Better Sex And Gum Disease

Is there a link?

Well Dr. Oz, better known as Oprah’s Doctor, knows a little about gum disease and he mentions it on his webpage

In an article on how the Economy can affect your dental health, Dr. Oz and Dr. Mike Roizen, the doctor authors of the best selling: “YOU: The Owner’s Manual” and “You: On A Diet”, recommend that despite the financial crisis, regular dental cleanings, flossing, and brushing should be paramount.

The write that dental care in a slowing economy because a lower priority.  They stress however a huge link between gum disease and other illnesses.

“A professional cleaning once or twice a year is ideal (and if you have
insurance, make it work for you!). But you can’t leave flossing just to
the pros (they know if you lie about it, by the way). Flossing has the
ability to decrease inflammation in your gums and subsequently in your
arteries, so it will help you keep your heart pumping and your sex life
thriving. Oh, and it keeps your teeth intact, too. So don’t follow the
trend. Pick up the phone, and dial your dentist.”

Can you believe that flossing will decrease systemic inflammation in your arteries, improve your blood flow and energize your sex life? 

Perhaps that will make you reach for the floss and toothbrush.

Even if you don’t care to reach for your usual mouth tools, another way to kill the bacteria in your mouth is to use a device to carry antibacterial gels to the gums.  At the Center For Natural Dentistry Dr. Marvin, a San Diego Dentist has developed a proven process to kill the bacteria below the gums.

We are now welcoming patients who have gum disease.  Please contact our office today to get a FREE Gum Disease Consultation.  Call 888-825-5351 and mentioned this blog post.

Overall health via oral health,

Dr. Marvin


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