I got prepubescent braces from age 8-13, for 6 years. I was wondering if i could treat out the extraction sites with osteopathy to clear any strains to the meridians . I treated my teeth by rotating them left and right and then holding them for 90 seconds in their desired positions to decrease tension using counterstrain concepts. I also did this to the 4 extraction sites and definitely felt a decrease in the pain and tension of the gum at that area. Is there anything else that I could do for the extraction site?

  5. Hi, I am a massage therapist with a background knowledge of TCM. Working with the flow of energy is something that is very important in my practice as it allows me to work deep in the body of my clients. I have a root canal in my upper right incisor that does not feel right. I also feel an imbalance in my kidneys which ironically would be affected by the upper incisors energy meridian. Something I was aware of long before I knew of the association between the two things. It scares me that it is a dead organ in my body. I am also familiar with doctor weston price’s work with root canals. What are your thoughts and recommendations for me on the subject? This is something that has been on my mind now for 3+ years. I have a relationship with a holistic dentist nearby and have considered extraction but costs are into the thousands and thousands for a good zirconium implant.


    • Aloha Scott,
      I have been aware of Dr. Weston Price’s research for a few years now, and my girlfriend and I follow a strong paleo diet. We eat grass-fed beef liver, bone broth, and do what we can to eat as best as we know how. I do cheat here and there with natural sugars and dairy, as well as slacking on my oil pulling. These failures, combined with letting a cavity in a molar go for way way too long have left me with a tooth infection, being recommended a root canal, and on my worst enemy: antibiotics. After more research and following my gut instinct as you have regarding having a “dead organ” in your body, I think I am going to go with an extraction. This feels like the highest option to me, when you consider energy meridian blockages, slow toxic anaerobic bacterial leaks, and the potential for future infections of the root canal. On another level, it was my shortcomings which led to the decay of my tooth, and now to remain attached to the problem instead of loving and letting it go, will cause more disease as this concept applies in most other areas of life as well. Time to let go of my first tooth in over 20 years, and use this as a constant reminder of how important it is to care for my teeth. Hopefully the money I save on the root canal can be spent on a zirconium implant at some point. Did you know elephants reach the end of their life when the last set of teeth eventually wear out? This is why pachyderms die of “old age”.. They grind hundreds of thousands of pounds of food with only a few very large teeth during their lifetime, and when the final set of teeth wears down, they are unable to support their nutritional needs. Very interesting stuff. I wish you the best. Aloha

    • Hi Scott,
      Not sure if you got an answer to this.
      I am in Australia and had a front central incisor root canal done after trauma in my early teens. At age 40 I had suffered many years of chronic uti’s and also felt something was wrong with my tooth. Eventually I found a dentist who would remove it (yes it was infected even though the x rays said it wasn’t. I went for a cantilever crown which the dentist recommended since my rapid recovery from my uti infections that followed the surgery. Now 8 months on and not one UTI since the extraction. I would have liked the zirconia implant but the dentist couldn’t be 10% sure it wouldn’t interfere with the meridian again.

  6. […] 5000 years ago, the Chinese identified what we now know as the meridian system: a series of channels running throughout the body along which energy – or qi (chi) – […]

  7. Sami Rice Says: October 24, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    Hi, i had two titanium implants placed about 3 months ago in my upper jaw front teeth. I am concerned about the effect these may have on my energy meridians. To what extent are the implants likely to alter the natural energy flow and cause disturbances. Your advice would be much appreciated.

    • It depends on how your energy is affected by the titanium implants. If you are unaffected by them, then they wouldn’t affect your energy pathway or balance.

      I’ve had many patients with issues with infections, metal crowns, dead teeth/root canal treated teeth, and implants along the center meridians.

      I would get those checked before doing anything to the titanium implants. Some people are ok with them.

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