Regular San Diego Natural Dentist Visits May Prevent Cognitive Decline

Regular San Diego Natural Dentist Visits May Prevent Cognitive Decline

Regular dental visits and better oral care may help slow down cognitive decline as people age, researchers say. A new report by Mayo Clinic seems to have found a link between poor oral care and age-related mental decline. However, the researchers emphasized that they are yet to establish a direct link between the two. The report, which was initiated by Dr. Bei Wu, of Duke University’s School of Nursing in Durham, NC, involved the analysis of studies published from 1993 to 2013.

“Clinical evidence suggests that the frequency of oral health problems increases significantly in cognitively impaired older people, particularly those with dementia,” Dr. Wu said. “In addition, many of the factors associated with poor oral health—such as poor nutrition and systemic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease—are also associated with poor cognitive function.”

To find the link, Dr. Wu’s team employed the use of cross-sectional data (data collected at a specific point in time) and longitudinal data (data gathered over an extended period). The results of their research suggest that oral health measures including the number of cavities and the existence of periodontal or gum disease may reflect the risk of cognitive decline.

However, some of the studies failed to show any association, and findings based on the number of teeth and cavities are conflicting. Evidence got even more reduced when the researchers looked for a link between periodontal ailments such as gingivitis and cognitive decline.

“There is not enough evidence to date to conclude that a causal association exists between cognitive function and oral health,” said Dr. Wu. “For future research, we recommend that investigators gather data from larger and more population representative samples, use standard cognitive assessments and oral health measures, and use more sophisticated data analyses.”

Despite the lack of evidence, the possibility of poor cognitive status due to poor oral health is there, and is definitely worth your serious consideration. If your dental health worries you, then it’s time to pay a San Diego natural dentist a visit.

Regular dental visits not only allow your dentist to treat your existing dental problems—these also let him prevent potential issues from realizing. Schedule a checkup with an Encinitas natural dentistry practitioner such as The Center for Natural Dentistry today and start receiving the oral health care you deserve on a regular basis.

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