Ceramic Implants: A Great Patient Experience

Ceramic Implants: A Great Patient Experience

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Female: You’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry with Dr. Marvin. This show is sponsored by the Center for Natural Dentistry in Encinitas where they take a holistic approach to dentistry and your health.
Dr. Marvin: Hey. Good morning. This is Dr. Marvin and you’re listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry so let’s talk dentistry. We have a great show today for you. As always, wonderful Saturday morning and we have going on today is we’re going talk a few about our patients. We’re going to talk about implants or dental implants and if you ever have a question about dental implants or if you have dental implants and you have a question about it, or if you have a missing space in your mouth and you’re considering dental implants and investing in it, now is a great time to call or to listen in.
Call your friends, pull your family members over, listen to Let’s Talk Dentistry with me, Dr. Marvin, licensed dentist here in California and one of the doctors at the Center for Natural Dentistry who provides natural dentistry, dentistry that’s not only good for your teeth but also good for your health, health-driven dentistry which focuses on you, the person not just your teeth.
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And so natural dentistry, dentistry that’s good for your teeth, dentistry that’s good for your health. It’s quite different. You can find more information about this on our website. That website is trynaturaldentistry.com. It’s very easy to remember, trynaturaldentistry.com. You’ll see our new, revamped, redesigned website, a great way for you to find all the information you need to know about root canals, about mercury, about fluoride, about bite balances, about our new technology, all of that is found on our website. You can find out more about this type of dentistry. Great stuff.
I also have some product reviews. A lot of people go on this website. It’s probably one of the top dental websites in the world or in the www, on the Internet. And so if you want information, go to that information. I talk about toothbrushing. I talk about fluoride. I talk about all of this stuff. Very controversial, I agree because what you are listening to or what you have seen on our website or on our Facebook page is going to be different than other dental websites and other dentists so be prepared. Be prepared. If you want to know more, if you want to know both sides of the story, go to our website and then go to other people’s websites and figure out which one fits well with you.
I’m Dr. Marvin, Let’s Talk Dentistry. Yesterday, we had a great, great experience. A patient came in the morning, first thing. A little apprehensive like most people about going to the dental office. We scheduled to do – what’s called a cavitation surgery or a surgery where we go into the jawbone and clean out stuff that’s not supposed to be there. And this is a pathology or there’s an infection that’s in the jawbone that most people don’t feel. Most people do not know that there’s anything going on inside the jawbone and unfortunately, most doctors and dentists don’t know anything about this.
It’s called osteonecrosis or osteomyelitis, which basically means that there is not any good bone in the bone and because there’s an infection and if there’s no blood flow going to the area, if there’s no solid bone, if there’s an infection, then that infection can affect your whole body. The infection can go from your tooth, to your heart, to other organs, start another infection elsewhere. This is called dental foci or areas where there is an infection that can travel elsewhere.
Well, it was great because our patient allowed us to videotape it and because she allowed us to videotape it, thank you, we are able to share that video with you. Unfortunately, it’s being edited right now and as a bonus for being our listener, you can go to our Facebook page, like our page. That means you have to press the little button at the top that says ‘Like’ and once you press ‘Like’, you’ll get updated when we have that video on. So go to our website, join our newsletter list, go to our Facebook page, facebook.com/naturaldentistry.
You’ll get all the updates, speaking of which, I also put some information in there about a very toxic substance and I’m not talking about mercury this time but I can. The toxic substance is formaldehyde and if you don’t know this already, formaldehyde is a carcinogen or it creates or causes cancer, something that you want to stay far away from. I put an article or I put a link to the article on our Facebook page where it stated that – I think it’s a New York Times article, where it stated that formaldehyde is a carcinogen and it was just published a couple of months ago, I think in June, and how it’s really bad for you.
Unfortunately, in dentistry, we go by traditions and formaldehyde is a tradition in dentistry. Formaldehyde is in a certain product that’s called formocresol and it’s used a lot in pediatric dentistry and adult dentistry, more specifically when you have a baby root canal done. Why do I know about this? Because I used to do these. Baby root canals are called pulpotomies where they go in. Since the roots are not completely filled but there are nerves and arteries and lymphatics in there, they need to be cleaned out especially when the cavity is very big.
So if a dentist recommends a stainless steel crown or a crown on a baby tooth, a lot of times they’ll recommend a pulpotomy or a baby root canal. The number one substance that they use to clean out the root canal is formocresol. Well, formo- is formaldehyde. It’s about 49% formaldehyde. So if this is a carcinogen, causes cancer, why are we using this substance in our kids’ mouths, especially when they have a root canal?
It’s a big problem so you need to know more about this. You need to ask your dentist, do they use formocresol. And I’m going to tell you, use the precautionary principle and if it’s not safe for you and you’re not sure, don’t use it. Run out of the office and go find a different office or call the office but formocresol is still used. It’s been used for hundreds of years – not hundreds of years but for about a hundred years in dentistry and we need to stop using it.
Now, be careful because there are other products out there that don’t have formo- in the name but it still has formocresol – I mean it still has formaldehyde in it. So you got to be careful. If you know anything about me, I always want to focus on health and I’m always picky about the ingredients that dentists use because they’re not giving all the risks and problems that can occur from procedures or from using certain materials. That’s why at the Center for Natural Dentistry, we really focus on using materials that are safe for you.
So be careful. That information is on our Facebook page so if you’re not on Facebook, get on Facebook. If you don’t want to be on Facebook, get on Facebook anyway just so that you can get our information, our up-to-date information. That’s all I got to say.
760-536-1199. That’s the telephone number for our office. There is someone standing by right now to take your call if you want to schedule a visit right now. So if you want to schedule an appointment right now, call 760-536-1199. If you want to talk to me, Dr. Marvin, licensed dentist, America’s holistic dentist, call me right now at the radio station. That’s 866-KPRAISE, 866-577-2473. My phone lines are up and ready. If you call later, I may not take that call so please call right now if you have a question that you want to have answered here on Let’s Talk Dentistry.
Other topics that I could talk about, which I could talk about today is orthodontics but I want to fast forward that because that first segment was too long. I want you to talk – I want to talk about titanium implants or dental implants because this week, we placed a very, very, very – or I think it was last week. We’ve placed a ceramic implant that I want to talk about that was quite amazing. It was a great surgery and the patient was so happy. Ceramic implants are coming around. Most dentists don’t know anything about ceramic implants. They know a lot about dental implants.
I was at a continuing education course probably about two weeks ago and it was funny because the guy that was speaking was talking about implants and about 20 years ago if a dentist were to do implants, they will be looked at as, “You’re weird. What are you doing? You’re placing this metal into someone’s jaw. How barbaric or how gross.” Nowadays, you’re weird or crazy not to offer dental implants. It’s very interesting how perception changes over time based on what’s happening.
Cosmetic dentistry is exactly the same thing. We’re doing a lot of cosmetic dentistry in our office. It used to be weird to do cosmetic dentistry. You’re thought to be an outside. But now cosmetic dentistry is normal. It’s mainstream.
Well, I’m going to tell you that natural dentistry or biological dentistry is weird to a lot of dentists. It’s weird to a lot of people because it’s very different. I’m going to tell you that in about 15, 20 years, it’s going to be standard. It’s what’s going to be the hottest things. Look at all the grocery stores out there that are now serving or now providing organic fruits and vegetables. Before, it was like, why? Why do you have to do that? Now, it’s like it’s the in thing to do. It’s the right thing to do. Well, that’s what dentistry is all about.
So, implants are normal. We’re on cutting edge because we use ceramic implants and it’s a great topic. We placed one this past week and it’s phenomenal how we did it, why we did it and the patient is floored. She’s very, very happy.
I’m going to take a call right now. Hello, this is Let’s Talk Dentistry, Dr. Marvin. How may I help you?
Michael: Yeah, I was curious about fluoride treatments for my children the dentist wants to give because I know fluoride’s not very healthy in the water and toothpaste.
Dr. Marvin: Oh, absolutely, and that’s a good question and your name, sir?
Michael: Michael.
Dr. Marvin: Hi, Michael. Thanks for calling. Fluoride in the fluoride treatments in the dental office is very, very bad for you. And the reason is because it’s a super high dose of fluoride. I mean super high dose. And what they’re going to do is the dental office is going to push these on you because they’re money makers and a lot of times, insurance pay for them especially when they’re done on kids. So it’s quick money. This is something that they’ve done all the time and as you know, it’s toxic in our water. It’s toxic in high amounts and so why are we doing it? It’s because we’re focused only on the money. Our dentists are only focused on the money and because insurance will pay for it. So I say stay away from them. Kindly just tell the dentist or the hygienist or the assistants that you’ll pass on this. They may look at you weird. They may say, “Why? It’s good for you” or “Why? Your insurance is going to be paying for you. You don’t have to come out a pocket for it.” Just stay away from it. You will never put any poison inside your own mouth. Don’t put it in your children’s mouth.
Michael: Good.
Dr. Marvin: Alright?
Michael: That’s what I thought. I just wanted some clarification.
Dr. Marvin: Yes. Go to this website. It is called fluoride and make sure you spell fluoride F-L-U-O, not F-L-O-U, fluoridealert.org. I think it’s .org. It’s one of the two. It’s either .org or .com. And you’ll find out a ton of information about fluoride. If you go to one of them, it goes to the American Dental Association website which is a pro-fluoride site and then go to the other one, it’s the anti-fluoride site. You’ll find tons of information about fluoride on how a danger that is. Alright?
Michael: Cool. Thank you very much.
Dr. Marvin: Thanks, Michael. Thanks for calling in. Yes, that’s what we get. We get lots of people call for lots of different things, a lot of things that they’re not really quite sure about. They may be in the car. It’s like they went to the dentist and they say, “Hey, let’s go ahead and call Dr. Marvin and see what’s up.” So thank you, Michael, for that call.
Let me get back to my topic of dental implants. Dental implants are considered the third set of set. Your first set being your baby teeth, second set meaning your secondary or your adult teeth, implants are considered your third set of teeth. Now, dental implants are used a lot and dental implants are being pushed a lot because A, insurance are starting to cover it and B, it’s good treatment and a lot of dentists are starting to place dental implants.
Now, here’s the problem with dental implants. The problem with dental implants is that the surgeon or the dentist that is putting it in should be very, very experienced or have a lot of continuing education to know when is the right time to place a dental implants and when it is not to place the right time. A lot of times, money gets in the way of how things should work. And so, in our dental practice, we focus on placing dental implants in the ideal situation. If it is not an ideal situation, you do not want to place a dental implant.
The ideal situation to place a dental implant is when you have good bone quality and good bone quantity. That means you have enough bone and you also have very good quality bone because if you place a dental implant in a jaw that doesn’t have that much bone, you’re compromising and then the implant could possibly fail. If you’re placing a implant in a bone that is not of good quality, then it will fail.
Now, a lot of bone that implants are being placed in is of bad quality and if it’s a bad quality, why is it of bad quality? Now this is where I differ from a lot of other dentists because as I was telling you earlier about cavitations, infections in your jawbones, there are a lot of infections that are left inside the jawbones after teeth are being extracted. That’s why we have a special protocol to remove the infections after we extract the teeth.
So if you had a tooth extracted and not everything was cleaned out properly, you can have an infection. Now later on, you want to place a dental implant in there and it’s still infected then your implant’s going to fail. So it’s a waste of money. That’s why you need to get things done right. You need to go to a dentist that understands infections, and understands treatment planning for dental implants and also understands about the bigger picture.
So go to a dentist – if you want to schedule a visit with us, our special this week is for the first seven callers who’ll get a free dental implant consultation. That’s a free dental implant consultation with me or Dr. Godes and a free Cone Beam CT scan X-ray, an incredible X-ray, $350 value just for the X-ray alone where you’ll see if you’re a candidate for dental implants because if you don’t have enough bone, meaning that if there’s a nerve there or if your sinus is coming down, then dental implants is not going to be a good situation for you. We need to figure out some other options.
So if you have a missing tooth or you have a tooth that is about to be taken out or if you have a root canal that is giving you problems and you’ve heard us before and you want to have that root canal taken out, now is a great time to get this consultation scheduled and so you can move forward and get your tooth replaced.
Now, if you don’t replace the tooth right away after the tooth is being extracted, there’s a certain window and time where your bone is going to start to wither away. And if your bone starts to wither away or resorbing and you have less bone, your option for dental implants go away. So it’s important that you get this information right now so that you can plan for the future.
Now, there are other dentists, periodontists, oral surgeons, dentists that believe in the theory that’s called grafting. It’s grafting or taking a graft. I’m going to tell you that bon grafting is being promoted a lot these days because they need to preserve the bone so that they can do an implant later on. Here’s one of the problems. Bone grafting material is not from your body so if it’s not from your body, where is it coming from? It’s either coming from a synthetic bone so you’re putting something that’s not real inside your bone, which most dentists don’t know how to test, or it comes from a different animal like cow so it comes from a cow bone or it comes from pig bone or if it comes from a different person.
Now, if someone puts bone grafting material into you that is not you, it’s kind of like when they implant – they do a transplant for your liver or your heart or whatever, they need to make sure it’s a good match. Do they do a good match when they put bone inside your jaw? I’m going to tell you that most of the time, they don’t know how to check it and they don’t do it. So, be very cautious. We do not do bone grafting at our office. I’m going to tell you that we don’t want to put anything into your body that is going to continually force your body to fight against it. So bone grafting. Come to our office, schedule a visit and figure something out.
Hello, this is Dr. Marvin on Let’s Talk Dentistry. How can I serve you?
Male: Yes, sir. You were mentioning about the – when a tooth is pulled, they should give time for the infection to be cleaned out and I got a tooth pulled a couple of years ago and the dentist made me come back like 90 days later and because he said that it had to heal and during the healing time, isn’t the infection kind of clearing out of the part where the tooth was?
Dr. Marvin: Very good question. Yes and no. It depends. It depends on what the infection was before the tooth was pulled out, depends on your ability to clean out infections or in other words, your immune system and also, what was the condition of the tooth, like what kind of bacteria was in that area. So your body has a natural tendency to clean out or to defend itself or to clean things out. I’m going to tell you 95% of the time, dentists when they pull out teeth, they don’t take the necessary procedures to clean out the socket to prevent what’s called cavitations or infections.
So there can be a bigger infection there after you have a tooth pulled because the dentist only pulled the tooth. They should have cleaned out the socket in addition to pulling out the tooth. Unfortunately, it’s a time thing. Most dentists are satisfied with the tooth being pulled and they don’t go in and clean the socket. I’m going to tell you that we spend about 15 to 20 minutes longer every time we pull out a tooth than most dentists because we’re cleaning out the infections. Most dentists just don’t do it properly.
So, if you were to come to our office, what we would do is we would test the new bone that has been formed there to see if the infection has been removed because if the infection has not been removed and you have that lingering infection, low grade infection that’s constantly bombarding your body that can get bigger and you will have no symptoms because of it. It’s one of the tragedies or travesties that are going on in dentistry right now is that dentists are extracting teeth but not cleaning out infections.
Male: When I had my tooth pulled, there was a lot of bleeding for a number of hours and the dentist told me as the blood comes out, any infection would come out with the blood. Is that accurate?
Dr. Marvin: That is true. You actually want there to be a lot of bleeding. Bleeding is one of your body’s mechanisms for getting rid of stuff. So if you got a cut in the arm, bleeding will make sure that there’s nothing that gets sucked in, everything is pushed out. So bleeding is one of your body’s natural defense mechanisms.
So when you have a tooth pulled and there’s blood, that’s great and then it’s going to continue to ooze it. But a dentist does not know if that clears everything out. So if you don’t clear everything out the first time the surgery is done when the tooth is pulled, you might have to go back in there later on and clean it out. If you feel like and this is another thing that I should get talked to on some show is if the person feels – gut feeling, the patient feels that there is still something going on in there, I’m going to tell you chances are there is still something going on in there.
Our body has an innate ability to know what’s going on. A professional, a licensed professional, they may get their ego in the way and say, “No, it’s fine. It’s done. It’s clean. There should not be any problems.” But as you know, there’s a lot of practitioners out there that don’t know why certain things happen and they say, “Oh, it’s either in your mind or I don’t know.” So just be very careful about that, George. I encourage you to schedule a visit at our office and get that site checked. Okay?
Male: Thank you, sir.
Dr. Marvin: Alright. Great call. Great call. We always have great new questions and those are all great questions. So make sure that you get your tooth extracted properly and the infections taken out because if you want to have a dental implant, which is probably the choice then you want to do every step properly. This information that I’m providing you is great knowledge. It empowers you to make the right decisions, to make the right choices and the best choice right now is to call us, 760-536-1199.
The first seven callers that call right now will be scheduled today. Rose will call you back today to get you that scheduled appointment. So it is a free Cone Beam X-ray, $360 value where we go and evaluate how much bone you have for a dental implant and we’ll also give you a free dental implant consultation. You want to call right now and let me give you that number one last time before I go, 760-536-1199. Hope you have a great week. I’m Dr. Marvin. I’m out of here. Bye bye.
Female: You’ve been listening to Let’s Talk Dentistry with Dr. Marvin. This show is sponsored by the Center for Natural Dentistry in Encinitas where they take a holistic approach to dentistry and your health.



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