Myobrace: Alternative to Traditional Braces

Myobrace: Alternative to Traditional Braces

Though the concept is not new, the system Myobrace is revolutionary in the treatment of aligning crooked teeth. Myobrace relies on correcting the muscles, tongue, and jaw through a series of exercises and wearing an appliance overnight and briefly during the day. Without using conventional brackets and wires or plastic invisalign trays, the individual relearns healthy and proper jaw positions and breathing, thus helping the pallet to form natural, well-supported arch. The Myobrace appliance is convenient and easy to use, with a flexible outer area and a rigid core, that typical wearers adjust within days to wearing their appliance.

Braces Vs. Myobrace

Traditional orthodontics often employ tooth extractions in order to make additional room in the jaw for the remaining teeth to align properly. Myobrace works to correct alignment of teeth and the jaw without painful extractions, without the uncomfortable wires and brackets that can abraid and cut the insides of the mouth.

The traditional orthodontia practice of using braces for proper tooth alignment still has a place in correcting misaligned teeth, but now there may be a better long term solution for a healthy natural alignment that will last. Technology that resists extracting healthy adult teeth and allows opportunity for healthy development of mouth’s natural potential to hold the teeth intended to fit in it. The technology used to develop Myobrace is focused on creating a foundation for proper tooth alignment using healthy and correct jaw placement, breathing, swallowing, and tongue placement through gentle promptings and practice.

By correcting improper jaw placement and oral habits teeth are less likely to drift after treatment as so often seen with traditional braces post treatment. The reason for most tooth movement after traditional braces can be linked to an unstable, underdeveloped arch. Mybrace techniques work because rather than moving the teeth around through tugging, pushing and pulling with bands and wires the teeth are allowed to align naturally on an arch that is coaxed into proper development thereby allowing for a potentially better, long term solution to crooked teeth.

Check With a Qualified Dentist

Though Myobrace is effective for many patients, in a broad range of situations, Myobrace may not be an effective alternative in every situation.  Always consult with a dentist to determine the best course of treatment for you. If you’re interested in seeing if you qualify or are a Myobrace candidate, give our office a call at 760-536-1199.

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