Are Ceramic Dental Implants Now Mainstream?

San Diego Holistic Dentist
Earlier today a visitor stopped by and dropped off a brochure on a new ceramic dental implant system.
After years of fighting other dentists on the merits of dental implants made of biocompatible materials, one of the most successful and most reputable implant companies in the world has just come out with their version ceramic dental implants.  That company is Straumann and their new ceramic dental implant is called StraumannPure.  In their survey in Europe of over 250 people, most patients preferred a ceramic implant over a titanium implant by 3.5 times.
To all those dentists who shunned me by saying that “Ceramic implants are not a good idea and they fail,” now what do you say?
Isn’t it funny how ignorant, closed-minded people (the other dentists) are until they start eating their words?
Dentists all the time say things like, “Titanium implants are great, successful, and healthy.  Ceramic implants don’t work. They fail.  They break.  I would not get one.  I would get a titanium one myself.  You shouldn’t get a ceramic implant.  Get the one that I do instead.”
Now that a well-known company like Straumann (and rumor has it that Nobel Biocare is also developing their own), these same dentists who criticized Z-systems (a smaller lesser-known dental implant company) and myself who has been doing them for years are now opening up to the idea that ceramic implants are now safe to use and are, possibly, the future of dental implantology.
Unfortunately, this phenomena happens a lot in the dental industry.  It goes like this.
Something new comes out.  The majority of dentists are skeptical, say bad things about it, and promote that what they already do is the best.  And they make these broad, generalized conclusions without even taking the time to research the data and making a truly educated opinion before opening their mouths, and subsequently making themselves look foolish.
For instance, when white composite (plastic) fillings came out, many dentists said that they wouldn’t work.  Nowadays, composite fillings are placed in peoples’ teeth more than any other tooth restoration.  The same can be said for porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, porcelain bridges, and clear orthodontics like ClearCorrect and Invisalign.  Just like everything else, the dental field is advancing; however, shouldn’t the mindset of millions of dentists also advance?
As theholistic dentist at the Center for Natural Dentistry, I am not afraid of what the nay-sayers do or say.  We, instead,  focus on what’s best for our patients… healthy, predictable, and conservative dentistry.
We have felt from the beginning that titanium dental implants could cause harm to people.  If you don’t believe this to be true, then ask someone like this famous man.
Since 2009, when ceramic dental implants were FDA approved, I have been tracking their use.  In 2012, I decided that these Zlook3 implants were best implant alternative to titanium implants.  So, I started placing them in patients’ mouths.  Our office was the first office to place these Z-systems ceramic implants in San Diego.  Now, having placed hundreds of them, I am very confident that these ceramic dental implants are here to stay.
If you would like to have a FREE ceramic dental implant consultation, then call our office and mention this blog post.  This offer is good only for a limited time.  You must schedule your appointment in March 2016 to take advantage of this offer.



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