Holistic Dentistry Professionals: Nutrition is Vital for Oral Health

Holistic Dentistry Professionals: Nutrition is Vital for Oral Health

With modern day holistic dentistry, losing a tooth or two is not so much of a concern anymore. You can always go to your dentist and undergo a dental restoration treatment. But even that being said, a complete set of healthy teeth is very important for each individual. When a person has a full set of teeth, he or she is more able to masticate the food. Proper breaking down of the food will help the stomach digest the food more efficiently and as a result, your body will absorb the nutrients, minerals and vitamins effectively.

If you have healthy teeth, bacterias and germs in your mouth are less likely to thrive. A decaying tooth or a bleeding gum are usually the breeding ground of these harmful elements which can cause several serious health problems later on. How, then, should you take care of your teeth? Apart from going to your dentist for a regular check-up, make sure that you get the proper nutrition as well.

Foods for Your Teeth

If you want to maintain proper oral health, you have to be mindful of the foods that you eat. Balanced diet will help your body have the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will support healthy teeth. To begin with, you need to eat foods that contain calcium, because your teeth and jaw bones are basically made up of this mineral. Foods that contain a good amount of calcium are milk, yogurt, cheeses, beans and oysters. Keep in mind, however, that for the body to properly use calcium, you have to also eat foods rich in vitamin D. Example of these foods are fish, egg yolks and milk. You may also want to get adequate sun exposure, too, as it’s a great source of vitamin D as well.

Foods for Your Oral Cavity

Aside from calcium and vitamin D, you also need other vitamins and mineral for your gums, tongue, and the rest of the mouth. For one, you need iron. Lack of iron can cause inflammation of the tongue and sores around the mouth. Iron-rich foods include liver and red meat. Vitamin B12 and B2 are also helpful in avoiding mouth sores. B12 is found in red meats, chicken, liver and fish. In the same way, consuming foods such as spinach, almonds, and pastas can get you vitamin B2. Lastly, you need vitamin C which can be found in oranges, sweet potatoes and raw red peppers. Vitamin C is a great way to stop bleeding gums.

Regular dental check-ups and proper nutrition is crucial in maintaining your oral health. A holistic dentist, whether in San Diego, Encinitas, or anywhere else, should be able to guide you on the best approach possible.

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