Are Amalgam Fillings Dangerous?

Are Amalgam Fillings Dangerous?

24 years ago, “60-Minutes” aired an episode about dental amalgam fillings questioning it’s use in dentistry. That was just after mercury had been removed from latex paint because of toxicity. 24 years later, and dentists are still placing and advocating for the use of mercury in dentistry. The argument? Uninformed dentists say that chronic exposure to mercury at low levels does NOT harm your health… they argue that only acute toxicity matters, despite the scientific evidence that chronic exposure to mercury — a neuro-toxin — will cause health problems. Supporters of mercury say that there is no “scientific evidence that the mercury from fillings can cause health problems” and they want double-blind studies to prove it, despite the studies that have shown the harmful effects of mercury (dentists somehow believe that mercury in your mouth is different from mercury anywhere else — it’s safer… because they say so). In San Diego, we have been safely removing mercury fillings for years. Many of our patients have chronic systemic health issues and we work closely with their other health practitioners to remove these toxins from their mouth so they can start the healing process. Please watch this video and ask yourself: why is dentistry the only industry to to still claim that mercury is safe? And do you want to see a doctor who refuses to believe that what we know today can be different from what we thought we knew 24 years ago?



  1. I have huge regrets about not being lucky enough to hear about this 24 years ago. I’ve unknowingly had this poison in my mouth for almost 30 years. I never would have consented to it. I’m in the process of getting it out of my teeth. But I’ll never get it all out of my body. I’m damaged for life, a toxic waste dump.

    That man from the ADA is such a snake. The ADA and compliant dentists have caused so much suffering and death. It’s criminal. I don’t understand why people aren’t expressing their outrage more. The wealth these dentists amassed by damaging the health of millions of people should be taken from them and used to replace these horrible fillings and mend the damage they’ve caused.

    But there are all kinds of pollution going on, everywhere you turn. It’s a very sad time.

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