A Trusted Dentist Offers Advice on Keeping Teeth Naturally Healthy

A Trusted Dentist Offers Advice on Keeping Teeth Naturally Healthy

As the saying goes, you never what you have until it’s gone. The same holds true for your teeth. Even one missing tooth can impair your ability to chew properly, and may even hinder proper speech, so it’s best to preserve their health today in order to ensure they are with you tomorrow.

Luckily, there are many ways to care for your pearly whites naturally, as a holistic dentist in San Diego might tell you. Check out these simple and practical tips.

Get Enough Vitamin D

Everyone knows that calcium makes teeth stronger, but it’s actually Vitamin D that facilitates this mineral’s absorption. Therefore, make sure you include enough Vitamin D in your diet. According to a study done by Dr. Weston Price and his colleagues, getting enough of this vitamin can help cavities heal naturally, thereby reducing your chances for tooth decay.

Keep Your Mouth’s pH Levels High

High acid levels (i.e., low pH levels) can make your mouth a breeding ground for bacteria, which in turn makes your teeth more susceptible to damage. Fortunately, you can raise the pH level in your mouth by eating a diet that’s rich in whole foods, which include vegetables and fruit.

Stay Away from Fluoride

Sorry to burst your bubble, but fluoride—especially that included in your drinking water—actually damages children’s teeth, rather than keeping them healthy. Since children get fluoride both from tap water and their toothpaste, they may be exposed to fluorine, which might cause fluorosis, a condition where brown spots might appear on the tooth’s enamel.

Ditch Mouthwash for Tea Tree Oil

Ever wonder why commercial mouthwashes sting your tongue? It’s because they contain alcohol, which kills off bacteria but can be harmful to the tissues of your mouth. If you want an effective but natural alternative, swish tea tree oil instead, which possesses powerful antibacterial properties.

Drink More Water

Here’s another reason to drink more water: It helps your mouth produce more saliva, which in turn helps neutralize the harmful acids in your mouth. As an added bonus, the act of drinking water can also sweep away some of the bacteria from your teeth’s surface.

By taking note of these things, you can keep your chompers healthy and functioning properly. Of course, regular dental checkups are also vital, so be sure to schedule a visit to a trusted San Diego dentist at least twice a year.

5 Cheap And All-Natural Tips For Healthy Teeth, mindbodygreen.com



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