Update on Quincy’s Health

Update on Quincy’s Health

As many of you know, Dr. Marvin’s son, Quincy, was hospitalized for much of November and December. I’m happy to report that he has finally been cleared to go home! Dr. Marvin wanted me to share his personal letter with you:

FINAL QUINCY UPDATE: What a ride it has been. Today is day 25 in the hospital. Almost 4 weeks ago a simple cough turned into a full blown pneumonia that kept Quincy in the pediatric ICU FOR 21 days fighting for his life. There was even a day when Rhea Pantangco called me at work, told me to drop everything and get to the hospital immediately. Quincy’s blood pressure dropped to near death levels. It was the worst feeling one could have as a parent.

With the help of the doctors and team here at Rady children’s hospital and the prayers, well-wishes, and thoughts from all of you, friends, family and from many of who have never met Quincy or our family, Quincy is 2 days from being discharged.

He’s currently recovering from this ordeal. He’s lost plenty of weight. His muscles are weak, and his appetite is low. However, he’s improving daily as they start weaning him off of all of the medications.

Quincy and his whole family thanks all of you and everyone that has stopped by, given gifts and helped him pull through.

He also requested that I share a personal note on how he views health care:

As a dentist who promotes natural holistic care, I am so thankful for modern medicine. The traditional methods of health care is excellent at keeping people alive. Without the modern drugs to raise his blood pressure, without the chest tubes to drain fluids around his lungs, and without the techniques to free up what was clogging his lungs, quincy wouldn’t be with us today. I love modern medicine and it has its place in this world.

I also want to share that none of the doctors, nurses or therapists could determine the cause of quincys health issues. They attempted many different treatments and drugs to cure him from an unknown cause. Though they took culture after culture, nothing showed up. They said that quincy wasn’t textbook.

In my opinion this goes to show that healthcare is far from an exact science and more work is needed to advance the field. This includes removing the ideas that we know everything already and opening our minds to alternative means to help people.

My hope is that all medical practitioners, mainstream and alternative, learn to work together and share their knowledge to help determine the cause of problems and to emphasize that the whole person is more important than treating the parts.

I am especially thankful for all the alternative health care practitioners who contributed to his improvement. We used energetics, homeopathy, vitamins, minerals, and old fashion medicines, to help Quincy get better.

So what really worked? Only God knows. We’re just so glad we can spend Christmas together.

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped support Dr. Marvin, Quincy, and their family during their difficult time! If you would like to contribute to the fund to help with Quincy’s ongoing medical expenses, you may do so at http://www.gofundme.com/Quincy_P



  1. I was delighted to read about Quincy leaving the hospital. A Christmas present for you and your family!

  2. JUDY GERBERDING Says: December 11, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    So happy to hear this news! The Lord is good and greatly to be praised! Enjoy your blessed Christmas!

  3. So glad to hear this darling little boy is recovering. Life is so very precious and glad to hear he will be home with his family. I agree that we have good in regular medicine and in alternative medicine. We just have to keep find the best in both. Whitaker Wellness Clinic in Newport Beach, Ca. also combines the two world with good results.

    They have that glutathione (anti-oxidant) treatment that you breathe in with a nebulizer. Helps lungs, asthma,and overall wellness. This might help in his recovery.

    All the best, Katherine

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