Dental Restorations Pros and Cons of Implants

Example of Ceramic Dental Implant tooth restoration.

Top Ten Reasons To Get a Dental Implant

Current statistics estimate that 69% of all adults have suffered the loss of at least one permanent, adult tooth. After the loss of any tooth, even one that is not conspicuously missing from an otherwise bright smile, your dentist will likely encourage considering options for replacement. Replacing a lost tooth can restore a smile and keep other teeth in their proper position.

As with many things there are generally several options to consider before embarking on replacing a tooth. Some patients feel a sense of urgency to decide and complete their restoration, particularly if the missing tooth is affecting a patient’s smile. Other patients take their time, even years, to make a decision and complete their restoration. Still others may put it off indefinitely, not being sure they are willing to invest time and money to restore a molar or other tooth not readily noticed in a smile.

How Can You Decide The Option That is Best For You

Some other dental restoration options fall drastically short of being able to function as though a natural tooth. In selecting a restoration option finding one with the highest longevity, the best biocompatibility and superior aesthetics is easy. Ceramic restoration options meet every challenge.

  • Bridges and dentures cannot function as optimally as real teeth.
    • Need eventual replacement.
    • Damage nearby healthy teeth.
  • ceramic behaves exactly like natural teeth.
  • Ceramic will not need periodic replacement and will not harm the surrounding healthy teeth.
  • Metal implants are strong but offer up their own set of risks and drawbacks that you will not find from a ceramic restoration.
  • Metal based implants take just as long to place while not offering the same kind of guarantees with regards to safety and aesthetics.
  • With a ceramic implant you have no need to be concerned about corrosion or metal toxins leaching into the body.
  • Your tooth restoration will be just as pearly white as the surrounding teeth leaving you with nothing but confidence in your smile.
  • Ceramic often allows patients to avoid dentures by restoring a natural, healthy smile
  • Implants are a long lasting solution for missing teeth.
  • Ceramic implants protect healthy bone, healthy teeth and healthy gingiva.
  • Ceramic implants look and feel like natural teeth.
  • Ceramic implants have the lowest failure rate overall, compared to any other option for restoration.
  • Ceramic implants are scientifically sound and FDA approved.

Okay, there are a couple more than ten reasons to choose a ceramic restoration and still the list goes on.

Overall the best feature of ceramic restorations finds that revolutionary ceramic implants have a nearly 100% success rate.  With all the traditional benefits of permanent ceramic tooth restoration. One of the strongest materials known to man, allowing ceramic implants to provide exceptional durability.  With previously unheard of biocompatibility, ceramic restorations promote tissue growth while being resistant to bacterial colonization better than any other option. Unmatched safety, no metal or risk of toxins leaching into your body after a ceramic tooth replacement. Esthetically the most natural and genuine looking tooth replacement–no other option is so natural that it looks exactly like the real tooth.

Now there are revolutionary options for your dentist and you that increase the ease of placement and the precision of your restoration installment. Contact us for more information.



  1. My brother was talking to me about getting some restorative dentistry, and I think that some tips would be good. I’m glad you talked about being able to have metal implants, which would be good. I’m going to have to see what restorative dentistry options would be good, and see what we can find!

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