Brush Your Teeth Right with Tips and Tricks from Reliable Dentists

Brush Your Teeth Right with Tips and Tricks from Reliable Dentists

Brushing one’s teeth is perhaps the very first thing most people learn when it comes to oral hygiene. Through the years, you probably haven’t given much thought to how you brush your teeth. Yet if you’ve been noticing cavities, plaque build-up, bad breath, and other dental issues, it might be time to reevaluate the way you brush your teeth to ensure that you’re doing it correctly.

Are you using the right toothbrush?

Need a new toothbrush? It can be tempting to just grab the first one you encounter at the store or from your supply closet. Yet the American Dental Association (ADA) says you should think about factors like the size of your mouth and how the toothbrush feels in your hand. You shouldn’t need to open your mouth too wide to let the brush in.

In addition, Encinitas dentists often recommend softer bristles so you avoid hurting your gums. Torn between an electric toothbrush or a regular one? An electric one is a great way to make brushing easier, especially if you have troubles in your shoulders, arms, or hands such as arthritis.

How often and how long do you brush?

While twice a day will do just fine, brushing your teeth thrice a day is recommended. Yet, make sure never to overdo it. Doing it more than thrice a day can potentially damage your gums and teeth enamel. In addition, two minutes is an excellent duration to ensure that you’re removing unwanted bits and substances from your mouth and teeth. Since it doesn’t require a lot of effort to remove plaque, maintain a light touch whenever you brush.

What techniques do you use?

To begin with, try your best to switch things up from time to time so you don’t get lazy. If you always start at the bottom, for instance, try starting at the upper part of your mouth. In addition, avoid side-to-side strokes which can damage your gum line by scraping it.

The best way to hold your toothbrush is at a 45-degree angle, then use short strokes to make up and down motions. Don’t forget to brush your back molars, tooth surfaces, and tongue to prevent plaque from staying in your mouth.

Of course, brushing your teeth correctly is just one of your first lines of defense against various dental problems. Make sure you regularly visit a dentist in Encinitas to maintain your long-term oral health.

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