Save Up to $9,995 on Your Dental Implants! (Seriously!)

Free Exam, Free Compatibility Testing, Free Cone Beam Scan, Free Metal-Free Crown!

We are celebrating the release of the new Z-Systems 2-Piece dental implants by offering up one of our BEST promotions ever (and it could save you as much as $9,995!).

Here’s the deal: Come in for a FREE exam, FREE Compatibility Testing, FREE Cone Beam Scan (a $500 value off the bat). If you need a dental implant, we will also give you a FREE metal-free crown (a $1,999 value!). Need more than 1 implant? No Problem! This offer is good for the first 5 people who respond… or the first person who needs 5 implants. That’s a HUGE savings!

With the generous assistance of Z-Systems, the company that makes our ceramic dental implants, we are able to offer this incredible deal.

So What Do You Need to Do?

Call us today. That’s the only way: 760-536-1199. Carmen will help you out and get you all squared away. It’s that simple.

Call today: 760-536-1199. Don’t miss this amazing deal!



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