The Root Cause: Going Up Stream For Health

The Root Cause: Going Up Stream For Health

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In this episode, Dr. Marvin talks about getting involved with your health, what it means to truly put your health first. By figuring out and addressing the root causes for your symptoms and the effect it can have. Its not too late to prioritize your health and focus on your overall wellness.

Dr. Marvin: [Abrupt Start] week. I hope you enjoyed that show. We’ve got another fabulous show. Actually, I think it’s going to be the best show I’ve ever had. And I have had plenty of shows. So tune in right now. Stay tuned. Be glued to your radio so that you can listen to the wonderful information that I have today and I will give you my telephone and our super-duper special of the day at the end of the show. So, be sure to listen in.
Let me remind people. This is Dr. Marvin. I am a licensed dentist here in California. I do practice a different approach to dentistry, a natural approach, the approach that is more involved with your health, more involved with you as a person, not just about saving teeth or not about fixing teeth.
So once you listen to this show, you’re going to be amazed at what you’re going to learn and you’re going to see that there is an alternative to your regular drill and fill dentistry. Actually, dentists have this – many dental offices use this philosophy. It’s called drill, fill and bill, okay? Nice there. Drill, fill and bill and that’s what many dentists do. What they do is they’re going to drill in your tooth, they’re going to fill your tooth, and they’re going to bill you and then that’s it. If you like that type of dentistry, man, I’m going to tell you like that 90%, 95% of dentists are out there. But if you were looking for an alternative approach and if you would listen to this show, you’re going to find out tons more about this alternative approach to dentistry. You’re going to find out that this is exactly where you should go.
I do have an office here in San Diego where a lot of people come from all over the county, all over the state and all over the United States and even internationally to come see us. I am one of the dentists and so is Dr. Stacy Godes. She is also a wonderful dentist that works at our office.
So if you have been sitting by the sidelines and wondering if you should come see us, today is a great time to call because I have one of my best associates, best employees on the phones answering your questions and getting you scheduled. Her name is Rose and if you want to call her, you can call her right now. Call our number at 760-536-1199. Call her right now.
I have a website. It’s called We’ve got a lot of great information. We get over 10,000 people, not computers, people to our website every single month getting some great information about topics on dentistry. People could ask questions about certain topics and I tell you we do answer them back online. And if you want to schedule an appointment, you can do that too.
If you want to join our newsletter list or our e-mail list, I’m going to tell you we sent out an offer this past week with an incredible offer that 18 people responded to, which means – takes me to another thing is that we – it’s coming to the end of the year and at the end of the year, it gets kind of crazy and one thing that some group of people out there have that they don’t take advantage of is their dental insurance. Dental insurance usually expires at the end of the year. It kind of flips over. Your amount of your benefits changes for most plans.
So if you have dental insurance, you need to get into the dental office right now because if you want to get your benefits for your dental insurance, you have to have treatment done this year. That means you have to get it done before December 31 and I’m going to tell you, our office has been inundated with telephone calls and scheduling appointments and answering questions because you not only have to get your exam done but you also have to get your treatment done before the end of the year. So our schedule is filling up very fast. We work four days a week, four long days. We have morning appointments for you early birds. We have late appointments for those people that don’t want to take off work and still get their dentistry done.
So call our office. Your insurance, if you have dental insurance, then you should take advantage of it before the end of the year or if you don’t have dental insurance, we have plenty of patients that come in and take advantage of our no interest options to get their dentistry done. So call our office, 760-536-1119 or go to our website, and stay tuned until the end of the show for an unbelievable special that we’re going to provide for only a few customers, only for a few customers. So that’s my intro. The Center for Natural Dentistry,
Thanks for listening to the show. Our show is broadcasted online at and if you’re one of those handy-dandy people that have technology by their side all the time, you can go to the App Store. If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, you can go to App Store. You can make our late Steve Jobs happy by purchasing his products and go to the App Store and downloading app where you can listen to this anytime any place. So a lot of neat features.
Now let me tell you, this week we’re not going to be accepting any calls because I want to get through a lot of data today. That’s why I’m talking a lot faster than you may be used to. But first off, last week, we had Dr. Kellas on and Dr. Bill Kellas, talked to him last night. Wonderful guy, one of the smartest guys, one of the most interesting doctors out there that really gets down to the root cause and he preaches this stuff all the time. It’s all about going upstream, trying to figure out what the root cause is and I think that is amazing because once you figure out the root cause, you’re not just going to get one symptom relieved. You’re going to get like four, five, six symptoms and even symptoms that haven’t even popped up yet.
And it’s amazing when you have this philosophy or have this mentality, you will get healthier. It’s the old cliché. You’re either getting better or worse. You’re either – if you play baseball, you’re either getting better in baseball or getting worse in baseball. It’s the same thing with your health. You’re either getting better or worse and I tell you, when you deal with good practitioners like Dr. Nelson, Dr. Mark Drucker, Dr. Adam Fogelman, Dr. Bill Kellas, a lot of people are working together to learn this information in order to disseminate it or to get it out to as many people as possible so that they can make better decisions.
So I’m going to tell you that money is extremely important. This is a money-driven world but your health is ten hundred times more important than money because you can’t take your money with you. Okay? Once you pass away, you can’t take it to heaven with you. I mean, you can pass it on but once you’re dead, you’re dead. So make sure that you prioritize your health more than the vacation that you’re planning next year, more than college tuition for your children, more than anything else because when you take care of problems early, it’s so much easier to fix and you can pat yourself on the back that you’ve made the decisions to avoid problems in the future because you’ve made decisions today to do something about your health. And listening to this show, I’ve always said is one of those reasons that you need to learn more about this and definitely get things done.
Last week, I was in Carmel, California. I was with the top biological dentist. These are the dentists that do the same dentistry that I do with the top biological dentists in the world, Dr. Chris Hussar, Dr. Jerry Bouquot, Dr. Williams, Boyd Haley – he’s a researcher on root canals and mercury who has incredible products, and Dr. Hal Huggins. And when I was talking to Dr. Hal Huggins, he is doing some new research. His business now is doing DNA and figuring out the DNA. He’s finding some incredible things in the DNA and the chromosomes that can uncover a lot of problems. But he was one of the forefathers.
He’s one of those martyrs for dentistry. He doesn’t practice dentistry right now because he’s been attacked for years, spent his whole life savings and all of his work doing things for his patients by getting them healthy but the American Dental Association and the Dental Board of Colorado are just constantly fighting him through a war of [attrition?] and it’s just worn him out but he is one of the forefathers of this type of dentistry. He’s the one that figured out that mercury fillings are dangerous and can continue to be dangerous.
He is now on the road toward getting healthier and he’s understanding more about bacteria and root canals and you may have heard me before talk about root canals, how they could be the root cause of many problems, I believe that more now more than any other time in my life and I’m going to continue to believe it because of one, I go to seminars and I talk to people like Hal Huggins who are firm believers in this philosophy. He’s not even the first guy to believe in this. It was Dr. Weston Price, who’s a dentist in the early 1900s, late 1800s who did work for the American Dental Association and discovered this incredible research that has shown that the focal infection theory is what causes a lot of problems in our body.
Focal infections are theories where you have an infection in one part of the body that travels to another part of the body and starts an infection elsewhere. So we understand that in dentistry. I mean we understand that in medicine but in dentistry we don’t really understand that because we look at the mouth as something separate from the body. How ludicrous is this. Our mouth is connected to our body. It is two inches from our brain. We eat with our mouth. It’s part of our digestive system. We chew our food. We brush our teeth. Our mouth is one of the dirtiest parts of our body but we don’t look at it as a part of the body.
And that’s what we do a lot as biological dentists or natural dentists and we do that specifically at the Center for Natural Dentistry. We want to focus on your health and you want to go to dentists that do think this way, that have these philosophies but there just aren’t many out there. I’m going to tell you there are about 16 or 6,000 dentists here in San Diego County that are licensed dentists and there’s less than – I can count them on my fingers of how many natural dentists there are in San Diego County. It’s incredible on how rare, how scarce these number of dentists are.
So you need to get this information and find out more about this and today we’re going to get down and dirty. And Dr. Hal Huggins has this DNA lab that can actually take the tooth. We can give him the tooth, send it to a laboratory. He can extract the bugs that are on the tooth and figure out the DNA of the bugs and when he was able to take away the DNA of the bugs, he’s able to figure out what the bacteria are and I’m going to tell you, it blew my mind out. There are over 90 anaerobic, that’s oxygen-free bacteria that are found that are extremely toxic or extremely virulent.
This is what he said. If you had an appendix that ruptured, that means the bacteria in your appendix has ruptured and it goes into your body and becomes septic, which means that you get septic because it’s inside the body, those can seriously kill you. You’ve heard of people who’ve had their appendix ruptured, extremely painful. They had to go the hospital and if they don’t go to the hospital fast enough, they could literally die. He was saying that that same bacteria is in the tooth that has a root canal or a dead embalmed tooth. Would you leave that alone in your mouth? Absolutely not. Would you leave that alone in your body? Absolutely not.
So he is determining the DNA and we have those tests at our office right now. If you want to have your root canals taken out and you want to send this lab to figure out what bacteria exactly that is affecting your body – now it could be a small amount of bacteria but it can be very dangerous bacteria or you can have a lot of bacteria of something that’s not too bad but it’s just [overgrowing?]. And if you don’t know what you’re fixing, how can you have a treatment?
It’s like antibiotics. We do use antibiotics at our office but only sparingly and we choose our antibiotics carefully and the reason why is because we don’t want a shotgun approach. We also don’t want to shoot anything that’s alive because you’re shooting away good bacteria. All the craze now and we’ve known about this for a while but is on the word probiotics.
You’ve seen the yogurts and you’ve seen the fortified foods about using more probiotics to get your gut health better. That’s getting more and more popular right now because we are killing the good bacteria based on our medication and because of the toxic world we live in so we need that. Antibiotics are just one of those things that cause that. So you need to choose the right antibiotics because you have found the certain bacteria that it works against. So this is just what we do and I think it’s extremely important that you get the right information and you get the right treatment and at the Center for Natural Dentistry, this is just what we do.
So another question that I want to get to is that people ask me, I want to say once or twice a day. I see new patients, probably two or three new patients a day and they always ask me. I guess they’re floored by how much information I know and they’re very intrigued and they think I’m a genius when it comes to figuring out these problems in people’s minds. I’m not a genius. I just work really hard and I’m extremely passionate on getting this information and so we close our office and so when I close my office, because I need to go and get more information, that is taking away time from you and also taking time away from my family but it’s these sacrifices that I make so that I can learn how to do this. So in order to get this information, you don’t go to a specific school because there is no school for this type of dentistry. There’s no standard out there.
Like when I first started this dentistry, I just wanted to remove mercury properly but it came down to I will not only want to remove mercury properly but I also want to remove metals from people’s mouths from metal partials to metal implants to metal bridges. And that has led to I don’t want to do fluoride into people. And then it led to I want to do the right materials and figure out how to test for the right materials and then I figured out that, oh, the dentures that I’m doing are bad and then just one thing led to another and then it eventually led to root canals are bad and removing infections in the mouth. This is a learning process.
I’m going to tell you that I’m 200% a better dentist now than I was three or four months ago and it’s amazing because we’ve had people that come like two-and-a-half years ago when we first opened our practice, come back now and they’re amazed at the type of diagnosis that we’re able to provide. And the diagnosis now is better than it was two months ago, three months or four months ago because we’re using new tools to figure out the diagnosis.
And one of those tools is called muscle testing and it’s applied kinesiology and you can look at it online and, of course, you’ll find many things left and right about muscle testing and how good and how bad it is and how false it is and how good it is. Well, let me tell you this, you cannot get a diagnosis from just one tool. Like if you have gone to – if you go to a dentist and you have a toothache and they took one X-ray and then they look at the X-ray and they stare at it. They put it up to the light. They stare at it. They put it on the computer and they zoom in and they stare at and stare at. They’re looking for something.
I’m going to tell you that you cannot get a definitive answer or diagnosis from an X-ray. An X-ray is just like – is a tool just like a thermometer. A thermometer does not tell you – so if a doctor gives you a thermometer, let’s say he puts it under your arm or puts it under your tongue and gives you a reading. It gives you your temperature. The temperature does not mean that you have – the high temperature does not mean that you have a fever. It does not mean that you have an infection. It does not mean any of that. It is just a number. It is up to an individual doctor or an expert that knows that they’re talking about to interpret the data.
So one of the key differences at our office is that we have invested – at our dental office, we have invested our time, energy, money and in equipment to make sure that we use multiple tools in our toolbox in order to get the best diagnosis and the diagnosis comes from the doctor. It comes from Dr. Godes and it comes from myself. It doesn’t come from my staff members. Do not accept a diagnosis from my staff members. They are very knowledgeable but they’re not the experts.
That’s why it’s critical, it’s critical that you go to qualified practitioners that have taken the extra time, the extra money, sacrificed time from themselves from doing the fun stuff, their hobbies and also time away from their families in order to get this knowledge, to pass on that knowledge to get the best diagnosis to provide you with the best dental care and the best overall healthcare that money can buy. It is so important. Let me just nail that in. It is so important that you choose the right dentist so that you can avoid certain problems.
There is a term that I really think is fun because I was watching the news this past week and one of the segments was about the housing market and everyone’s talking about how the housing market has been bad. It’s not turning around and a lot of houses are what they call upside down, where people have purchased their house and the value of their house is now lower than the amount that they owe on the house or lower than their mortgage. So their house is worth less. It’s called an upside down – you’re upside down.
Well, I think that many, many people out there – many of my listeners, in fact, are actually their mouth is upside down. Now listen to me now. It does mean that you’re upside down. It just means that a lot of people have spent a lot of time, energy and money making their mouth the way it is right now but the value of their mouth is lower than what they had paid for. So if you think you’ve paid hundreds, like thousands of dollars. Let’s say you spent $3,000 fixing your tooth but you come over to – but you still have a problem or it still hurts, your situation – your mouth is upside down. The reason is is you spent a lot of money but it’s worth less than that because when you come to me, and let’s say, I do my diagnosis and I try to fix it and now your tooth requires more money in order to take out what you spent money already for or time, and energy and pain that’s already happened.
So a lot of people out there have upside down mouths and one of the things that we do is we honestly tell people that if you would have found us sooner, if you would have called our office and scheduled an exam sooner, then your mouth wouldn’t be upside down and if you have an upside down mouth right now or if you want to prevent an upside down, if you truly want healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime and we also make them pretty and durable, then you need to call our office. I want to provide every person out there with the opportunity to get well and time after time, our patients just give us a hug at the end of the visit and say, “Wow. I can’t believe. This is the best appointment that I’ve ever had.”
Let me give you our super-duper special of the day. I have Rose standing by right now to get you your information, to get you scheduled so you get seen by the end of the day. Our telephone number is 760-536-1199. Now, for the first five callers, for the first five callers, I will be doing, either me or Dr. Godes, will be doing a free examination. Now, this is our full examination where we do an oral cancer screening. We check your gums, check your bite, check your root canals, check your mercury fillings, check your crowns, check your gums, check your pocket types, all of that stuff because I really want you to be seen. If you don’t then it’s a problem.
Now, how much is this worth? I’m going to tell you that Rose and I and Dr. Godes and Rose, they can spend up to two, two-and-a-half hours with you when you come to visit us. If this information is so valuable, you can save thousands of dollars in poor dentistry or the information that you’re getting later on. So you’re getting thousands of dollars in information and knowledge and know-how when you come and typically, you only spend $149. That’s it. $149. You cannot go to an attorney, even a bad attorney for one hour and spend less than $149. I get that the average rate for an attorney is close to $200, $250. There’s attorneys that are really good but you might pay upwards around $500, $600, $700 for one hour. That’s their information. That’s their advice.
That’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to go ahead and go through your mouth, do a thorough examination and I will treat your mouth like the way it’s my mouth. I will treat you as a person. I will ask you questions. I will answer your questions. I will explain the procedures and we’ll figure out what’s best for you. We’ll figure out what you need. We’ll tell you what you need first. We’ll phase it out. We’ll provide treatment options. We’ll provide payment options. We’ll do everything we can in two hours so literally about – it will be about $75 an hour if you just came on our regular price and this is incredible. I don’t know why people don’t take advantage of this offer. I should really raise my price but I don’t because I want people to get this information because it’s the information, the diagnosis, the treatment plan that is more important than the actual treatment. Let me repeat that. It is the treatment is not – the treatment is not as important as far as knowing what to do and why to do it.
Let me give you an example. We do what’s called minimally-invasive dentistry, dentistry that is – we don’t remove more tooth than possible. A patient came in, went to a dentist in Wisconsin and eventually came over to see us. We did our thorough exam and I’m going to tell you that most dentists would recommend crowns. When they recommend crowns, they cut off all the enamel on the teeth and they remove the mercury fillings improperly. Why would you remove more tooth than necessary? The crowns typically run about thousands, $1200 depending on where you go around here and then they’ll charge you for the buildup and blah blah blah blah blah. So you’re looking at like close to like a thousand to $1500.
Well, at our office, we’re going to recommend a filling because we’re going to be able to fix the bite so that there’s not as much forces on the teeth. I’ll explain this more next week or some other time but you got to remember is that the diagnosis is more important than the treatment and if you just want the diagnosis, you got to go to a dentist that really knows what they’re doing.
So for the first five callers only — first five callers, call right now, 760-536-1199. Keep on calling. Leave your message. We’re going to count those numbers of people and you really need to call right now. And for the first five, so $149 so two-and-a-half hours, two hours of my time or Dr. Godes’ time. We’re never going to get that time back. I really want you to get this information. If you’re not one of the first five callers, we can do a consult for free. That means we can go through and we can talk a little bit about some of your concerns but we’re not going to do a full exam. Those are usually about half an hour, half-hour long.
So I’m Dr. Marvin. This is an incredible offer. I want you to take advantage of this today. Take advantage for the end of the year. I know that the holidays are coming but it’s just very hard to fit this in but your health is so much more important than anything else. I’m Dr. Marvin. This is Let’s Talk Dentistry. I want you to stay on a few minutes. Dr. Bill Kellas, who is my mentor and great person. He’s going to be on in just a few minutes. Call right now, 760-536-1199. Get schedule right now. I’ll see you next week. I’m Dr. Marvin. Goodbye now.
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