Ceramic Zirconium Dental Implant Example Front Tooth

Ceramic Zirconium Dental Implant Example Front Tooth

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  1. Do you work with your patients to help remineralize their teeth?

  2. I have contacted numerous offices for my fillings. Most of them replace the mercury with fluoride fillings, yes they are bpa free but I wont use fluoride either. What kind of fillings do you replace the mercury with.

  3. Valerie Trahanovsky Says: September 1, 2016 at 4:12 am

    I’m Valerie Trahanovsky. Felicia Moscinskis daughter.
    I have a a dead tooth in my mouth for 2 years now.i ts very strtight I’m interested in finding out about dental implants.

  4. Hi, I’m interested in a night guard made of safe materials. Thanks!

    • Lindsey,

      We utilize biocompatibility testing on every patient to make sure we are using the best materials possible. There is no “safest” nightguard material for everyone. Please call our office to schedule an examination and we will recommend the best one for you.

      Dr. Marvin

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