New Ceramic Two Piece Tooth Restoration

New Ceramic Two Piece Tooth Restoration

Dental patients are more educated than ever before, savvy and able to do research on their own about new scientific breakthroughs in dentistry and medicine in general.  This, in part, has helped create a demand for a higher standard of care and has been a catalyst in revolutionizing some of the most critical procedures that dentist perform. In terms of tooth replacement and restoration this manifests as zirconia implants, or the more common name, ceramic implants.

Ceramic implants have a myriad of desirable attributes besides being completely metal free. Among these characteristics, the undeniable reality that nothing looks so natural and white as the full ceramic implant. Ceramic implants are also scientifically proven to be the most biologically compatible to a real tooth and tooth root, even promoting attached gingival growth and preserving bone mass.  With a very low failure rate, a ceramic implant can last a lifetime with nothing more than the same optimal care as your natural teeth. In addition to the many great aspects of the ceramic implant they easily have become the preference in dental practices that implement the highest standards and have the most knowledgeable clients.

Now, brand new to the market, are two piece ceramic implants that are reinventing the patient experience and providing new and even better options for you and your dentist. These two piece ceramic implants are still made of the same high quality materials, laser finished, and FDA approved but now with greater flexibility for patient and doctor. With the improvement in the two piece ceramic implant comes a new level of flexibility in placing new teeth in the most natural alignment to surrounding teeth.  Ultimately the new and improved options for ceramic implant mean a better experience for the patient. Improving your quality of care, and allowing you more freedom throughout the entire procedure from start to finish.  While the patient experience has been streamlined and improved the practitioner has reaped the benefit of even more options to give you an even higher level of precision placement and the best fit possible.

While other restoration options fall drastically short of being able to function as though a natural tooth ceramic options meet every challenge. While bridges and dentures cannot function as optimally as real teeth, ceramic behaves exactly like natural teeth. Ceramic will not need periodic replacement and will not harm the surrounding healthy teeth.  Metal implants are stronger but offer up their own set of risks and drawbacks that you will not find from a ceramic restoration. Metal based implants take just as long to place while not offering the same kind of guarantees with regards to safety and aesthetics. With a ceramic implant you have no need to be concerned about corrosion or metal toxins leaching into the body and your tooth restoration will be just as pearly white as the surrounding teeth leaving you with nothing but confidence in your smile.

Overall the best feature could be that these revolutionary ceramic implants have a nearly 100% success rate.  With all the traditional benefits of permanent ceramic tooth restoration. One of the strongest materials known to man, allowing ceramic implants to provide exceptional durability.  With previously unheard of biocompatibility ceramic restorations promote tissue growth while being resistant to bacterial colonization better than any other option. Unmatched safety, no metal or risk of toxins leaching into your body after a ceramic tooth replacement. Esthetically the most natural and genuine looking tooth replacement  –no other option is so natural that it looks exactly like the real tooth additionally these ceramic implants are scientifically sound and FDA approved. Now new options for your dentist and you that increase the ease of placement and the precision of your restoration installment.



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