San Diego Holistic Dentistry Explains the Danger of Amalgam Fillings

San Diego Holistic Dentistry Explains the Danger of Amalgam Fillings

Patients with mercury dental fillings beware: recent scientific studies discovered that the electromagnetic (EMF) signal coming from mobile phones can accelerate the release of poisonous mercury from dental fillings. This is a serious cause for pause and consideration, given the fact that many people have their mobile phones directly next to their jaws when using them. If you have amalgam dental fillings and are a frequent cellphone user, you may be particularly at risk.

The dangers of mercury in amalgam dental fillings

Amalgam fillings have been documented to be the biggest contributor of toxic mercury in the body of those who have amalgam fillings. Mercury is widely known to be a dangerous neurotoxin capable of damaging the brain and the immune system. What’s even more worrisome is that, more often than not, mercury levels exceed the safety limits set by government health guidelines.

Aside from affecting the nervous and immune systems, the cardiovascular system can also suffer some adverse effects from chronic mercury exposure. There is also a growing body of evidence that mercury poisoning plays an integral role in a large number of Alzheimer’s disease cases and other cognitive diseases.

All of these can be avoided if you opt for holistic dentistry

In the past, dental patients were just happy to have any dentist fix their teeth. However, with the world’s growing concern for more precise health and safety measures, the attitudes toward dentistry have gone through some dramatic changes. Today, many dental practices are offering holistic dentistry, including San Diego’s The Center for Natural Dentistry.

What exactly is holistic dentistry?

While traditional dentistry focuses solely on teeth and gums, holistic dentistry focuses on the overall health of the person. As such, holistic dentistry combines traditional dentistry with the use of supplements, enhancing diet and nutrition, and the employment of techniques that improve physical and emotional wellbeing. Put simply, holistic dentistry is a complete approach to health.

Have your amalgam filling removed by a holistic dentist

If you want to have mercury removed from your mouth, don’t go to a conventional dentist. Instead, visit a holistic dentist in Encinitas such as those from The Center for Natural Dentistry who can carefully and completely remove your amalgam filling and replace it with a healthier option.

(SCIENCE SHOCK: Electromagnetic fields from mobile phones accelerate mercury release from dental fillings,



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