Z-Systems Ceramic Zirconium Dental Implants

Z-Systems Ceramic Zirconium Dental Implants

You can’t get much more natural than this

Z-Systems Zirconium Dental ImplantsBefore the advent of dental implants, lost teeth could only be replaced by bridges or dentures, which meant that significant portions of the natural tooth had to be removed in order to accommodate the dental appliance. These appliances were made of metal and metal alloys containing a mix of substances including copper, silver and nickel – all substances that can cause a cascade of damaging effects on the human immune system. Dentures, once installed, are uncomfortable, cause embarrassment and create the perfect environment for decay of the remaining natural teeth. To top that off, the material dentures are made of can also create toxic effects on the body, and the total loss of natural teeth causes the jaw to deform and recede, significantly altering a person’s natural appearance.

A Better Option

By the mid-60s dental implants began to revolutionize the field of dentistry. Originally designed as a way to stabilize dentures, over the years the technology developed to allow for restorations of a single tooth without causing damaging to the surrounding teeth. At first the only material on the market was titanium, chosen for its mechanical and comparatively low biological properties. Research and reports collected over the years began to point to potential health related issues of titanium, and so the dental field kept watching for a more appealing product to enter the implant market. Ceramics (ceramic zirconium) is that material.

Proven Results

Ceramic zirconium combines biocompatibility with mechanical properties well beyond that of titanium. In the mid-90s the first zirconium dental implant was developed in Switzerland. Over time research led to greater improvements in the product that made it possible for the first prototypes of a new zirconium implant used in Germany beginning in 2000. Four years later the implant was certified in Europe and used in 2000 patients, verifying the products superior properties. Ceramic zirconium is a material of choice for dental restorations today, and the product most recommended by holistic, biological and natural dentistry.

Ultimately, the advantages of ceramic zirconium include:

  • Significantly reduced plaque adhesion, making it easier to clean and maintain than titanium
  • Free of metals
  • Good biocompatibility
  • Natural white appearance
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Superior gum regeneration
  • Certified bio-inert

The holistic dental community has been able to embrace the newer forms of dental implants presented by ceramic zirconium by the advantages it offers patients including biocompatibility and presenting few to no adverse reactions of the human immune system. The natural white coloring of the material is much preferred over the gray of titanium, offering a pleasing cosmetic appeal. In addition, the long-term health benefits presented by zirconium implants include its apparent ability to resist plaque build-up, making it easier for patients to care for their teeth and sustain good oral hygiene.

Another added benefit of zirconium implants has to do with how well the gums react to the material following surgery, lessening incidents of gum disease, a high contrast to results observed in cases where titanium implants were chosen. Appreciating the low impact of zirconium implants can only be achieved when it is compared to titanium. With titanium products there is a trail of complications including gum disease and inflammation likely caused by the free radicals present in the metal. Additional issues include:

  • allergic reaction
  • irritation
  • inflammation
  • foreign body response (rejection)
  • cancer and other autoimmune disorders

Healthy Smiles

Our goal is to provide absolute metal-free, biocompatible dentistry. Ceramic options are proven holistic, aesthetic and hygienic over other their metal counterparts. Contact our office for more information, or to schedule an evaluation appointment: Request a Ceramic Dental Implant Evaluation



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