A Personal Story: Breast Cancer and The Meridian Chart

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This is the powerful story about the links between your teeth and the rest of your body… this one discusses breast cancer and root canals as well as the tooth meridian chart and 3D cone beam scans.

Please excuse the audio (and my exhausted look)… I filmed this after a long day of seminars. The story is good enough that I decided to share it despite the poor quality of the video.



  1. I don’t see a video?

  2. Outstanding!!!

    Like in Florida and will look for dentist which has the 3D cone machine. Unfortunately, I have a root canal and will insist it be scanned and while I’m doing that one………why not do the rest of the mouth.

    Thanks. Wish you were closer to Florida.

    • Try Dr . Behm/. & Dr. Litanio
      These is everything your asking for in Clearwater, FL
      A double portion of blessings you’ll receive
      L727 446-6747

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