Natural Dentists Explain the Dangers of E-Cigarettes to Dental Health

Natural Dentists Explain the Dangers of E-Cigarettes to Dental Health

If you’ve been a long-term cigarette smoker and finding it hard to quit, e-cigarettes may seem like an amazing solution. Compared to regular cigarettes, they do not contain tobacco and do not produce smoke. Instead, they contain nicotine, are battery powered, and lets you vape an aerosol that mimic the experience of smoking regular cigarettes. Due to these qualities, many assume that e-cigarettes are the best and safest way to enjoy smoking while avoiding its nasty side effects.

The problem here is that e-cigarettes have not been fully studied yet. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned consumers that the potential risks of e-cigarettes are not yet completely known. Ask natural dentists in San Diego, however, and you’ll find that they discourage the use of the e-cigarette due to the many oral health risks that it presents.

The Dangers of Nicotine

E-cigarettes may not produce smoke, but the nicotine they provide still makes you vulnerable to a host of hazards. Nicotine is incredibly harmful to your gums and teeth, even when there’s none of the chemicals and tobacco present in traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes still deliver nicotine to your lungs, throat, and mouth, which in turn contributes significantly to the development of many dental problems.

Gum Disease

Nicotine prevents swelling by restricting blood flow, and this can hide the telltale symptoms of gum disease. This can cause your dentist to miss the swelling of your gums, therefore allowing gum disease to progress undetected.


Nicotine acts as a stimulant, and it can cause your muscles to spasm and tighten against your will. This can cause grinding of your teeth especially when you’re asleep, resulting to problems such as breaking, chipping, and cracking of your teeth as well as tooth enamel loss.

Gum Recession

Since nicotine can prevent proper blood flow, your gums may not be receiving the nutrients it needs. Over the years, this can cause the tissue to die and recede.

Bad Breath

Finally, nicotine can also prevent your body from producing enough saliva. This makes your mouth at risk for tooth decay and harmful bacteria. Combine those elements with a dry mouth and you’ve got the perfect combination for halitosis.

Given these consequences, e-cigarettes are clearly bad news for oral health. While it can be hard to quit smoking, natural dentistry in Encinitas can help you maintain your good dental condition while helping you keep your body healthy in the process, so make sure to visit regularly to avoid potential dental trouble in the future.

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