Lillian’s Liver Failure

Lillian at the Seattle Zoo on a Day Pass out of the Hospital

Many of you know Jared, our office manager. He’s been with us since Day 1 of The Center for Natural Dentistry and over the years has developed great friendships with many of our patients. He isn’t in the office much any more, but works behind the scenes from his home in Oregon and travels to help out in the practice on occasion. Recently, his work has been from the hospital instead of his home.

Jared’s daughter Lillian recently suffered sub-acute liver failure due to a toxic reaction to antibiotics. When in the hospital, she was given an additional dose without consent that shut down her liver. She is 5 and half years old.

Since the end of May Jared, his wife Kimberly, and Lillian have been in and out of multiple hospitals across the pacific northwest. Two weeks ago she was life-flighted to Seattle. Last week they discovered she is not responding to treatment and they will be returning to the hospital for further tests and to determine if she needs a transplant.

Things like this should never happen — there was no reason to administer further antibiotics — let alone to such a small, vibrant, happy child.

Any help you can provide via thoughts, prayers, or otherwise for Lillian, Jared, and Kimberly is greatly appreciated. He and his family mean a great deal to us and our family and we are doing everything we can to support them along their difficult journey.


Dr. Marvin

PS: One of their friends set up a fund-raising account at Also, donations can be sent in Care of Lillian to the practice and we will make sure their family gets it. At this point they have almost $250,000 in medical bills and an uncertain future, so anything helps if you’re able, including prayers and positive thoughts.


Lilly at the Hospital

Just Another Day at the Hospital

Lilly Being a Kid

Lillian Being a Kid

Lilly Blowing a Kiss

Blowing Kisses

Lilly on Shoulders

Enjoying Life

Lilly in the Doctor's Office

Another Long Day at the Doctor

Lilly and her Apple

Happier Times



  1. Pliz don’t give up , n visit this web site JW.ORG going here will help u in many different ways now n in the future n see the video ¿why should we study the bible ? It’s an amazing video that will lift your spirits. The other one is to see a homeopathy practitioner ASAP , I’m no doctor but of what I have learn all she might need is a body detox to get the toxins of the meds out of her body and a good diet after that . Also look for this book Natural cures they don’t want you to know by Kevin Trudeau . Best wishes ????

  2. Jared, you and your darling family are in our thoughts and prayers! Thanks Marvin for letting us know, and please keep us posted.

  3. Wow…I’m so blown away by this news, I knew there was something serious going on but didn’t know the whole story. Thank you so much Marvin for sharing this. Everyone that knows you, knows Jared and we all want to send our love, prayers and healing light right to Lillian. I will continue to send love and light to her and the entire family! May our guardian angels hear our prayers and wrap their wings around Lillian’s liver to regain vibrate health and respond to treatment.
    HUGE Energy coming your way now xoxo Liza aka the one on the welcome video 🙂

  4. This is a cruel moment of life. I have a girl same age and can understand what it means to see your kids in a threatening moment. But im catholic and i trust my god is so big …so strong and so mighty that he will make us the miracle to make this little girl be healthy and grow up as beautiful as she is….
    prayers will be with Yuma this family
    god bless

  5. I would like to give you some joyous hope.
    I donated half of my own liver to my mother 3 years ago. We are both doing fine.
    In fact after the surgery, after the initial healing, it was like having a brand new liver when it grew back inside of me, I felt very good.
    The operation was done by a ukrainian surgeon at usc in LA. you first go on the liver waiting lists for a deceased donor and then a family member goes through all the tests to see if they are healthy enough.
    (just make sure you remove all of your root canal teeth first. My own experience is that root canals are poison and should be stopped completely, I had fatigue all my life, went through surgery and survived, then discovered that when i removed all the root canal teeth my fatigue got better. I had fatigue for 14 years.)
    Im sorry to hear about your daughter but don’t give up hope. I waited 2 years to help my mother, but now she is living a normal life again.

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