Cosmetic Dentistry: When Is The Best Time To Do It?

Saying Yes or No To Cosmetic Dentistry
Saying Yes or No To Cosmetic Dentistry

Saying Yes or No To Cosmetic Dentistry

Isn’t it difficult to decide if cosmetic dentistry is something you should do? And if so, is now a good time to do it?

If you did not know what cosmetic dentistry was, just look into the bathroom mirror and smile.  Now open your mouth as big as you can.  The magic questions you have to ask yourself are, “Do I like what I see?” and “What do other thing of my smile or what is their impression of me as a result of looking at my smile?”

In this vain country we live in, perfection and looking younger is common theme found in all of our lives.  A perfect smile is just one of the more noticeable treatments we can actually delegate to a professional, a cosmetic dentist.

So if you don’t like what you see, how do you know what it should look like?  Do you have pictures of your beautiful smile when you were 16?  Do you clip magazine articles showing sexy models with perfect teeth?

The best approach to cosmetic dentistry is to go to a cosmetic dentist “who has an eye for aesthetics.”  Because ultimately, you can have the nicest dentist, whom you trust with all your heart, and still not get a good result.  Obviously, a trustworthy dentist with that “eye” is the ideal.

In fact, I know many dentists I would go to to get a filling or crown made on a back tooth but when it comes to cosmetic dentistry in the “smile zone”  (what you see when the lips frame the smile) you should really search for a dentist that knows what he or she is doing.

With front teeth dentistry, the stakes are much higher.  As a dentist, a crown on the front tooth is much more difficult to do than a crown on the back tooth… especially if the patient has high expectations.

Fortunately, technology has allowed dentists and their dental technicians (a crucial team member) to do some rather extraordinary dentistry that looks completely natural.  Porcelain in the hands of the right people, can be a dead match to natural enamel… and that’s the goal.

Now that we know what we want (a prettier smile), how to get it (go to a dentist with the “eye” for aesthetics), and know what material to use (porcelain), the next step in the decision process is, “when?”

When is the best time to get this type of work done?

Should I wait until later?

Here are three things you should consider.

  1. Costs – everything increases with time… including the fees that the dentists charge.  This newer technology gives proven results but at the mercy higher costs.  Dental lab fees are higher.  Materials are getting more expensive.  The cost of running a business is getting higher.  Go to a cosmetic dentist and you will feel a hit to your purse.  It would be wishful thinking that cosmetic dentistry will be cheaper in the future.
  2. Desires – do you want it now.  That’s probably the most difficult question because you are the one that is going to have to make that decision.  Do you have an event coming up… a wedding perhaps?  How important is it to you or the people that are going to see you to have a beautiful smile?
  3. Current Conditions – what do my teeth and gums look like now?  Do your friends (the honest ones) tell your the truth?  Do you have spaces, crowding, yellow, multi-colored, jagged, crooked, fang like, short, gummy, or any snaggle-tooth type of smile?  Do you have cavities, missing teeth, or ugly dentistry that was done when you were in your 20s?  Cosmetic dentistry can and is ususally basic restorative dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry is here and ready to make an impact on our lives because we desire it.  If you want to have that perfect smile and fast, it can be done but ultimately the decision is yours and yours alone.  Seek out the best in your area.  Make sure he or she is at the top of his or her game and uses the most natural products available.  You don’t want to be pretty and toxic.

For more information about cosmetic natural dentistry, don’t hesitate to call me, Dr. Marvin, San Diego dentist.  888-825-5351


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