San Diego Natural Dentist Shares a Few Critical Info on Teeth Grinding

San Diego Natural Dentist Shares a Few Critical Info on Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, technically known as bruxism, is a dangerous habit to have. The biggest problem about it though, is that most people who have it aren’t actually aware of it—they don’t realize that their constant clenching, gnashing, and biting actions are already wearing down their teeth extensively. They only realize they have a problem when it’s too late.

Don’t let this happen to you. By understanding the symptoms, reasons, and solutions that relate to teeth grinding, you can help your teeth stay healthy and avoid a number of unpleasant dental problems. Your San Diego natural dentist shares with you some critical info on teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding signs

Teeth grinding is commonly characterized by the noisy teeth grinding and clenching motions that sufferers often do. The noise is often audible enough for other people to hear, especially sleeping partners. If a sufferer only grinds his teeth when he sleeps, he may be completely unaware of his dental issue unless he checks for the following:

  • Flattened teeth
  • Tooth fractures
  • Worn enamel
  • Constant throbbing pain in the face and jaw
  • Tongue indentations
  • Worsening tooth sensitivity
  • Recurring dull headaches

What’s the reason behind teeth grinding?

It is believed that teeth grinding stems from negative psychological reasons such as stress, anxiety, tensions, and aggression. Physical conditions may also lead to the habit, such as acid reflux and complications from various diseases including Parkinson’s and Huntington’s.

Teeth grinding solutions

Though the problems caused by teeth grinding can be alarming, the good news is that there are reliable and effective solutions to prevent the problems from worsening and protect your health. The simplest way to solve the problem is by a wearing a mouthguard. Certain lifestyle changes—such as reducing the intake foods and beverages that cause tension, anxiety and aggression—can also help. For those who suffer from teeth grinding, foods to avoid include those that contain high doses of caffeine, such as chocolate, soda, and coffee. Alcohol consumption should be reduced as well.

Natural dentistry in Encinitas and San Diego

If you suspect that you are suffering from teeth grinding and are showing the signs, visit a San Diego and Encinitas natural dentistry practitioner such as The Center for Natural Dentistry immediately.


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