MyoBrace: The Natural Approach to Orthodontics

No braces orthodontic appliances for kids, teens, and adults

Why MyoBrace?

We at The Center for Natural Dentistry are aware that there are not many natural, holistic options out there in the field of dentistry.  As such we strive to offer a comprehensive range of natural treatment options to meet all of your dental wellness needs.


You may have seen our previous review of the MyoBrace system for orthodontic treatment, in which we touch on many of the virtues of this myofunctional therapy.  The bottom line, though, is that we at The Center for Natural Dentistry believe in always treating the root cause of a problem, and MyoBrace seems to be the most effective way of doing that in orthodontics.


The Root Cause


Research has shown that myofunctional idiosyncrasies are at the heart of the majority of orthodontic disorders.  These idiosyncrasies include tongue thrusting, reverse swallowing, mouth breathing, and various oral fixations.  Myofunctional habits have a tremendous impact on the development of your soft tissue and jaw bone, which in turn is going to the layout and positioning of your teeth.


Drawbacks of Traditional Braces


Traditional braces carry significant risk of ongoing problems after treatment.  Because braces fail to address the root cause of orthodontic problems, the teeth will often relapse to their previous positions or drift to another problematic position after the braces have been removed.  This is especially common with adult patients, and typically results in additional treatment such as long-term or permanent retainers or even regression back to braces.


Braces can also be damaging.  Recent studies have shown that traditional braces can cause root resorption, which in this case is a shortening of the root that can lead to tooth loss.  In addition, the methods used for bonding and removing the metal brackets of traditional braces can be very damaging to the enamel.


Setting these complications aside, braces are a significant obstacle to proper oral hygiene.  Many people– adults in particular– find the conspicuous appearance of braces to be embarrassing.  Anyone who has ever had braces knows that the treatment entails many periods of significant discomfort as well.


MyoBrace:  The Natural Orthodontic Solution


MyoBrace is a natural approach to straightening teeth without the use of archaic metal braces or other teeth-wrenching oral fixtures.


The treatment consists of intermittent use of a temporary appliance that helps to correct myofunctional habits while gently applying force to correct alignment issues of the teeth and jaw.  Because the force is gentle and intermittent, it has been shown to be less harmful to existing tooth structure, and it is certainly much less uncomfortable than traditional braces are.  While the duration of treatment is comparable to that of metal braces, the Myobrace appliance is worn just one to two hours a day at the patient’s convenience and while sleeping.  From a cosmetic standpoint, the treatment is so discrete that no one even has to know you’re getting it.


There are additional benefits to MyoBrace treatment.  The temporary nature of the appliance means it doesn’t hinder regular hygiene practices.  Poor myofunctional habits are also linked to other health issues such as asthma, allergies, and sleep apnea, so patients often report that the benefits their MyoBrace treatment have extended well beyond straight teeth.


As with most orthodontic methods and procedures, Myobrace is most effective when used in preteens and teens as development occurs.  The lack of impractical headgear and lower risk of permanent damage, however, makes it an ideal orthodontic option for grown patients, and there is a Myobrace line designed specifically for adults.
For more information about MyoBrace, or to schedule an appointment for a consultation, please feel free to contact our office.



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