How Holistic Dentistry Can Improve Your Overall Teeth and Gum Health

How Holistic Dentistry Can Improve Your Overall Teeth and Gum Health

In order to improve your overall dental health, you would oftentimes need professional. Holistic dentistry may be the solution you have been searching for as it takes into account your general wellbeing. You might be wondering, though: what makes holistic dentists different from others?

Clean Dentistry

A major concept of holistic dentistry near San Diego is providing treatments that are clean. This means avoiding possibly toxic materials and treatments. A lot of holistic dentists prefer to use treatments that are minimally invasive, so the risk of spreading bacteria and disease is not as high. You will have peace of mind going into the dentist’s office, knowing that their procedures and tools won’t harm your health.


What makes holistic dentists different from others is that they treat the whole person, and not just their teeth and gums. An integral part of holistic dentistry is maintaining a good diet, one that promotes gum and teeth health. This also goes a long way in improving your mood and weight management. You will be introduced to foods that have many benefits for your teeth like leafy vegetables. They require a lot of chewing and their consistency actually helps clean your teeth while you eat, which is important for combating cavity-causing bacteria.

You will be asked to stay away from foods that are high in carbohydrates, sugars, and starches, since they generate plaque acids that end up breaking down your tooth enamel in the long term. It may be hard at first, but after a while, you will actually start to crave a variety of healthy foods. These include whole grains, fruits, and lean sources of protein. The smarter you are with your diet, the less likely gum diseases will affect your life.

Even though holistic dentistry is not a quick fix, it can improve your overall health, not just your gum and teeth health. A holistic dentist near San Diego can educate you on what to do when at home, and they offer professional services to make sure you are on the path to becoming healthier. It is their job to make sure you are educated not just about your well-being, but about your family’s as well.


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