Teeth Whitening: Mall Or Office

Have you seen the latest buzz going on at all shopping malls here in America?

Teeth whitening businesses are booming with mini 2-4 chair kiosks.  They claim to use the same ingredients dentists use in their own offices, mainly hydrogen peroxide based bleaching gels.

Dentists have been using these products as a major marketing tool for cosmetic dentistry for many years now.  And now that non-dentists are starting these businesses without a dental license, the questions remain, Are these safe?

Most state dental boards are looking into the subject as teeth whitening is becoming a multimillion dollar a year business.  Similar to hair salons, nail spas, and massages, consumers are spending money regularly on their smile.

Is it good for the business?

Absolutely because if the product does work, they will continue to come back because the teeth darkening processes begins again the next time you eat or drink coffee.  A consumable product like teeth whitening gel and the awareness that dark teeth equals ugliness both make this an ideal service to promote.

Is it good for you?

Teeth whitening is not an exact science.  Though we would like to say that we can control all the problems that can occur with teeth whitening, it is impossible to do because we individuals are so different.  Making promises like “We can take off x number of shades” is ridiculous, especially if we have to sacrifice comfort and days of pain for whiter teeth.

The problems with these teeth whitening booths are that they are manned with people not from the dental industry.  They’re not used to putting their hands in other people’s mouth, not used to discussing possible side effects, and they don’t educate the patient well as a dentist or registered dental assistant.  Most of these people get paid on their sales (a commission) so some will do whatever it takes to get the customer whitening.

Welcome to capitalism… where you need to be an informed consumer and be the true  judge of what happens to you (and your teeth).

Since yellow teeth is not seen as a disease state, it will never be controlled by huge governing bodies like those for serious cancer treatments.

That being said, be careful when you go visit these teeth whitening booths.  Go see a dentist to get controlled help, to make an informed decision, and to minimize the negative effects of teeth whitening.

I see teeth whitening getting more and more popular in malls.  It is time for you to be more suspicious and do what your gut says.

I’m a San Diego dentist who has done plenty of teeth whitening procedures and knows what works well and what is safest for you.  If you want, come and visit me for an evaluation.



  1. Yeah, Teeth whitening has been proven to be safest. So, you need not have to worry about it, just consult to your dentist and get it done.

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  4. Michael Leoson Says: May 20, 2014 at 12:54 am

    Hey, awesome blog post. The best way for teeth whitening is to schedule an appointment and consult with the dentist. I am taking teeth whitening treatment from Dr.Ratna Indah in Sunnyvale and getting great results.

  5. Mall or office? I think you can do it at home, eating carrots, strawberries and oranges.

  6. Restoring the endodontically treated tooth with CEREC Says: October 25, 2013 at 3:19 am

    The above blog about the related Teeth whitening businesses is very profitable and is even booming very much now a days. People are very conscious about their overall personality which also comprises of the teeth, They spend too much money on the whitening and all their related problems in a manner to look mas good as ever.

  7. I’ve had fantastic results using your bleaching kit. I’d recommend it to anyone whose ambition is whiter teeth.

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  9. teeth whitening isnt dangerous as surgery. it does not take a dentist to apply whitening gel and put the blue light in your mouth, otherwise home whitening kits wouldnt be available over the counter. the only people that are bitter towards these mall whitening kiosks are the dentists who charge 5x as much.

    • True. Teeth whitening isn’t as dangerous as surgery. But just like brushing your own teeth at home, if done improperly, the uneducated person can cause more unnecessary harm than good (such as brushing away the fragile gums with a hard toothbrush). Teeth whitening by any consumer is a rather simple procedure when they know what to do. However, many over the counter and spa-like procedures do not take into consideration the existing condition of the teeth and gums. For instance, if you have any open cavities, receded gums, or sensitive gums, then you should NOT do teeth whitening. Most consumers don’t know if they have any of those conditions.

      Plus, the bleaching gel if used improperly in ill-fitting trays can cause your gums to slough off. Most teeth whitening systems aren’t used on customized trays and therefore allow the gel to contact the gums and cause more harm.

      So sure… you can do your own oil change, you can clean your own teeth… but if you don’t know the consequences or if you could be doing more harm than good, is it really worth doing?

      Teeth whitening in kiosks are fine if the assistant doesn’t work inside the mouth. It is just like you were at home doing it yourself. If governments start allowing unlicensed people to get into people’s mouths, then they will start cleaning and drilling and extracting teeth. That’s why there is an uproar.

      By the way, our holistic dental office does not focus primarily on teeth whitening services. In fact, we only do it on patients 2-3 times per week. It is not really a profit center as it takes up operatories that are reserved for patients with toothaches and mercury removals.

      Most of our patients are concerned about having their mercury fillings changed out and their gum disease from spreading.

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