Mercury fillings- How they affect the body and why it’s important to have them removed

Mercury fillings aka Amalgam fillings, have been in the controversial spotlight of the Dental Industry for some time now. The main questions that have come into play- 1. What are the damaging effects of Mercury?
2. What is the best step I can take prevent toxicifation?

Although used for over 150 years, it has been found in recent studies that exposure from mercury dental fillings, also known as "silver" fillings and"amalgams", is a life long threat. When a person chews, drinks,swallows and breathes, mercury released from dental fillings is absorbed by the lungs and the linings of the digestive system into the bloodstream. As they corrode, mercury fillings release ionized mercury into the saliva, tooth pulp,
and gum tissues leading to the digestive system and bloodstream.

It has been linked though several studies that over time this exposure can lead to mental illness, nervous tremors and loss of motor function. Over the long term, mercury poisoning will cause chronic conditions and shorten life .

What is your best option?

Detoxifying the teeth. Whether a person is receiving toxicity from a mercury buildup, or immune stimulation from an immune sensitized metal, the first step towards recovering health is to remove the metal sources. This especially includes the mercury and nickel, and possibly other metals found in dental restorations.

Safe removal of mercury fillings
is an important consideration. Visit your San Diego Dentist today to discuss your treatment options.


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