Review of the MyoBrace System

Review of the MyoBrace System

The MyoBrace system is a revolutionary device that is helping children and adults get straight teeth the NATURAL way. As you know, at The Center for Natural Dentistry we are always striving to find the best natural approaches to some of the most common dental issues. For decades braces have been the de facto way that we attempt to straighten our teeth. However, braces often lead to long term bite and structural problems because they are too often used for cosmetic uses at the expense of your natural alignment and jaw positioning. Plus, braces move the teeth without regard to their relation to the rest of your body.

MyoBrace is a system that uses myofunctional orthodontic techniques to help train the body to stop the bad myofunctional habits that lead to crooked teeth. You wear a small appliance (like a bite guard) for just a few hours each day and it help properly position the tongue, which can prevent crooked teeth.

You can see the proven results of the system on their website here.

Check out Dr. Marvin’s video review of the system, below, and give us a call to schedule an appointment today!



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