Anxiety and dentisrty

Do you ever get nervous just thinking about going to the
dentist?  You might be worrying unnecessarily. With dentistry’s many advances,
diagnosis and treatment gets more sophisticated and comfortable all the

It’s often best to share your anxiety. If you’re tense or anxious, tell your
dentist and the dental staff. Getting your concerns out in the open will let
your dentist adapt the treatment to your needs.

Try to choose a time for your dental visit when you’re less likely to be
rushed or under pressure. For some people, that means a Saturday or an
early-morning appointment.

If the sound of the drill bothers you, bring a portable audio player and
headset so you can listen to your favorite music. During the dental visit you
might try visualizing yourself relaxing on a warm beach.

These positive techniques work wonders for many. Try them on your next dental


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